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Adnan Januzaj
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Real Sociedad
  Manchester United

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Adnan Januzaj has suggested that a penchant for long ball in the Premier League and a lack of faith from Louis van Gaal are to blame for the struggles he endured at Manchester United] It’s been a good move. I had other options but I really wanted to come and play in Spain. I also looked at how the team was … they love football and they love to play the beautiful game - that’s the most important thing in football and why you play.​ La Liga suits my style. It is much more technical, players are much more skilful. The positioning of the players is really clever. In England, it’s a bit more physical, a bit long ball, more direct. In Spain, most of the teams try and play from the back. It’s great to have players around you who are comfortable on the ball, too, because it helps you. It makes attacking easier, it makes the difference

[Januzaj believes his progress at United was stunted by the arrival of Van Gaal] I grew up there [United], I was really happy until one year I had a bit of a struggle with the manager and that slowed me down. I always knew I had all the qualities to turn things around. The problem was, I was not playing and, then, every time I came in, it was difficult to change the game or make something happen, so, obviously, then imagine playing for a year like this? It makes it more difficult for you

[Januzaj’s cause was made all the more difficult as a creative midfielder] Exactly, because you are the one player who can make the difference, score goals and you can imagine if he [the manager] does not give you the confidence to take your opponent on, it gets even more difficult for you because you don’t know what to do: to attack or to play simple. I came in for a lot of criticism but, for me, it’s not a problem because I never look back on it. I just keep doing my stuff and now I’m in another league, I’m happy, I played in my second World Cup, I scored against England, too, so I showed to people that against an English team, who all play in the Premier League, I can still make the difference. It was a good moment

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Reflecting on this goalless season under Van Gaal, Januzaj admits] There was not the same freedom. A winger needs that confidence, a manager telling you, ‘go and take people on’. With him, it was a slow passing game. I was frustrated and everyone could see that I was not the same Adnan as the first year. I was sometimes even in the stands

[Januzaj was shipped out on another loan in August 2016, this time to Sunderland to link up with old mentor Moyes, who placed great faith in the player, saying] It’s a big boost, because it’s the level of quality I would like to bring here. This boy can play two or three different positions, he’s got an ability to go past people, score goals, make goals. He’s got the talent to be a big, big player

[He briefly lost his place in the Real Sociedad team and as a result was dropped by Belgium manager Roberto Martinez who said] He needs to be playing more. Talent on its own is not enough. You have to have the mentality of helping the team

[Januzaj has confirmed that his resurgence at Sociedad could have been cut short by yet another transfer switch, but acknowledged that now, more than ever, he needs to justify his apparent potential] Of course there were things, but I stayed and I am very happy.

Well, my colleagues have helped me in that regard, because a few weeks ago the fans were a little bit on top of me. But as a player I don’t care, they know the quality I have and expect much more from me. I get it. But now I am in a good moment, especially physically. And that’s good, because I also have peace of mind in my head.

I believe that with my quality I have to score more goals and make more assists. I am a player who must make a difference in all matches. I have to get at it, that’s what I’m missing

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Januzaj struck up a close friendship with Pogba during their time in the United academy together and the Belgium international has claimed his close friend is set to stay at Old Trafford] I think he will stay. Paul and I are still close. We have known each other since we were kids when we were in the United academy. Our families are also friends and we all keep in touch. That will never change

[After a couple of loan spells, Januzaj left Old Trafford permanently for Real Sociedad in 2017 and believes he was not given a fair chance to succeed by the Dutchman] Ah, Louis van Gaal. I really should not be defending myself against him, I think the statistics say it all. Every time I made the difference with an assist or a goal, I was always out of the team for the next match. It was the same with Memphis (Depay). He does not speak the truth if he says that he gave us plenty of opportunities, it’s as simple as that. Fortunately, there are plenty of people at Manchester United who do value my talent

2020 06 13b Retrieve

[Paul Pogba has been backed to remain at Manchester United by very close friend Adnan Januzaj] I think he will stay. I am still very close with Paul, we have known each other since childhood, when we were together in the youth team of United. Our families are also friends and keep in touch. That will never change

[Januzaj has had to spread his wings] Well, Louis van Gaal, I really shouldn’t defend myself against him, it’s enough to look at the statistics. Whenever I made the difference with an assist or a goal, I was back on the bench afterwards. It was the same with Memphis [Depay]. If he says he has given us enough opportunities, he is not telling the truth, it is as simple as that. Fortunately, there are plenty of people at Manchester United who know how to appreciate me

[On a fellow wideman, and one of the most inspirational figures in the Red Devils’ history] Ryan Giggs is one of the people I owe most to at Manchester United. When he was still a player, he gave me advice and I also learnt a lot from him when he was a coach. When he stopped playing, he said I deserved his shirt number 11. I will always be grateful for that gesture. It was a great token of appreciation. Now we have less contact, but I will always be able to contact him. He’s an example.