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Name Alan Smith
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job English Football Coach
Desc Alan Smith was the prototype for the modern target man. Although he had a respectable goalscoring record, his main attribute was his ability to bring others into play. Smith worked tirelessly for the Arsenal cause, sacrificing his body to provide a platform for more technically gifted players to cause damage. Such selflessness endeared him to the Arsenal fans forever


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Crystal Palace
Club as Player Arsenal FC

2003 08 13 Retrieve

[Arsenal Forward Alan Smith after Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires sign new deals] I’m sure Arsenal would have loved to have got this out of the way before pre-season started. There was an air of uncertainty about the place

2015 01 22 Retrieve

[Alan Smith talks about Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick] What distinctly hit me was that they played in all black that night. None of them had shaved and they looked a pretty ferocious team. I was thinking ‘this is going to be a long evening’

[Alan Smith talks about Palace centre-back Richard Shaw who was given the job of man-marking Cantona] Shawsie had this sort of bubbly, curly hair. He put a load of grease on. He used to put a lot of Vaseline around his face and mouth. He was the most charming, gentle guy you could ever meet but he looked pretty ferocious on the field. I think he was really up for marking Cantona

[Cantona is the subject of a series of hefty challenges, from Shaw in particular] If you want to say ‘gave him one’, Shawsie certainly went in. I don’t have a lot of sympathy with Cantona. He is a big man, carries himself well, and he had given a fair amount out. Shawsie just thought ‘it’s on the halfway line, it’s in front of the dug-out - I’ll go for it’

Afterwards, I saw Sir Alex and he shook hands and said, ‘What the bloody hell was wrong with that then?’ I said ‘Alex, that’s an everyday occurrence in Putney High Street’. Because of his tunnel vision for everything, he was even trying to put a case that Cantona had been badly treated. I just sort of said, ‘No Alex, totally agree, nothing wrong with it. Everyday occurrence’

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Alan Smith on Thierry Henry] I spoke to a number of pros and they all said they hadn’t seen anything like it (Thierry Henry’s performance against Liverpool in a 4-2 Premier League win at Highbury in April 2004. Henry scored a hat-trick). On his day, he had become unplayable, and more and more since then it has been his day. I have to say I haven’t seen a player like him. He’s an athlete with great technical ability and a tremendous desire to be the best

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Alan Smith feels that Mikel Arteta will be a ruthless coach of Arsenal and will not be disturbed by the reputation of the players] I think they have made the right decision. I am really delighted and excited about the decision. I think Arsenal needs this type of coach in the situation, which is going to kick some butts, it will be clear and concise about what he wants from Players and the team

Your main body of work will be on the training ground, and that’s where it excels, I think. It’s a bold decision, but I think it’s the right decision. First, you should choose the players that you think can get a tune “. outside, and I think he will be ruthless in that regard, and he won’t worry about reputation and who is earning what. In the long term, you will want to eliminate those who you think are not the right kind. I think there are some in that Arsenal locker room that don’t have the right attitude

I think we will quickly see his influence on a game day, I hope to see a little more organization, and we will see what he is trying to do with the team. It is a calculated bet, but I think he will become a superior manager. If not out with Arsenal, they would be kicking

I think he has the presence and authority to go to that dressing room and demand respect. The club has drifted aimlessly in recent years, but I think they will be anxious now

The success that comes in May is not so much about the classification of the league, I can not see them in the top four, so you have a few months to work on the performance and form of the team. It is about transmitting your philosophy from now until may

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Arsenal fans urge Mikel Arteta to buy Brighton star Aaron Mooy after Bergkamp wondergoal] What a way to settle it. Shades of Dennis Bergkamp here, the way he took it on his chest and chipped it in. A quite brilliant goal from a really talented player. Great awareness, and look at that finish. Bergkamp would’ve been proud.