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Name Aleksander Čeferin
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job UEFA President


Ngo Common Goal


Common Goal Aleksander Čeferin is a committed supporter of the Common Goal initiative, which funds high-impact football charities worldwide. He contributes 1% of their annual salary to the project, which was co-founded by Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Aleksander Čeferin hails Eric Cantona when giving him UEFA President’s Award] This is a logical choice because this award not only recognises his career as a player of the highest calibre, but also honours him for the person he is – a man who refuses compromise, who stands up for his values, who speaks his mind and in particular, puts his heart and his soul into supporting the causes he believes in

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[Ceferin pointed out that Uefa was the only football body to ban a player for 10 matches for racist behaviour, the most severe punishment in the game] As a governing body, I know we are not going to win any popularity contests. But some of the views expressed about Uefa’s approach to fighting racism have been a long way off the mark. Uefa’s sanctions are among the toughest in sport for clubs and associations whose supporters are racist at our matches

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[FAI may be unable to avail of €4.3m of UEFA money] Our sport is facing an unprecedented challenge brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. UEFA wants to help its members to respond in ways that are appropriate to their specific circumstances. As a result, we have agreed that up to €4.3m per association, paid for the remainder of this season and next, as well as part of the investment funding, can be used as our members see fit to rebuild the football community.

I believe this is a responsible decision to help as much as we can; and I am proud of the unity that football is showing throughout this crisis. Without doubt, football will be at the heart of life returning to normal. When that time comes, football must be ready to answer that call