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Alessandro Nesta
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Descs Nesta was an extraordinary footballer. On his day, he could man-mark literally any forward out of any game and still have time to come out of defence with the ball and probably set up a goal with a defence splitting pass. The only problem was, well, the injuries. There were a lot of them, and they usually came at the worst possible time (2006 World Cup)


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player AC Milan
  Lazio FC

2011 05 23 Retrieve

[q: How are the festivities coming along?] Very well, we have a Scudetto to celebrate

2011 05 23b Retrieve

[q: What is the secret behind this incredible success?] I think that the biggest secret behind our success is the excellent mix between young and experienced players. And Allegri has done a great job to motivate everybody

2011 05 23c Retrieve

[q: Can you tell us a bit about Allegri] He has done a great job. He made a big step from Cagliari to Milan and has done very well to motivate the team. He has a lot of new and innovative ideas and has played a big role in this Scudetto win

2011 05 23d Retrieve

[q: What has changed since last year with Leonardo? You have conceded fewer goals than last term with basically the same defence…] We played with four attacking players last campaign. We conceded more goals, but we played more attacking. Additionally, a lot of players have really matured this season. I’m talking about Abate, who has developed a lot. And also Thiago Silva has improved again. They did a good job last year, but have been excellent this term.

2011 05 23e Retrieve

[q: Talking about Thiago Silva. Could he become a Milan legend?] At the moment, he is the strongest defender around in my opinion. He is one of the best players I have ever played with. All he has to do is confirm his class year after year. I’m sure that he will become an important part of Milan’s history

2011 05 23f Retrieve

[q: Thiago Silva recently joked that you are bit like a radio, because you talk a lot on the pitch and you give him a headache every now and then. How do you respond to that?] Look, this all stems from a situation when he had just joined the club. Then coach Leonardo asked me to coach him a lot during his first match for Milan against Varese. And that’s what I did. Now I know that he does not need a lot of advice

2011 05 23i Retrieve

[q: Competition for places in defence will increase with the arrival of Mexes and Taiwo] They are both great players and it is important to have enough options. I know Mexes pretty well and he’s great. You need to have plenty of options when you are a big team like Milan. Yepes is the perfect example of that. People doubted him, but he always did well whenever called upon

2011 05 23j Retrieve

[q: Let’s talk about someone who leaves the club; your good friend Andrea Pirlo. What do you think about his decision?] We all have to make our own decisions, that is part of our job. I’m really sad to see him go. We have played together for nine years and he is a real friend. The team that will sign him is doing good business. He is one of the last real geniuses in football. Few have been able to do what he has done at San Siro. I’d give him a 10 as a player and as a person

2011 05 23k Retrieve

[q: And Antonio Cassano? What’s your advice for him?] I want to start by saying that he has behaved very well, both on and off the pitch. He has played his role in the Scudetto. I personally think that once you join Milan, you have to do your utmost to stay put. Leaving the club is always a step back. It’s obviously his choice though

2011 05 23l Retrieve

[q: What can you say about Ibra?] He’s an amazing player. We all knew that, but he is also very important in the dressing room. He never wants to lose and that attitude is very important. He is ahead of many other players with similar qualities

2011 05 23m Retrieve

[q: Did you miss Jose Mourinho this year?] I never really thought much of what he said when he was at Inter, not even when he criticised Milan. However, a lot of players are very positive about him, so he is probably not the bad person that the media make him out to be

2011 05 23n Retrieve

[q: Let’s talk about you again. You have just renewed your contract with Milan, but did you ever consider to leave Milan? Perhaps like Fabio Cannavaro] I would definitely have moved abroad had Milan not offered me a new deal. Join Cannavaro? Why not. If I ever change clubs, I will not move to another Italian club, but I will sign a with a foreign team instead. Something new to keep going

2011 05 23o Retrieve

[q: But this is your last year?] I want to continue playing. I would love to end my career with Milan

2011 05 23p Retrieve

[q: What would you like to do after your active career?] A coaching career is pretty tempting, but it will not be easy because of my family. I do not like the idea of being away from my family all the time again. I do not want to accept a job as coach in Florence and then leave my family in Milan. And I do not want to force them to travel along with me, either.

2011 05 23q Retrieve

[q: Last question: who do you think will win the Champions League final?] I always say Barcelona. I really like the way they play. But Manchester have a strong squad as well. They both deserve to be in the final.

2011 08 03 Retrieve

[AC Milan’s Alessandro Nesta is not thinking about retirement] I want to carry on playing football for as long as possible. I want to put off retirement, but I can see my future still being in football, although I don’t know in what capacity. [Thiago Silva is seen as the heir to Nesta, and the Italian believes his teammate will be able to fill his boots well] The best defender in the world, Thiago Silva, has stayed with us, so we are fine in defense

2012 01 04 Retrieve

[AC Milan’s Alessandro Nesta says I have no intention of retiring] I am not thinking about retiring. I have no desire at all to hang up my boots yet. I am convinced that we will win a major trophy this season. We are the favourites to win the Serie A title, and are among the favourites to win the Champions League, too.

2012 09 18 Retrieve

[Nesta does not believe Milan’s head coach is the reason for the club’s recent ineptitude. Instead, he points to the Serie A giants recent financial difficulties which forced them to sell Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to Paris Saint-Germain and release several veteran players, including himself] It’s the reality of what’s going on in Europe. Milan is a reflection of the economic difficulties any business is going through in Europe

You have to cut and find ways to save money or bring in more money, and that’s what Milan did. Selling those two players [Ibrahimovic and Silva] was an economic decision, but losing two players like that, will be hard to replace

2012 09 18b Retrieve

[Nesta has come to the defence of his former boss Massimiliano Allegri, who finds himself under increasing pressure] As for Allegri, the criticism is unfair. I think fans are smart enough to realise the team is new and needs time to gel, but also selling two key players like Ibra and Silva will hurt the team

2012 09 18c Retrieve

[Nesta explains that he is still adjusting to physical nature of MLS but is happy with life in his new city] It’s been a great experience so far. The city is beautiful, the fans have been great and the team is treating me well. The level of soccer in MLS is growing, so there will be some growing pains. It’s not at the level it is in Italy or Spain, but it is definitely getting better. It’s also very different than my previous experiences. It’s more physical

It’s going to be tough to make the playoffs. We had a loaded schedule earlier on, which meant we played a lot of games before the team really came together. And other teams ahead of us have games in hand, so it will be difficult, but we won’t give up. We will just take it one game at a time.

2012 09 18d Retrieve

[Despite still adjusting to life in MLS, Nesta still follows the Italian national team with great interest. He was part of the 2006 World Cup winning side and believes that Italy could be back on its way to being a contender after a strong showing in the Euro 2012 tournament] Every few years, a new crop of players comes out for a national team and dominates for a little while. Spain is in that situation now. But Italy is young and with some time to gel, can continue progressing from its runner-up position at the Euros this year

2012 09 18e Retrieve

[Mario Balotelli is one of the players who proved himself during last summer’s tournament and many insist that Italy should build its attack around the Manchester City star. Nesta hopes that Balotelli will continue to score for the Azzurri but expects the striker’s team-mates to share the scoring load as well] All Balotelli has to worry about is scoring goals. That’s his job and that’s what he must concern himself with. Attacking is the responsibility of the entire team, he just has to bury his chances when he gets them.

2014 03 13 Retrieve

[Alessandro Nesta says This is no longer my Milan] This is no longer my Milan. It is not the club that could spend and think big. Today, the resources are not there and the field responds accordingly - for Milan and Italian football

2014 03 13b Retrieve

[Nesta watched Milan crash out of this season’s Champions League on Tuesday, losing 5-1 on aggregate to Atletico Madrid] It was a heavy elimination, the product of a generational change that failed because of poor choices. But the discourse is wider. In the golden years, the presidents failed to invest in youth. And then there was the fact that the clubs were not worried about going bust as the bank always came to the rescue. The Italian economy allowed it. But now it doesn’t. And the accounts of football remain in red