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Alan Hutton
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspurs

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[Alan Hutton says Jack Grealish is likely to have already made a decision on his future] For Jack to kick on again and really hit the heights that everybody knows he can get to, he is going to have to leave Villa. It’s his team, and it will be a real hard decision for him to leave. From what I hear, it’s probably one at the back of his mind that he knows he’s going to have to do.

There’s a lot of big boys looking at him - I don’t necessary tie it down to just Man Utd. I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot more interested in him, and from abroad. He’s technically gifted and he could literally play anywhere in the world - he’s that good. I don’t like saying it because Villa is such a massive part of me, but I do think at the back of everybody’s mind they know it’s going to happen at some point

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Alan Hutton says Tottenham require a major makeover under Jose Mourinho] Where do you start with Tottenham? I think the warning signs were there, even last season - take the Champions League final out, I think they were disappointing before that. They change their manager, they have that bounce with Mourinho - even though they’re in a better position, I just think everything that they’re doing; they’re leaking goals, the formation, they’re all over the place.

Yes, you can argue the injuries, it’s a bad injury list, three, four key players, totally agree. It’s bad, but they’ve still got a quality squad and I think everybody forgets that. They talk about [Harry] Kane and Son and [Moussa] Sissoko but they’ve still got a very good squad. At that level, they should be able to keep the ball out the net and they have got enough quality going forward.

I think it’s a massive job, it won’t be [solved in] the summer, I think it’s going to be a few (transfer windows). If they think Mourinho’s the right man for the job, that’s fine, they need to stick with him and give him the money to spend and to rebuild the squad. I think it needs a makeover, shall we say

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Alan Hutton says Man Utd move for McGinn understandable] I think he has given his all. Every fan would know that. He is a fans’ favourite. Every time he goes onto the pitch he gives 110 per cent - always. They would be gutted if he was to leave but they would not hold it against him if he went to a big team. They would be more disappointed if he went to Newcastle. Newcastle and Villa are in the same bracket so they would not see that as a step up but if we are talking Man U, I do not think you can hold it against him. He gives everything for the shirt

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Alan Hutton says Jack Grealish is worth every penny of the £80 million ($97m) Aston Villa are demanding for him this summer] Obviously it’s a massive price tag but in my opinion, he’s worth every penny, he’s that good. He could be a team’s game-changer and that’s no disrespect to anyone at Aston Villa, you know I love them to bits, but for him to be playing with a top-four team I think he’d be outstanding. Everybody would be buzzing off him, they would see his quality and I think he would only grow in stature so I totally understand the price tag. Whether what’s happened is going to affect it, I’m not too sure because it’s going to happen to every club