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Alan Pulido
Gender Male
Ethnic Mexican
Job Mexican Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Sporting Kansas City

2020 01 21 Retrieve

[in-their-prime Mexican internationals are moving to MLS, further igniting a budding rivalry with Liga MX] It would be a privilege to play against other Mexican players in an international league. It will be a pleasure to face Vela, Chicharito and other Latino players. We each want to show our own level and that, in return, raises the competitive level. We played together in the Mexican national team, so we know each other well

2020 01 21b Retrieve

[Pulido believes that coming and playing in MLS is a viable option] It’s a good thing that Tata Martino coached here. He won MLS Cup. The fact that he looks at MLS, at the league, is very important. Part of the reason I chose to come to MLS is because of that: I want to return to the Mexican national team. Of course, each league wants the best players. In Mexico, I do think that they get upset when a Mexican player decides to come to MLS over Liga MX, but they need to respect each player’s decision. Players really analyze their decisions. The league here has changed a lot competitively but also personally, I chose to come here because I am the kind of player that enjoys challenges and this is a challenge that makes me very happy

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[Alan Pulido laments criticism of Chicharito’s ‘Mexican legend’ remark] In Mexico you can’t praise yourself. That’s how the Mexican culture is. When a foreign player does it, we all applaud him. We say, ‘What a great mentality this player has. Of course he’s left a footprint, which very few players have done

The majority of young players want to be like Chicharito. It’s not bad that he says that, that he recognize it. He’s not lying. It’s a reality. He serves as motivation for every one of us. He’s an emblem of Mexicans soccer. It makes me happy to know there are players with great talent who are able to succeed in other countries

Other types of players support each other amongst themselves. They’ve got another culture that’s very different from the Mexican players. When it comes to speaking about a Mexican player, the criticisms rain down. They call you lucky. It happens in other jobs, in other situations in Mexico. They never give credit to the person who has put in the effort, they never applaud that.

Something extra has to happen so you might be able to come out on top. They said Chicharito was a ‘tronco,’ that he didn’t score goals. Then he was scoring goals, and they said it was lucky. You realize how the Mexican culture is. It has made me sad on a number of occasions.

The fans don’t want to see success stories, even less if they’re Mexican. There, they praise the foreign player more when he’s top scorer. They celebrate it more and start to say he’s ‘a crack’. That’s how the culture is. It’s the reality