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Adama Traore
Gender Male
Ethnic Malian
Job Malian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Wolves FC
  Aston Villa
  Barcelona FC


Agent Rodri Baster

2019 02 20 Retrieve

[Adama Traore had offers to leave England in the summer - but instead chose to sign for Wolves] I had different options in Spain and Germany but I wanted to stay in England. My agent told me I had the option to go away, from England but I said ‘no, I want to stay and improve, I want to prove to everyone in England how good I am. I want to prove I can play in the Premier League. It was an easy decision as well. I know Wolves is a good team

2019 12 31 Retrieve

[Wolves star Adama Traore would accept Real Madrid move despite Barca past] If I do not have the option of Barca and I have to go to Real Madrid, I do not close any doors. There was a misunderstanding with Barca. Something happened that I didn’t like, but I prefer to keep it for myself

[while Traore is open to returning to Spain, he has a goal to achieve in the Premier League first] Yes, why not [return to Spain]. But I made a promise to become one of the best in England

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Wolves star Adama Traore opens up on his incredible physique] My training? I don’t do weights. It’s hard to believe, but I don’t do weights. It’s genetic. I exercise, but I gain mass very quickly

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Adam Traore is looking to take inspiration from Lionel Messi and Xavi who always hungry for title] Players like Messi and Xavi are always hungry. Whatever the game or the competition - even if it is table-tennis - they want to win. We used to play two-touch football games after training and they would always be desperate to win. It taught you about life as well as football.

You look at Messi, everything he has won, he is spoken about every day in the media, but he is still hungry. Most of the time, some players don’t have that quality. They win something and then they relax. Not everyone has the hunger, and maybe that is why these players are at the top.

Do we have those qualities at Wolves? Yes, for sure. Look at Joao Moutinho: he’s won a lot of things and played for big clubs, but he always wants to compete, always wants to win, even when we play head tennis. This is the mentality of the team and this is my mentality too. Can Wolves reach the Champions League? Why not? We will see how the season goes but anything is possible

[Traore admits he passed up the chance to try his luck in American Football when offered the opportunity to head for trials] Yes, that happened. When I was in Barcelona, my personal trainer at the time told me he had a friend from the USA. He said why couldn’t I go there and try the testing that they [NFL teams] do. I didn’t think about it. I thought it was funny. My dream was to be a football player. It’s hard to believe, but I don’t do weights. It’s genetic. I exercise, but I gain mass very quickly. You never know if there is anyone faster than me, but I know my speed and most of the time I use it for good, but I don’t know if there is anyone faster

2020 01 22 Retrieve

[Wolves winger Adama Traore would consider Real Madrid move despite Barcelona past] I don’t have resentment towards Barca, only good memories, but if Real Madrid called me I would think about that offer in the same way I would if it was a Barca one. I was there [at Barcelona] for 10 years and I have great memories. There were some problems with the club, some misunderstandings, so I decided to leave to grow as a player. I took that decision but I prefer not to talk about the story I had with the club, it was a decision I took in that moment and I don’t regret it

[Born in Spain to Malian parents, he has had offers from both nations but had to turn down a call from then-Spain manager Robert Moreno due to an injury] I will always be grateful to Robert Moreno, who included me in the squad. All Spanish players want to play for the national team. I spoke to Mali and they understand; I’ve never lived there and I never said I was going there, my intention was always to play with Spain

[Traore and Wolves are being tipped by some as the team to stop Liverpool’s undefeated start to the Premier League season] We have to play the game, you can’t go on to the pitch thinking the game is already lost. It is true they are on track to win the league, but regardless of what team is in front of you, you have to face it

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[Traore also expressed pride in his and his team-mates’ performances against Liverpool] The team did well today. We worked hard throughout the game. [We are] sad we didn’t get the win or the draw, but we have to keep pushing, working and taking the positive things, fight to the end.

[Head coach Nuno Espirito Santo] said we have to keep going, not concede, keep pushing, keep fighting for each ball. So that’s what we did. We went 100 per cent. Me and Raul Jimenez had different roles today. We worked so hard today. [We are] disappointed not to take points but we take the experience. We don’t forget they are a great team, an amazing team and one of the best - or the best in Europe. Congratulations to them, how they are going in the league, but we fight. We will fight to the end

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[How does Adama Traore train?] No, I haven’t lifted a single weight. I know people won’t believe it, but it’s true.

[His coaching sessions with Olympic gold medallist Darren Campbell found that a regime consisting of slowed-down exercises allows for better energy preservation and ball control] He used to tell me I didn’t have to go 100 per cent. Maybe at 70% you can still beat a player - and after that you’ll have more energy and also more control with the ball. It might look like I’m going full speed but I know I can give more. That gives more time to make decisions (with the ball). I’ve always been quick, ever since I was little. People are thinking I am running so fast on the pitch, but I think it’s slow. I want to get people on the edge of their seats, get past players, try to show my skills and pace

[What does Adama Traore eat?] I work with a nutritionist, I have my personal trainer and another person who is like my physio. My personal trainer works with a nutritionist and we worked on reducing muscle because I was very strong. When I came to England I got injured and I had a lot of muscle mass because in England it’s normal to do physical work when you’re injured

[his initial difficulties in adjusting to the British mealtimes] I was younger there and it was a totally different routine. For example, we used to eat at 10pm in Spain but here it was around 7pm

[What other secrets does Adama Traore have?] Barcelona is the best education possible. Training with Messi is something I will never forget - he was always the last off the pitch and working incredibly hard in the gym. If he is the best player in the world and works so hard, who are we? You can have all the crazy talent but you need to work

[Traore also makes a habit of observing and replicating the play of footballers he admires] The player I look at is Sadio Mane. He does a lot of defensive work, he could play wing-back because he works so hard defensively. I also look at Virgil van Dijk, he’s very good in one vs one situations, the positioning, the distance and the anticipation

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Adama Traore opens up on tough Barcelona childhood] Yes, a lot of times. Me, my brother, a Dominican friend, everyone. At that time, being part of a gang was something that made you popular. But we had a different mentality. We wanted to be footballers, not part of some gang. You saw fights almost every day and we didn’t want to fight. Of course, I was in fights [anyway]. There were gangs in the school I went to. They fought each other constantly. I saw guns, fights with bats, knives, bottles […] everything. They’ve done a great job in Hospitalet now though and everything is a lot calmer

A lot of them [quit football to join a gang]. I’ve played with and against them in los Bloques and they were incredible. But they stopped to sell drugs, to join gangs or because of relationships. The gangs controlled different areas. Depending on where you were going they’d ask: ‘What gang are you in? Where do you live? Why are you here?’. If they didn’t know you, or even if you didn’t have any problems, it could still become an issue.

So then some people would get angry and join a rival gang. That happened a lot. That’s why it’s so complicated and you need to know what you want, to remain focused on that. Wherever you come from, even if it’s a rough neighbourhood, there are always good people who know what they want to do. The most important thing is to make the decision quickly. For example, in a fight, you need to decide quickly whether you want to follow the same path. You see the fights, how they work, how a gang operates, or how the police investigate the gangs, how the streets work, how they move drugs. If you want to do it illegally, it’s there, and you can get those things easier

2020 03 24 Retrieve

[Adama Traore admits to seeing similarities between his game and that of Raheem Sterling] [Wilfried] Zaha and Sterling maybe, but I am not like them, more like they are like me

[Asked to pick out the highlight of his career to date] My first game for Barcelona against Granada when I came on for Neymar. That was my first game as a professional player

[Quizzed on his favourite pastimes] Travelling, experiencing new cultures and new foods and meeting new people. I also like to look at the mentality of people who have success, whether it’s basketball or tennis, or even businesspeople. I like to see how they live their lives