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Abel Balbo
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentine
Job Argentine Footballer
Desc Argentine striker Abel Balbo returned to Roma in the summer of 2000 but his second stint in the Eternal City was not as successful and he ended his career at Boca Juniors in 2003. He began his managerial career at Serie B side Treviso last year but stepped down after just four games


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Treviso
Club as Player Boca Juniors
  AS Roma

2008 05 15 Retrieve

[Ex-Roma goal machine Abel Balbo has hailed current Giallorossi star Mirko Vucinic as an extraordinary player] He’s an extraordinary player. He’s lacking a little ruthlessness in front of goal. He will do great things for Roma. This season he has behaved very well. We have similar characteristics. He can play centre forward, as the second striker. In short he is very flexible

2008 10 26 Retrieve

[Former Udinese and Roma striker Abel Balbo is eagerly anticipating this afternoon game between his former sides and feels the Lupi will soon get out of the tunnel] But I think Roma are about to get back on track, as they were more compact in London. They cannot afford to look for entertaining football in this difficult moment, as they are in desperate need of results. I believe they should play against Udinese in the same way they did at Stamford Bridge.

The Lupi have to trust their stars now, for they are always able to turn a game around. I am very surprised that they have notched up already six defeats this term and are this low in the standings, as the team is basically the same as last campaign’s and so is the coach. Their results are even better than what was expected of them.But you can easily understand their strength when you look at their front line, as they have three Italy internationals and Roma have to pay close attention to them this afternoon, because they are firing on all cylinders at the moment

2008 10 28 Retrieve

[Former Roma striker Abel Balbo believes the answer to the club’s on-going crisis] To come out of the crisis Roma needs to re-find the group and stick together by becoming more compact. Now is the right time to restart in the league and they have to play and think like a provincial team ready to fight. Everyone needs to put aside their own objectives and think about the team. I don’t think the January transfer window would be an answer either.

2009 02 25 Retrieve

[Former Roma Star Abel Balbo Quits Treviso Job After Ten Minutes!] I made a bad decision and risked the reputation I’ve built through an honourable career.

2009 04 10 Retrieve

[The ex-Roma striker is looking forward to tomorrow’s Stracittadina, but warns that the Giallorossi are lagging behind in Europe] It’s a very special match and it will obviously be very different from any other game. I was somewhat unfortunate, as I played for Roma when Lazio had great players and aimed to win everything, while the Giallorossi were saving money to balance the books. Everytime we faced them we always had to fight hard to bring home a positive result.

I believe that Roma have to change their mentality. Preparation is very important at this level and English clubs are much more organized compared to their Italian rivals. Perhaps only Milan and Juventus have a similar organization in Italy and as a matter of fact they usually do better in Europe

2009 08 27 Retrieve

[Former Roma striker Abel Balbo believes that the Giallorossi are only second to Inter this season’s Serie A] Francesco [Totti] is one of the strongest players around. He is always decisive and would be for any team in the world. Then there is [Jeremy] Menez, who I think is a real talent that can make a difference in a match. On Sunday, he would have if [Genoa defender Giuseppe] Biava did not foul him

[He also praised the acquisition of compatriot Nicolas Burdisso, who arrived from Inter last week] A great player. A true leader on the field. I think he was a fantastic purchase, in his career he has deserved more

2009 09 03 Retrieve

[The Giallorossi’s former striker commented on the situation in Rome following Spalletti’s resignation and the arrival of Ranieri] I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news about Spalletti. It seems to me like this is all a negative situation for Roma, but luckily it happened at the start of the season and a valid coach like Ranieri has been found. To be honest, I was expecting the resignation, but not now. Maybe at the start of the season, but not during the season. I don’t know what triggered him to take this decision, we cannot judge since we’re not inside the situaton, only they can know

2015 03 12 Retrieve

[Former Roma and Fiorentina star Abel Balbo says Mohamed Salah’s immediate success in Italy is further proof of Serie A’s decline] Salah has really shocked me, and his speedy integration is not a great sign for our league. It is a sign that Serie A is a technically poor competition in which players with speed and superior technique immediately make a difference. Congratulations must go to Salah and his coach Vincenzo Montella for the way in which he has been allowed to fit in so well. Florence is a very calm environment and he is doing a great job. Salah is the perfect attacker, such great play with the ball at his feet is really taking the team on a level

On paper, yes Fiorentina are favourites, but in Europe everything changes. It is a different game, over 180 minutes. Sure, Fiorentina are going better psychologically and physically. They beat Juventus in Turin and that great victory will give them a lot of strength, but it doesn’t mean anything as the Roman monster can suddenly wake up. For me they start on an equal footing.

2015 03 12b Retrieve

[The 48-year-old Argentine Abel Balbo spent a total of seven years over two spells with Roma either side of a one-year stint at Fiorentina, and he finds it difficult to pinpoint exactly why the capital club have suffered such a poor run of form] It’s very difficult to make an assessment on the situation at Trigoria. What is obvious is that since December Roma have completely changed their attitude on the field. Their play is slow, they never shoot at goal, and they’re really struggling because their opponents have been increasingly strong. It cannot be a coincidence that they have drawn practically every game