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Alex Morgan
Gender Female
Ethnic American
Job American Footballer
Desc One of the biggest stars in women’s football, Alex Morgan was awarded the France 2019 adidas Silver Boot having scored six goals at the tournament. Five of those came against Thailand which equalled Michelle Akers’ record for goals in a Women’s World Cup game, while the other was a decisive header against England in the semi-finals


Org USA Woman National Team
Club as Player Lyon Woman FC

2015 04 04 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan on USA team-mate Sydney Leroux] I don’t know where she finds some of these things. She sends me memes, pictures of anything. Bald rats. I don’t even know

2016 12 24 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan explains her reasons for continuing her club career with French and European women’s football powerhouse Lyon] My gut was telling me I needed to explore something to continue to help evolve myself as a player and challenge myself a little bit more. Every training is competitive. Going into a competitive environment like that where I need to show my best self every single day is going to definitely challenge me and make me prove my best every single day. I like that challenge. I also want to prove that I’m one of the best, if not the best in the world at my position, and I think there’s no better way than to go in and play with the best

2018 05 19 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan speaks about the state of the USA women’s national team] We’ve been in this transition period for a while and lost so many veterans who were great leaders on the field. I think it took a period of time for certain players to step up or feel comfortable stepping up into a greater role in the team. I feel good with where we are, but I still feel like we have a lot of progress to be made in terms of identifying those leadership roles and the roles on the team in general

2018 12 08 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan talks about the hole Abby Wambach’s departure left in the USA side] Abby left a really large void, there’s no getting away from that. She carried the voice of an entire team and she had such a presence about her just entering a room. Her absence was definitely felt, put it that way. But the team evolved from there and, while I wouldn’t say anyone has exactly the role Abby had, everyone has embraced the role that they needed to take on to make this team work

2019 05 27 Retrieve

[The effectiveness of American substitutes Carli Lloyd, Christen Press and Mallory Pugh overwhelmed the Mexicans in an eventual 3-0 triumph] Our depth is pretty incredible. We have two starting 11s honestly, we could have two starting 11s in the World Cup. We have incredible depth and the front three that started today and the front three that came off the bench are all competing for three spots. This team has always been known for its depth but I do think this is the best team that I’ve played with on the national team.

We have been talking about how excited we are to get out of here, no offense to anyone. We are ready to have that tight-knit community within our team, and continue to build that chemistry. Also, no offense to this, just get away from the media for a little bit, and just disconnect with everything and connect more with the team. We’re really looking forward to that piece of it, and enjoying each other’s company before the roller oaster gets real.

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[World Cup can be a tipping point for the women’s game] Playing there two years ago you saw that it was growing but there was still sort of that untapped potential as well, and I think that things were being held back a little bit culturally. I think that this tournament can change a lot of people’s minds.

In France having a competitive league will help. I think for now there are only two or three teams that can really compete at the top. Obviously Lyon is just incredibly dominant and just the best club team in the world, so it’s kind of getting the rest of those teams up to speed. For all of us it’s just continuing to create a stable and growing league in our own countries. In the U.S. we’re seeing that as well. We want to make sure that it continues to grow at a pace that’s not too accelerated but is not stagnant

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Eyes on the prize: USWNT ignoring legal battles and Solo stick ahead of World Cup opener] Of course we have additional things outside this team that people are going to try to distract us with, or things that we have put on hold that we’ll continue to do after the World Cup but for right now this is our sole focus. This team is united in a way that I’ve never seen before and we’re very excited to start the World Cup tomorrow.

For right now we really haven’t talked about any of our opponents other than Thailand. I think this team is ready to go, I feel like we’re in peak form and I feel like we’re ready to find success in this tournament

2019 06 11b Retrieve

[USWNT vs Thailand women. USWNT star Alex Morgan had previously gone to the same college at the University of California-Berkeley with Thailand forward Mirand Nild] I just met her in the hallway, so it’s already friendly. I introduced myself to her. I was the proactive one, so I already have the edge on that. I’m really excited to see some fellow Cal Bears … For Miranda, it’s just such a great opportunity. She’s a player that’s shown really well with the Thai team

2019 06 11c Retrieve

[Winning by an incredible 13-0 scoreline. Alex Morgan, who was seen consoling Miranda Nild American-born Thailand forward after the game, was asked what she said to her fellow Golden Bear] I told her that it’s a dream of all of ours to play in a World Cup and she has at least three games and this is game one. She still has two games to showcase herself, to get some goals. She’s a quality player and to stay encouraged through this tournament, because she’s living out a dream that most girls and women don’t get to

[For Thailand, it can only go up from here. As for the USWNT, they’ll move on with nothing to apologize for after a record-setting night] When you’re playing in a World Cup, every single goal may count at the end of the day. That’s what we were told before the game and that’s why we had to keep going

2019 06 12 Retrieve

[Diana Matheson saying USWNT manager Jill Ellis should be embarrassed at her team’s Thailand celebrations. Asked about her team’s celebrations in the post-match press conference] Tonight we knew that every goal could matter in these group stage games. When it comes to celebrations, this was a really good team performance tonight. I think it was important for us to celebrate with each other

2019 06 12b Retrieve

[It appears that this may finally be Alex Morgan’s World Cup aftter scoring a remarkable five goals in her team’s 13-0 demolition of Thailand] I’m feeling in peak form right now. To tie Michelle Akers’s record is obviously incredible but just even more than that I think this was a great team performance for us. We were able to execute on so many chances that we had and we showed just how diverse our attack really is.

[When asked if she could have ever dreamed of scoring five goals in the World Cup opener] I had a personal goal for three

2019 06 16 Retrieve

[USWNT responds to controversy with golf clap celebration] The whole team is having fun with this

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[USWNT depth shines as Ellis plan works to perfection against Chile] This team has incredible depth and when [Ellis] chooses who goes on during a game and who starts, there’s no explanation needed. We trust in her and it was pretty incredible we were able to get all [20 field] players on the pitch in the first two games

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[The USWNT couldn’t help but be aware of the outcry over their celebrations against Thailand, and they crafted a winking response with their golf-clap celebration in the following game against Chile] The whole team is having fun with this

2019 06 24 Retrieve

[Rattled USWNT bailed out against Spain to seal dream quarterfinal with France. Alex Morgan, meanwhile, went down with an injury midway through the first half] I don’t remember them being this physical, this aggressive. For me that was a little different, I wasn’t expecting that

2019 06 24b Retrieve

[Alex Morgan explained after the game that Rapinoe taking her second penalty of the night ended up being head coach Jill Ellis’s call] When the ref was checking VAR we went over to the sideline and it’s ultimately the coach’s decision. So the ball went back to Pinoe and I’m happy taking it, I’m happy giving it to Pinoe and so the decision went to Pinoe.

2019 06 25 Retrieve

[Messi’s $84m income highlighted by United Nations in attack on women footballers’s pay] One male soccer player makes almost double the combined salaries of all players in the top seven women’s soccer leagues. During the Women’s World Cup 2019, join UN Women in demanding equal pay for women in sport

: 2019 06 25b Pay discrimination has been a hot topic during the Women’s World Cup in France, with 28 U.S. women’s national team players currently embroiled in a lawsuit with U.S. Soccer over wage issues. The lawsuit, which was filed in March, is being led by current USWNT stars Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd and Becky Sauerbrunn.

2019 06 25c Retrieve

[Time and time again Spain went after Crystal Dunn, a converted attacking player who has a tendency to drift out of position] They look to get it wide in order to spread out the defense to penetrate centrally. I don’t remember them being this physical, this aggressive, this reckless in challenges. For me that was a little different, I wasn’t expecting that.

[Morgan pointed out, Spain’s physicality did eventually get the better of them] We were able to capitalize on [Spain’s aggressiveness] with penalties

[Despite the USWNT’s struggles against Spain, Morgan knows that France is far from flawless as well] They’ve struggled at times and so we’re going to have to look at that and pick apart the weaknesses that they’ve shown

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan takes a back seat to USWNT teammates after flying start to World Cup] Naturally as a number nine I’m going to be plowed through quite often.

[Morgan said of her teammate, who has scored all four of the USWNT’s goals in the knockout phase thus far] Megan Rapinoe has put the team on her back from Spain to France.

[But as she’s gotten older, her game has evolved] I’ve been given different roles within the team defensively and on the attacking side and all I would like to do is to be able to execute that. I think I have.

[Morgan said of the Golden Boot] Of course it would be a great accolade but that’s not my goal, my goal is to help this team win a World Cup. As long as the goals continue to come then I’m happy

2019 07 03 Retrieve

[USA striker Alex Morgan was coy when asked about her tea-drinking celebration against England] I wanted to keep it interesting. I know Megan Rapinoe has the best celebrations so I had to try to step up this game

[Morgan suggested that her celebration may have been inspired by those persistent discussions] We have a lot of noise around this team and it doesn’t affect this team, and so I think we’re just drinking the tea.

[Having gone through a gauntlet of France and England in the semifinal, Morgan says her team is now stronger for having come out the other side] This team has had so much thrown at us and I feel like we didn’t take the easy route to the final this tournament. And that’s the tea

2019 07 05 Retrieve

[USWNT star Alex Morgan blasts tea-sipping critics over double standards] My celebration was actually more about, ‘That’s the tea. Sophie Turner does it quite often, she’s one of my favourite actresses, so it wasn’t a hit to England in any way. I feel that there is some sort of double standard for females in sports to feel like we have to be humble in our successes and have to celebrate, but not too much, and have to do something but it always has to be in a limited fashion. You see men celebrating all around the world in big tournaments, grabbing their sacks or whatever it is, and when I look at sipping a cup of tea, I’m a little taken aback. You have to laugh about it to see all of the criticism.

[Morgan was particularly unimpressed with Juventus forward Lianne Sanderson’s opinion, given they played together in 2016] I’m a little disappointed in that and obviously we were team-mates at Orlando Pride so I have the utmost respect for Lianne and all of my team-mates that I’ve ever played with. So, it’s a little disappointing to see that.

[USA face Netherlands in Sunday’s World Cup final and, should Morgan add to her six goals at the tournament, the celebrations are unlikely to be muted] I don’t think we’ll be deterred by a couple of naysayers

2019 07 05b Retrieve

[Alex Morgan hinted the United States will snub Donald Trump’s White House invitation and is confident Jill Ellis’ team will not be split on the issue] I think we’ll make that decision after we finish Sunday’s game. I think there’s been a lot of talk prematurely about the White House and about Trump. First we have to do business and then I think you guys know the answer to the question anyway

[Morgan believes there will be no factions in Jull Ellis’s squad when it comes to their decision] I can’t say 100 per cent but this team is very close and we’ve always made decisions together so I can’t really see us deciding to part in that way. But at the same time, if someone feels strongly then who are we to tell them to do or not do something?

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[Count Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner among those not offended by Alex Morgan’s tea-sipping celebration against England, instead coming to the forward’s defence by calling out haters] Alex Morgan, all those haters that are saying that this was disrespectful, I’m honoured that you thought of me and all those people that are hating on you are probably sitting at home, millennials, drinking kombucha, and I’m really f** proud of you, Alex Morgan. Congratulations on your win - and that’s the motherf** tea.

2019 07 06b Retrieve

[Captain Alex Morgan said a decision on going to White House would be made after the World Cup final] I think you guys know the answer to the question anyway.

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Clearly Rapinoe has become an outsized personality] She’s the best teammate someone could ask for. She had an incredible tournament, so deserving of the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball. It’s just a testament to her self-confidence and her self-belief and the true person that she shows every single day with us

: 2019 07 08 Alex Morgan twerks in locker room as USWNT wildly celebrates World Cup victory. As the players partied in the locker room following the 2-0 victory, Morgan was filmed holding a beer and twerking with all of her teammates cheering on wildly

2019 07 10 Retrieve

[Rapinoe’s USWNT co-captain Alex Morgan was also delighted at the celebrations in New York City, and echoed her urge for the nation to come together following their World Cup triumph] It’s every single person’s responsibility. There’s been so much contention in these last years. I’ve been a victim of that. I’ve been a perpetrator of that. With our fight with the federation: I’m sorry for some of the things I’ve said, not all of the things. But it’s time to come together. This conversation is at the next step. We have to collaborate. It takes everybody. This is my charge to everybody. Do what you can. Do what you have to do. Step outside yourself. Be more. Be better. Be bigger than you’ve ever been before. If this team is any representation of what you can be when you do that, please take this as an example

I think this team does an incredible job of taking that on our shoulders. And understanding the position that we have and the platform that we have within this world. Yes, we play sports. Yes, we play soccer. Yes, we’re female athletes, but we’re so much more than that

2019 07 25 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan, co-captain of the FIFA Women’s World Cup-winning USWNT, is planning the launch of her own media company] Men’s sports are always in the spotlight. We’ll be focusing on women in sport and sharing the stories that I think a lot of people want to hear, and girls need to be given access to

[The USWNT are currently embroiled in a legal battle with their own governing body] We’ve been able to see that we can use our platform to speak up about important issues. We’re authentic to who we are and what we stand for, and we’re becoming more brave and comfortable in our own skin

2019 08 01 Tweet

[Alex Morgan reacts to being named on the shortlist for The Best FIFA Women’s Player award] Squad goals! In all seriousness, so honored to be named one of the best in the world. An incredible line up of talent

2019 09 17 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan will miss the rest of the Orlando Pride’s National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) season after suffering a patella stress reaction in her right knee] This year has had the highest of highs but along with that comes challenges and sometimes even falling short of my goals I set for myself in 2019. I’m disappointed I won’t be able to compete with the Pride for the remainder of 2019 due to a knee injury I’ve been managing since the World Cup, and that I can’t be there to help my teammates and my club have more success. Thank you fans, friends, teammates, and teams for all your support. I have already started physical therapy in LA and am eager to get back on the field doing what I love

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan on Megan Rapinoe] Having played many years with Megan, I’ve seen up close why she is so special, but at the World Cup she showed rest of the world why she is so deserving of this honour. She continues to rise above and come through in pressure moments. She was obviously a massive part of us winning the World Cup and she deserves all the accolades she is getting

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan compares each triumph] 2015 was a win for the veterans and for the project of women’s football. 2019 was a bigger win just for women in general. I think we stood for so much more, so I think it was just great to see that we took a risk on ourselves - we bet on ourselves and that paid off

2019 10 23 Tweet

[Alex Morgan announces her pregnancy] We are already in love and we haven’t even met her yet. Newest member of the Carrasco family, coming soon

2019 10 28 Retrieve

[What charity work does Alex Morgan do?] It’s wonderful to be a professional athlete and feel fulfilled, but at the same time, what sort of legacy do you want to leave? I had this dream of being a professional soccer player, and I never knew it entailed being a role model, being an inspiration, standing up for things I believe in, standing up for gender equality. But now I don’t know a world where I just play soccer. It goes hand in hand

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan and the USA women were named TIME’s athletes of the year after their inspiring 2019 on and off the field] This next generation wants to be a part of something big. They’re not just sayers. They’re doers. It’s our job to continue to pave the way

2020 04 04 Retrieve

[Alex Morgan talks about her pregnancy] It’s not like women can’t do both - our bodies are incredible - it’s the fact that this world isn’t really set up for women to thrive. That was one thing where I was like, ‘Do I want to be public with this?’ This is my body, my family, my life

2020 05 09 Retrieve

[Judge Gary Klausner dealt a blow to the USWNT by granting summary judgement in U.S. Soccer’s favor regarding two major claims in the lawsuit] We were just shocked. This decision was out of left field for us. I think for both sides it was very unexpected. We will definitely will be appealing and moving forward. If anyone knows about anything about the heart of this team, we are fighters and we will continue to fight together for this