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Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha
Gender Male
Ethnic Thai
Job Owner of Leicester City
  Owner of OH Leuven
Desc Thai businessman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha is the CEO of King Power and owner of Premier League club Leicester City. He is also the owner of Belgian team OH Leuven. Srivaddhanaprabha took over the running of the business following the tragic death of his father Vichai in a helicopter crash in 2018


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2016 05 03 Retrieve

[Vardy used to turn up to Leicester City training still drunk] I was against signing Jamie Vardy in the first place. I asked Nigel Pearson and Steve Walsh about him, checked the scout reports, and I started to believe he would be a good signing, but I had to answer the supporters who were asking ‘how is a non-league player worth £1 million?’

It turned out I was the dumbest club owner in the world to them. I asked Pearson and Walsh, if I have only £1m transfer budget for the next season, who would you buy? And they replied ‘Vardy’. Then I said ‘go’There was outrage from the fans. Some even called me to say ‘are you nuts? Why have you spent this much on a non-league player?’

Back then, I think he didn’t even have what it took to play in the Premier League. The day we bought him, he came to me and thanked me for changing his life. He had never had this much money so he was over the moon already. He went straight from the bottom to the Championship, which eventually led him to start drinking booze every single day. We had no idea what to do

I didn’t know about this until someone told me that he came to train while he was still drunk. So I went talk to him myself, I asked ‘do you wish to end your career like this? Do you want to stay here like this? We’ll let your contract run out, then release you. Don’t expect a better career path’

He said he didn’t know what to do with his life. He’d never earned such a large amount of money. So I asked him ‘what’s your dream? How do you think your life should be? Just think carefully about what would you do for the club. I invested in you, do you have to do something in return?’

After that he simply quit drinking and started working hard in training. His physicality wasn’t as good as it is now. We know he had explosive acceleration, but we simply had no idea he could be this good. He’s adapting, working on fitness training, he’s turned into a new person. And that’s better

2016 05 05 Retrieve

[Tottenham’s 2-2 draw at Chelsea on Monday handed Leicester the title and Srivaddhanaprabha believes team spirit is at the heart of the unbelievable success enjoyed by Claudio Ranieri’s side this season] There is no special secret, but the team spirit is so great. They fight for each other and try to cover the mistakes for each other. They never stop and they kept believing. They are a special group of players and love each other. When we bought the club, we said we love football and we will try everything to make the club successful. If you asked if I believed: can we win the league? Maybe not realistically. My father said he wanted the team to be in the Champions League one day, and we set the plan with all the staff

[Srivaddhanaprabha added that Leicester’s unlikely achievement, they were 5,000-1 to win the league at the start of the season, will provide inspiration for the whole world] Is it a miracle? It is. It is inspirational and people talk about it. We set the standard of the sport and inspiration for the whole world. It is not just for the sport, it is life. If people use Leicester as the standard now, if they fight, they try - then they can achieve one day. Everything has to be right as well. It is a miracle for the city, it is a miracle for the players, but we have a job to do. They worked hard to be in this position. It is not just lucky. All the middle clubs in the league will try now as they are inspired by Leicester. They will believe so it will be more difficult for the big clubs and for Leicester to try again

2016 08 10 Retrieve

[Ranieri pens extended Leicester deal] Twelve months ago, we brought to Leicester City a man whose knowledge and experience, we felt, could lead us into the next phase of our long-term plan. What he would go on to help us achieve, in the time we have achieved it, has been beyond anything we could have anticipated. Claudio’s qualities, both as a man and as a coach, have been very clear since the moment he arrived - qualities that have helped Leicester City to progress on every level. We have strong foundations from which to keep moving our club forward and I’m delighted that Claudio will continue to be part of that journey

2017 02 23 Retrieve

[Claudio Ranieri sacked by Leicester City] This has been the most difficult decision we have had to make in nearly seven years since King Power took ownership of Leicester City. But we are duty-bound to put the club’s long-term interests above all sense of personal sentiment, no matter how strong that might be.

Claudio has brought outstanding qualities to his office. His skillful management, powers of motivation and measured approach have been reflective of the rich experience we always knew he would bring to Leicester City. His warmth, charm and charisma have helped transform perceptions of the club and develop its profile on a global scale. We will forever be grateful to him for what he has helped us to achieve

It was never our expectation that the extraordinary feats of last season should be replicated this season. Indeed, survival in the Premier League was our first and only target at the start of the campaign. But we are now faced with a fight to reach that objective and feel a change is necessary to maximise the opportunity presented by the final 13 games

2017 02 23b Retrieve

[Leicester right to dismiss Ranieri] It was never our expectation that the extraordinary feats of last season should be replicated this season. Indeed, survival in the Premier League was our first and only target at the start of the campaign. But we are now faced with a fight to reach that objective and feel a change is necessary to maximise the opportunity presented by the final 13 games

2017 06 08 Retrieve

[Leicester City have appointed Craig Shakespeare as the club’s permanent manager on a three-year deal] Craig has shown all the qualities in leadership, motivation and talent management that are required to be successful in this role. Those qualities, aligned with his first-class coaching acumen, his knowledge of Leicester City and its philosophy, and the respect he has earned at every level of the club make him the ideal choice to help take us forward

Our primary objective for the coming years is to successfully translate the extraordinary experiences of the last two seasons into lessons that will strengthen and enhance the club’s pursuit of its long-term vision of sustainable success. Continuity is among the key elements to making such a process work

Over the last nine years, Craig has built a unique insight into the catalysts for success at Leicester City, its impact on our personnel and the conditions needed to ensure its longevity

2017 10 03 Retrieve

[Former Leicester City FC manager, Nigel Pearson is the current head coach of the club in the second tier of Belgium league football and Kiatisuk Senamuang is being earmarked to take over the assistant head coach role] We actually talked about it before. He had been busy with coaching at Port FC and now he is preparing for the Pro Licence course. You have to ask Kiatisuk Senamuang himself about what he thinks about this

Of course we support young players and we think about coaches as well but we haven’t done it yet. We respect Kiatisuk Senamuang and respect his opinion. If he is interested, then we can talk about it again

If he is interested, the door is always open for every coach. Then we will see if he can fit the role. If he leaves the job to me, that is not the right thing to do. But we admit that we are interested

2017 10 17 Retrieve

[Leicester City have sacked manager Craig Shakespeare following a run of one win in eight Premier League matches this season] Craig has been a great servant to Leicester City - during his spells as an Assistant Manager and since taking over as Manager in challenging circumstances in February. His dedication to the Club and to his work has been absolute and the contribution he made to the most successful period in Leicester City history is considerable.

However, our early promise under Craig’s management has not been consistently evident in the months since and the Board feels that, regrettably, a change is necessary to keep the Club moving forward - consistent with the long-term expectations of our supporters, Board and owners

Craig is and will remain a very popular, respected figure at Leicester City and will be welcome back at King Power Stadium in future, both professionally and as a friend of the Club

2017 10 25 Retrieve

[Leicester’s vice-chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha on Claude Puel] When we began the process of identifying a new manager, the board quickly established the profile of candidate we needed to take the club forward and Claude Puel was a perfect fit

Upon meeting Claude, his attention to detail, knowledge of our squad, understanding of our potential and his vision to help us realise it were extremely impressive. He quickly emerged as the outstanding candidate and I am delighted we will have the opportunity to reinforce our long-term vision, aided significantly by his expertise

2018 10 31 Retrieve

[Leicester City vice-chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha has remembered his late father as a mentor and role model and resolved to carry on his legacy] I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for this overwhelming support. What happened made me realise how important my dad was to many people all over the world and I’m touched by how many people kept him close to their hearts. I’m extremely proud to have such an extraordinary father. From him, I have received a very big mission and legacy to pass on and I intend to do just that

[Vichai was a popular figure among Foxes fans and scores of people have laid flowers and wreaths at the stadium] My family and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your sincere kindness and good intentions during the most difficult time for us. I miss you dad, with all of my heart

2018 11 09 Tweet

[Leicester to commemorate Srivaddhanaprabha with memorial statue] We will never be able to repay what he did for us - for me as his son, us as his family, everyone connected to Leicester City and beyond - but we are committed to honouring his memory and upholding his legacy

Our continued growth as a club, our state-of-the-art new training ground and our planned stadium expansion will help realise his vision for Leicester City

I plan to commission a statue of my father, for outside King Power Stadium, as a permanent and fitting tribute to the man that made it all possible. He will forever be in our hearts. He will never be forgotten

2019 02 26 Retrieve

[Leicester confirm Rodgers appointment from Celtic following Puel sacking] I’m absolutely delighted to bring a manager of Brendan’s calibre to Leicester City and I look forward to seeing what he, our talented, young squad and our dedicated, skilled team of staff can achieve together

As projects, including the development of our new training ground and the proposed expansion of King Power Stadium continue to take shape, and as a young squad of great potential begins to mature, Brendan and his colleagues arrive at an exciting time for Leicester City

We’re continuing to grow as a Club and I am anticipating that Brendan’s coaching methods, knowledge and experience can enhance our journey

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Arsenal-linked Brendan Rodgers signs Leicester extension until 2025] Brendan’s qualities as a coach are well-known and evident in the way he has sought to unlock the potential in every member of our exciting young squad. But just as important to us is the suitability of Brendan’s wider philosophy to the club’s established culture and values. He and his staff immersed themselves immediately, building an understanding for the club and the city and an appreciation for what makes them special. That has been a valuable combination over the last nine months - strengthening the bond between our players, staff and supporters - and I’m excited to see how it can continue to enhance our long-term vision for the club