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Alberto Yaque
Gender Male
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Job xxxx Football Agent
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Client Lautaro Martinez

2019 07 12 Retrieve

[Lautaro Martinez’s agent Alberto Yaque confirmed La Liga champions Barcelona are interested in signing the Intermilan forward] Talk of Barcelona’s interest is true. No-one’s called us, but we know that they’ve been looking at him strongly. It’s true that Barcelona like him

2019 07 12b Retrieve

[Lautaro Martinez’s agent Beto Yaque has said his client will not leave Inter this summer, saying that if Lionel Messi wants to play with his international team-mate, he can join the Serie A club] Lautaro Martinez will not leave Inter and he can’t wait to start work with Conte. Obviously, being praised by the best player in the world is wonderful and very satisfying. Lautaro was extremely happy to hear Leo Messi’s compliments and it just made him want to work even harder to achieve his targets. However, Lautaro is thinking only of Inter. He is happy with the Nerazzurri and is dreaming big. Conte already called him to explain the working method and is definitely counting on him

[However, he reiterated the only way Messi and Martinez will team up on a club level next season is if the Barca talisman decides to make the move to San Siro] It’s true, there was some Blaugrana interest for Martinez, although nobody from the club contacted us officially. They are rumours that we know are to a degree true, but I repeat, Lautaro is staying at Intermilan. Let’s just put it this way: if Messi wants to play with Martinez, then he can come to Inter

2019 09 11 Retrieve

[Alberto Yaque says Messi and Lautaro Martinez formed a promising partnership in this year’s Copa America] It would be great to see [Lautaro] alongside Leo at Barcelona. It was great to see him play that way, so loose and happy. He has looked happy in the national team since he played for the youth divisions. He has brilliant control and timing, he shows it all the time. It is very hard for a defender to mark him

[Lautaro Martinez is now first choice under Antonio Conte in a promising double act with Romelu Lukaku] He is very humble. When I went to watch him in Bahia Blanca it was hard to take him [to Buenos Aires] because he was a very family-oriented boy. Before going to Inter I told him he wouldn’t struggle too much to adapt. Whatever he aims for, he achieves. It is not easy to walk into the San Siro and play as if it were your own back garden

2020 03 30 Retrieve

[Lautaro’s agent confirms talks with ‘many clubs’ amid Barcelona and Real Madrid interest] It is said that Barcelona and Real Madrid want him, but it has no effect on him. He never calls me to ask if the rumours are true or false, he is focused on the present and his work. We talked to many people, however, nothing more happened. For now, those who call me are not club leaders. There is nothing formal or serious. It is a dream [for Lautaro] to be one of the most coveted players on the market. But nothing special is happening to him. The only thing he wants is to play and score. His constant growth has meant that the best teams in the world watch him carefully. We hope that his work will be rewarded as it deserves to be.

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Beto Yaque says Lautaro never said he doesn’t like Real Madrid] He never said that he does not like Madrid, only that he wanted to succeed in Racing. Surely for Lauty it is a great compliment to be spoken about by the best in the world. I think that is very nice and comforting for him.

[The rumours regarding his future could be considered something of a distraction for Lautaro] He treats it as if it is nothing, because he is only focused on his club. But surely there is great satisfaction knowing that he is doing things well

[Yaque expects the 22-year-old to stay put for the foreseeable future] Lautaro has a five-year contract with Inter and the news that comes out is exclusively generated by the press

2020 04 09b Retrieve

[Beto Yaque says that Lautaro’s main focus is currently on his football at Inter] He treats it as if it is nothing, because he is only focused on his club. But surely there is great satisfaction knowing that he is doing things well

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Lautaro’s agent, Alberto Yaque, conceded that linking up with Messi on a regular basis is something any player would want] Who wouldn’t like to play with Messi?. Speaking of the games they played in the national team, he said it was a dream. Imagine, to play so young for Argentina and with Messi. But he doesn’t say much about this. He’s a very reserved boy. If we asked him where he wants to play, he wouldn’t tell us anything. It would not be unreasonable for the greats to love him, but today there is nothing official

There are all these rumours that come out of the press. They call me from Madrid, from Barcelona, from England, because they say that Real, that Barcelona, that Chelsea want him, but I would be lying to you right now if I told you there is something. I don’t know [about] between clubs, but for us there is nothing