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Alan Pardew
Gender Male
Birthplace Wimbledon, England
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach ADO Den Haag
  Crystal Palace
  West Bromwich Albion
  Newcastle United

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Alan Pardew’s relaxed view on Charlton’s intensive five-day training camp in Spain] There won’t be any alcohol for the players in Spain. Maybe a glass of wine for the manager so he can chill out

2013 11 10 Retrieve

[Speaking in his post-match press conference, Alan Pardew praised his goalkeeper] He’s the best goalkeeper in Holland and he proved that today. His performance level hasn’t needed to be high because we’ve not come up against that pressure this season. But second half, Tottenham turned up the heat and he answered everything - unbelievable performance

This was a very different game to Chelsea, I felt we were in control against Chelsea, we lost control a bit second half, Spurs pulled us around, we got deeper than I’d have liked. First half we were very, very good, deserved as the away team to have the lead. We capitalised on what we thought was a little weakness on their part, Remy scored again. Second half Villas-Boas made some good moves and we rode our luck but had spirit and character to get a 1-0 win in a place as tough as this

I’m the manager of the football team and just trying to get performances worthy of the fans. I think we’ve got the greatest fans in the world, we’ve rewarded them today - tough old day to get there and supported us as they always do - brilliantly - it’s a reward for them

2014 12 14 Retrieve

[Alan Pardew on Arsene Wenger] The stadium should be named after Arsene. The job he did with that move across from Highbury, when he had all that debt and had to be very careful with his transfer budget, was incredible. It was a miracle that he kept them in the Champions League

2016 03 21 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] Spurs have the best goalscorer in the Premier League, in my opinion, in Harry Kane

2016 09 07 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew has confirmed his interest in Mathieu Flamini, having met with the former Arsenal midfielder] There is scope to bring in one more into the squad - I did that on purpose as I thought there might be a player we can take who is not under contract, who might just fit what we’re doing. Mathieu is a player I am looking at, yes. He would give us a bit more experience to winning games. I like the fact whenever he played, he played in the big, big games at Arsenal when they needed someone to kind of lead the team over the line and get big results. Mathieu’s name was always on that list. I have always admired what he’s done, so I am looking at him. His age, 32, in my mind I signed Teddy Sheringham when he was 38, so the age isn’t a problem for me. I think his experience is something I am looking at, yes

We’ve had a couple of meetings with Mathieu to talk about what he would do here and how he would feel about competing with [Yohan] Cabaye, [James] McArthur, [Jason] Puncheon, [Jordon] Mutch, Chung [Yong Lee] and [Joe] Ledley. I think another one [in midfield] is where I’m going to go with it, but whether it’s him or not, I don’t know. We do face strong competition for him, but mainly from clubs who have got a much higher profile than us. It could well be a situation like Jack Wilshere, where we are in there but don’t get it over the line. There are others we are considering. There are one or two others floating about who are always of interest

2017 05 27 Retrieve

[Former Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew says he has no interest in the Sunderland job due to his history with their Tyne-Wear rivals] Being the opposite of Newcastle, I don’t think [Sunderland] is the club for me. Sometimes, when you have been a manager at a big club like that, to go to a rival is something I wouldn’t do so that wouldn’t interest me. But it is a great club and next year they really need to make sure they get back to the Premier League where they belong

[And Pardew added that he will only take a new job if he can see an ambitious ‘project’ at a club] It will be, for me, about the project. If I think the project is going to be a chance of promotion, a good finish in the Premier League or a cup run, then I will be interested. Us managers, we wait by the phone and see what happens

2017 09 18 Retrieve

[Alan Pardew on Pape Souare who had experience being involved in a serious car accident] Pape was incredibly brave. I remember visiting him in the hospital the following day and he still offered up that beaming smile of his as best he could through the broken jaw, even after everything that had happened. We all loved him at the club - he was so popular, a star on and off the field, and we missed him badly as a team and a group after the crash. To see him up, running and playing again now is testimony to his commitment and the hard work he and the medical staff put in. It’s wonderful to see him back

2018 12 05 Retrieve

[In a recent interview, Alan Pardew said the infamous taxi incident in Barcelona was one of the contributing factors to his failed tenure as Albion boss] [The taxi incident] was damaging in so much that prior to that trip - which was meant to be a team-bonding trip - we had a fantastic result against Brighton and we had beaten Liverpool in the cup with their strongest team

Suddenly, I felt we were there. I thought we were going to make it really tight for everybody else. The Barcelona thing was a terrible incident. The players let themselves down, they let the club down and they let me down. From that moment forward, we never got results

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Tottenham lose to Bayern Munich and become first English side to concede seven in Europe since their ‘mercenaries’ were thrashed 8-0 by Cologne. Then manager Gerry Francis, who was not even at the game] In a way, I suppose I am part of Spurs’ history. It was the end of my career and I was looking for a club. I was asked: ‘Would you like to come to play in the Intertoto Cup for Spurs?’ I said: ‘OK, that sounds like a good idea.’ It was specifically on that basis.

I remember the live TV cameras being there. That was the first time I saw a camera being behind the goal and I thought: ‘This is going to be entertaining,’ bearing in mind it was their first team.

We literally had the youth team, a couple of reserves, and some mercenaries - I was one of them. I still enjoyed it. It was a great experience.

I don’t recall seeing Francis at the games. He was probably watching from the beach somewhere

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Alan Pardew has claimed that WhatsApp groups are partly responsible for toxic dressing rooms in modern football] My last job didn’t go very well, because I didn’t manage to achieve the turnaround that I had at other clubs

[Reflecting on how management has changed in the modern era] When I was a player, and you’re at the training ground, and you think the manager has picked on you… you’d finish training, you’d talk in the shower maybe to a fellow player [and say]: ‘I’m not sure about the gaffer there, what was he going on about that for? That was out of order’. Blah, blah, blah.

[Then] you’d get in your car and you’d go home, and actually by the time you’d had a sleep and everything else [and] you’re back to the training ground, you’re over it. In football you’ve got to move on quickly, so you’re okay again. Now, when players are leaving the training ground, they’re not leaving the training ground, they’re WhatsApp-ing each other […] the guy that’s really toxic is now being very toxic to the whole group and he’s bringing people in.

Suddenly, you arrive at the training ground and there’s a strange atmosphere […] they’ve all made a different outcome to what you as a manager perceived would be the outcome. And it’s completely out of your control, of course. You can’t infiltrate it, you don’t want to infiltrate it really because then you’re asking for even more problems I would guess. The senior players and toxic players now have a bigger control over the dressing room

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Former Newcastle boss Alan Pardew returns to management at Dutch side ADO Den Haag] In the search for a new challenge, I am pleased that I came across ADO Den Haag. It is a warm club where everything starts with enthusiasm and passion. The team is going through a difficult period but we will do everything we can to turn the tide. We must do that together, the players, the staff and the fans. Together we will try to make a comeback. I can’t wait to get started

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[ADO Den Haag boss Alan Pardew has donated the survival bonus he received to non-playing staff and health workers after a fortunate escape from Eredivisie relegation] When I signed for ADO there was a bonus clause in my contract for avoiding relegation, however, the figure is not the one being reported by the press. These clauses are standard practice in the majority of managers’ contracts around the world. It was my understanding that this clause would only be activated if we had finished the season and ADO had avoided relegation. However, on a technicality issue with regard to the way the Dutch season ended, I was informed ADO intended to pay the bonus. I immediately contacted the club and told them not to pay me the money and to either give it to the non-playing staff at the club or donate it to Holland’s health service to help in their efforts to beat COVID-19. I hope that this clears up any misunderstandings caused by the press reports. The thoughts and prayers of myself and my family are with everyone around the world who has suffered or are suffering from this terrible virus

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Alan Pardew departs ADO Den Haag after four months in charge] I want to thank everyone at ADO Den Haag for the past few months. In particular the players, who gave everything on the field. I have positive feelings for this club and I have enjoyed the passion of the fans. I look back on a beautiful adventure in the Netherlands. It is a pity that the collaboration ends, but I wish ADO Den Haag every success in the future.

[Pardew confirmed on Sunday that he had received a bonus for keeping the club in the Eredivisie] It was my understanding that this clause would only be activated if we had finished the season and ADO had avoided relegation. However, on a technicality issue with regard to the way the Dutch season ended, I was informed ADO intended to pay the bonus. I immediately contacted the club and told them not to pay me the money and to either give it to the non-playing staff at the club or donate it to Holland’s health service to help in their efforts to beat Covid-19