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Name Alan Pardew
Gender Male
Birthplace Wimbledon, England
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach


Club as Coach Crystal Palace
  West Bromwich Albion
  Newcastle United

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Alan Pardew’s relaxed view on Charlton’s intensive five-day training camp in Spain] There won’t be any alcohol for the players in Spain. Maybe a glass of wine for the manager so he can chill out

2017 09 18 Retrieve

[Alan Pardew on Pape Souare who had experience being involved in a serious car accident] Pape was incredibly brave. I remember visiting him in the hospital the following day and he still offered up that beaming smile of his as best he could through the broken jaw, even after everything that had happened. We all loved him at the club – he was so popular, a star on and off the field, and we missed him badly as a team and a group after the crash. To see him up, running and playing again now is testimony to his commitment and the hard work he and the medical staff put in. It’s wonderful to see him back

2018 12 05 Retrieve

[In a recent interview, Alan Pardew said the infamous taxi incident in Barcelona was one of the contributing factors to his failed tenure as Albion boss] [The taxi incident] was damaging in so much that prior to that trip - which was meant to be a team-bonding trip - we had a fantastic result against Brighton and we had beaten Liverpool in the cup with their strongest team

Suddenly, I felt we were there. I thought we were going to make it really tight for everybody else. The Barcelona thing was a terrible incident. The players let themselves down, they let the club down and they let me down. From that moment forward, we never got results