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Alisson Becker
Spelling Allison Becker
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc Liverpool shattered the previous record for goalkeeper transfers when they shelled out for Alisson, though that mark did not last a month. The Brazilian joins from Roma with a sterling reputation and at 25, should have room to grow in the coming years


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2018 06 11 Retrieve

[Alisson is hoping to see his future resolved before taking in World Cup duty with Brazil] I believe and I hope that everything will be resolved before the start of the World Cup. To be honest, I left everything in the hands of my agents. If it’s not resolved before the World Cup, then it will be discussed after it because my head will be focused only on Brazil [during the tournament].

: 2019 05 12 Liverpool may have missed out agonisingly on the Premier League title despite Sunday’s win over Wolves, but there was some consolation for goalkeeper Alisson Becker in the shape of the Golden Glove award

2019 05 24 Retrieve

[Alisson Becker is braced for the biggest game of his life, with the Reds counting down the days to a Champions League final clash with Tottenham] I can’t wait. Once we finished the Premier League, there were 20 days to prepare for the final. I’m looking forward to playing this big game. It’s maybe the biggest game in my life.

[His debut campaign in the Premier League delivered 21 clean sheets, landing him the Golden Glove and a place in the history books] It was such an honour, such a big award in the world of football. The award is not just mine, it’s an award for my team-mates also, who work hard to keep clean sheets in the game. It’s a target for everyone

2019 05 30 Retrieve

[Alisson Becker admits to having been surprised at becoming a £65 million addition at Liverpool, but believes he has started to repay that sizeable investment] When I first signed, I was surprised by the value. I think I’ve given a return to the club. I’ve met the expectation the club had in me through dedication and hard work, but I don’t think I’ve achieved anything yet. I want to write my name in the history of the club by winning titles, and we’ve a great opportunity to do that this Saturday.

[Ball-playing ability is considered to be crucial for keepers in the modern era] I don’t think it is the most important thing for a goalkeeper. The most important thing is to make saves. Ability with the ball is just an accessory to help the team. It can be coached, but a goalkeeper first has to have it, and confidence is very important. When the goalkeeper is good with their feet, and has the passing skills to be able to control the ball under pressure, the team can use that and it can be part of a strategy. But if the goalkeeper doesn’t have that ability, skill and confidence, you need to be intelligent and play a different strategy

There were only a few moments this season when Jurgen Klopp sat down and spoke about specific technical and tactical aspects of my game. What he wanted from me was more obvious things, to continue the way I was playing with Roma. The communication was very natural, and I found it easy to fit with the team. I settled very quickly because the characteristics of my game are what the team wants. We work a lot, as per our characteristics, to start our attacking play from the moment the ball is at my feet so playing out from the back whenever possible. I think that builds confidence. I don’t think it’s an obligatory tactic. Sometimes you do just have to boot it if necessary, but that’s what Klopp incentivises us to do

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson says Virgil van Dijk is ‘the big man’ at Anfield] He gives a lot of confidence for the team and the players. When you have Virgil van Dijk - the giant - on the pitch, maybe it scares the opposition. For me, he is special. I have great defenders [in front of me] - Joel Matip, Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren. Everyone did a great job this season. But Virgil has something special, he is the big man.

[Alisson, 26, joined Liverpool from Roma last summer and quickly established himself] Everything has been good. It was a great season with great moments. The club is top, my expectations about the club happened. I’m happy to be here with top staff, top players and top supporters. I’m very excited every day to come and work hard, to play the games, to enter the pitch and do my best for my teammates, the supporters and my family, and to try to achieve something big for this club. It’s not too different from the football I played in Italy and Brazil. I play for the national team so you play against every kind of player. To come here to the Premier League, for me, it was one step up for me in my career. I just focus in every game and every day. I work a lot to do my best and try to not feel the change that a change of city and country brings to you. I’m very happy

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Star goalkeeper Alisson Becker has urged Brazil to quickly turn their attention to the Copa America semi-finals following a deserved victory over Paraguay on penalties in Porto Alegre] My team-mates did their part, which was the most important part. We were very confident. The team deserved to win today. The result was a draw, but only one team wanted to play. Now we have to keep working, because one step is done and we have another ahead to our achieve our main objective, which is to be champions.

2019 07 02 Retrieve

[Brazil’s Alisson Becker is hoping his positive experiences of facing Lionel Messi will help him keep the Argentina star at bay in Tuesday’s Copa America semi-final] I have confidence in my team, in my work, in the conviction that we are going to make a great game, we have to be prepared for everything. Roma and Liverpool were both very different. Fortunately they were two happy stories for my side. I was on two teams that played collectively. Our team has played like this, as a team, with a relationship. I have now lived two important experiences. But in a game like this there is no room for error against Argentina, everyone has to give their best.

[Alisson played a crucial role in Brazil reaching this stage, making a fine save from Gustavo Gomez’s penalty in the shoot-out win over Paraguay in the last eight] I do not see myself as a hero. If I make saves, and the others do not convert their chances, it’s no good. We all know that football has circumstances within the game, so we have to be prepared for everything

2019 07 02b Retrieve

[Alisson says about the Champions League first leg between Barcelona and Liverpool in which Messi scored a brace] In football there’s no logic, there are matches where one player makes a difference: I saw that when we played against Messi and he made the difference. But in the second match our team prevailed and we qualified. Every match has its story; the match with Roma had its story, the match with Liverpool had another story. Fortunately they were two stories that went my way

: 2019 07 09 Latest Ballon d’Or odds: Alisson Becker odds cut after Copa America glory but van Dijk remains favourite over Messi.

: 2019 07 09b Alisson Becker and Roberto Firmino were both called up by Seleção, as Tite’s men pulled off a 3-1 victory over Peru in the final

2019 07 10 Retrieve

[Alisson, though, is very much in the picture. His odds have tumbled in recent weeks, and should he maintain his form into the new season, he could well find himself in the final three for Ballon d’Or] There are a lot of top players aspiring for that prize. I just limit myself to doing my job. I’m just a goalkeeper. Best in the world? Really?

: 2019 07 27 Liverpool have confirmed their star trio of Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Alisson Becker will report to the club on July 29.

2019 07 31 Retrieve

[Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson hungry for more trophies after Champions League and Copa America success] To win two titles, two big titles, during the season was great for me. I hope this season - and I will work this season - to make it more. I’m very happy to be back. I had nice holidays with the family, spending time with my family and friends, but I was missing the pitch, the lads, the staff, everyone. Now I am looking forward to coming back to play and starting to work again. [As a team] we are excited, but we have to keep our feet on the ground, just as we did last season. We want to try for everything this season, so we need to work. The level of the football is high and similar at every club, so we need to work hard to achieve the same things and achieve even more this season

[The 26-year-old helped Brazil to the first trophy in 12 years by conceding just one goal in the six games that Tite’s side played at the Copa America] To win the Copa America, it’s a special title - as is the Champions League - so it was an important title for me, for the nation. For Brazil, it’s been a long time since we won it - the last time was 2007, if I am not mistaken - so it was important for us

My first goal is always to win with the team, to win for the club. Only after that comes the individual trophies. I am happy, but they were not just my trophies - they were the trophies for the other goalkeepers [here] who work really, really hard on the pitch with me, with John Achterberg and Jack Robinson and with Claudio Taffarel at the national team, and with my other teammates also

: 2019 08 08 Alisson Becker has named in the 11-man final shortlist to win UEFA’s annual individual awards in his respective positions

2019 09 25 Retrieve

[Boost for Liverpool as Alisson ‘nearly’ ready to make Reds return] I’m on a good way, I think we are nearly there. I can go outside to the pitch to do some goalkeeper work and I feel very well. I feel confident and I think now it’s just about getting all my power, all my confidence to come back and do what I love to do

[Alisson went on to express his relief after returning to light training outside the gym] It’s massive because if I look back, two weeks ago I couldn’t even walk properly. Now I’m running, jumping on my right leg that was injured so I’m really happy for that. It’s great. When you are a player you want to have the contact with the ball, with the guys on the pitch, the routine of training. It’s what I love to do. The games, the atmosphere at Anfield, the away games, all games when I watch on the TV, I just think how I want to play, I want to be there, I want to help my team-mates. I’m looking forward [to being back], I can’t wait anymore!

[Alisson reserved special praise for Adrian, whom he believes has already shown his value during his short time at Anfield] I think the boys are doing very well, all the team [and] Adrian especially. He’s a special guy who came late in the season, he just came and shows everyone his value, not just as a player but as a person and that is the more important thing. He is doing very well on the pitch. I have peace to recover in a proper way so it’s better for everyone. You can see that [he has settled in well] on the pitch, you know a player just can play as he is playing if you are set up with the place, with the people, if you are happy here and you can see he is very happy here. He helped us to win a title already, he is helping us a lot in the games to win points. That is the most important thing for us in the season to achieve our goals

2019 10 13 Retrieve

[Brazil team-mate Alisson says Neymar does not have to leave Paris Saint-Germain to fulfil his goal of becoming the world’s best player] I think that Neymar can be the best in the world on any team. Neymar is a high-level player and would be fundamental in any team in the world. If he returns to Barcelona or not… I wish him good luck and to play with his usual joy and energy, wherever he is

[Alisson also got the better of Messi at this year’s Copa America, where Brazil beat Argentina 2-0 in the semi-finals before going on to lift the trophy on home soil with a win over Peru] The truth is that Messi played very well in the first leg in Barcelona and achieved two goals, but in the return I managed to stop him in some important moments. Messi is one of the best players in football history, but I don’t think only of duels with him. Both Barcelona and Argentina are two very good teams that have high quality players. Luckily, in the last three matches I have been able to overcome him, but the merits are of the whole team: Roma, Liverpool and Brazil

2019 10 22 Retrieve

[Alisson welcomes £65m worth of expectation at Liverpool] In football you always have to deal with pressure. Actually, I was only the [world’s] most expensive goalkeeper for two weeks! But I knew it was a very big transfer, something out of the ordinary. That generated huge external expectations, but I didn’t demand any more from myself than I normally would - which is already a lot, regardless of my transfer value. For me, the most important thing is always to give your very best to help the team

[Quizzed on how he plans to remain at the top of his game] Over and above the technical and physical requirements, in which I think I have a high level, for me the most important thing is the mental side. It’s essential for a keeper to be focused throughout the match. You can’t relax for a minute, or it can be fatal. Therefore, what I work on most is my concentration. I really like to watch goals from all the leagues as well so I can analyse what I’d do differently in the same situation. I like to see saves too - I’ve always been very observant. I try to learn from what other players do right and wrong

[Alisson was recently awarded the Best Men’s Goalkeeper prize at a glitzy FIFA awards show] My main goals in football have always been group oriented. Of course, helping my club win titles allows me to aspire to individual awards like these. Winning The Best was therefore a really great honour

[On pipping the likes of Ederson and Marc-Andre te Stegen to a prestigious honour] They are great goalkeepers and meet all the requirements for the position. I’d love to have Ederson’s long-range passing, it’s amazing. From Ter Stegen, I’d like his explosiveness: he makes some great saves thanks to his powerful legs. I think those are their main strengths

2019 10 24 Retrieve

[Alisson says Liverpool hungry for more success] It’s a long road, we need to keep focused and keep playing well in the games, put more intensity into the games. We are in the right way. We have a lot to grow during the season. We achieved big things last season but we don’t want to stop, we want more. But to achieve more we need to work more and work hard because everyone wants to beat Liverpool, the last champion of the Champions League. So we need to work hard. We have a good chance.

[Alisson is glad to be back in the starting XI with it his desire to avoid any further fitness issues in the near future] It was a tough moment but I dealt well with it. I spent good time with my family; it’s not normal for us as football players. I tried to get the maximum from the time, I could make a good pre-season - at least three or four weeks of working hard after the recovery time. Now coming back in the Champions League and Premier League with the way the team is playing, I’m really happy to be back. I’ll try to do my best to stay here for a long time and stay away from injuries

[Looking ahead to a crucial clash with Spurs in the Premier League on Sunday] It’s always good to play against a tough rival. Tottenham had a tough moment in the last five games but they proved their value in the last one, they proved their quality. We played against Red Star and we know how difficult it is. They did well, they won 5-0. It will be a good game for us, a good test. Now we need to rest and focus on that game 100 per cent

2019 11 04 Retrieve

[Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson is annoyed at the amount of stupid goals Liverpool have conceded this season] It annoys me always when we concede. Stupid goals! When we concede that way, it annoys me and the team. We always have a common goal to win the game and to keep a clean sheet. You are closer to the victory with a clean sheet and you always have a draw. When you concede, the games become more difficult. We need to work better at that if we want to do great things

[The Belgian champions travel to Anfield on Tuesday evening and Alisson has demanded an improvement from his team-mates] We can do better in our concentration. Against Genk we conceded late on, so this annoyed me and the team. We need to keep our focus. We need to learn from these moments to make sure it does not happen again

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[Alisson said Liverpool wanted to avoid a repeat of last season as he talked up the significance of Sunday’s clash against Manchester City] We don’t want to feel how we felt last season. Being second by just one point - and we don’t know which game made us lose the title because we had a few draws where we could have done better, and we had the loss away to Man City when we could have won or drawn - means we know that we need to give everything in every game if we want to become Premier League champions. We want it and we will try to do it

[Alisson knows how important Sunday’s encounter is as the European champions try to surge further clear] Last season we had a great experience, an almost perfect season. We lost one game and that one game was against City. We know how big this game is for us. We know how big the game is for everyone - for them and for our fans. In the end it is just three more important points but Manchester City have been the best team in the league for the last few years so we need to give everything to win this game

2019 11 30 Retrieve

[Alisson: Liverpool deserve to win the Premier League & conceding silly goals makes me angry!] My aims are to win everything we play for. Every time we go on the pitch to play a cup game, a league game or a Champions League game, we will give everything to win. The desire of the people is important for us and we have the same desire to win the Premier League this season. It’s something we try with our full heart to win because the people deserve it, the club deserves it and we deserve it also because of what we did last season and what we have done this season so far. But we need to keep going, keep playing to win every game and keep improving, that’s an important thing, but we will try to win all the tournaments we play

[Alisson thinks its a good sign that Liverpool have been able to win ugly in recent weeks] I think we are playing the way that is necessary to win. I think we can improve and this is a good sign because we are winning and we are not playing our best. We are playing as best as we can but some things we know we can do better, like the clean sheets. In a defensive way, sometimes with the ball we can prepare better for the situations, but our mentality is our strong point and we are winning the games because of our strong mentality. For us, it’s a matter of keeping the high level for 90-plus minutes. Sometimes in the game, in two or three moments, we just relax. Sometimes it’s the quality of the opponent and you need to accept that, but we are working hard for the clean sheets. It’s a goal that we have on the pitch but the most important thing is the three points and we are getting them. If we go now until the end winning and conceding, I’ll be happy

[Alisson won the Premier League’s Golden Glove award last term for registering 21 clean sheets] I’m not too concerned with the Golden Glove, when I won it, I already said the most important thing is the main goal, the wins. When we concede silly goals, part of me is angry because sometimes you know you can do better, not just the team, I’m speaking for myself also. You are a little bit angry with that but we are doing well in the general perspective

2019 12 04 Retrieve

[goalkeeper Alisson says Mohamed Salah has matured enormously at Liverpool] The ‘Mo’ that I found at Liverpool was completely different to the one that I met for the first time at Roma. I did not speak very good English, and he spoke Italian badly. We had a good relationship, but it was limited because of language. When I arrived here, he was the first person that I got close to. In Italy, he already had the quality and potential that we all know of, but he did not have the self-belief that he has discovered here. It has all changed. He has grown up enormously, taken on another dimension and this club has a lot to do with it

You don’t realise it from the outside but, when you arrive in a club, when you live in this city, you discover that everyone aspires for you to do better. Not only the staff, your coaches, but the entire environment, the media, the fans, everyone who loves this club make it so that it doesn’t resemble any other club in the world. It gives you enormous confidence and strength

2019 12 04b Retrieve

[Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has said that he has reached the peak of his game by being able to play the best players in the world, pinpointing Lionel Messi of Barcelona as a star he especially appreciates] When we play with, and against the best, we can only progress. And Messi helped me a lot! Against him, I experienced some of my best footballing memories

We have always been in competition to be the best. But the luck I’ve had with him is to have him as a big brother. I never considered him a rival but as a support. Sometimes I do not have words to say what he means to me

I’ve always had some great competition! I believe that God has put these great players in my path so that I can become better every day

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Alisson reveals key reason behind Liverpool finally recording back-to-back clean sheets] It was just a matter of time and of focus. The last two games, we were focused for the full game. Even if they had chances we were there, the defenders were there and I was there to help the team. We just need to keep going with this focus because we know our quality and we know what we can do on the pitch when we put in our whole intensity. You need to do that for 90 minutes - it’s hard, we know, but I think we showed we can do this

The message was just to keep going and keep working. In the first half they made our job more difficult with the intensity they put in; they had chances, of course, but we neutralised them in the chances, I could make the saves. I’m happy with the result and happy with what we did on the pitch. It was a difficult game for us but we did very well, everybody playing together and moving together, defending in a good way and attacking in a good way. I’m glad about the score, I’m glad about the clean sheet - but the three points were the most important thing we needed

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson says playing in Saturday’s Club World Cup final against Flamengo will be a dream come true] I still watch Brazilian football, especially my former club, and Flamengo are a joy to watch. I’m excited to be playing in the Club World Cup final - it is a dream come true. I was a young boy at 14 when I watched my club Internacional win it in 2006 as a fan. Now I’m here with this opportunity to win it with Liverpool. It’s big for Brazilians, but I think it’s bigger for the people playing in it. People on the outside don’t give value to this competition because it’s limited just for the winners

Flamengo won the Copa Libertadores and we won the Champions League while many other clubs won big competitions too and that’s why we are here. We are making this big for us, because this is important to put our name in the history of the club, that this is the first time ever that Liverpool will win it and we do our best

[Alisson is expecting a difficult test] They have shown how good they are by winning the Brazilian league, which is difficult to win. It is a great competition and they play really good football. In their last game there were more than 10,000 Flamengo supporters, but this is not just big for them, it’s big for us also. We want to win it and we will try to do our best on the pitch.

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[Alisson hails Liverpool star Firmino after Club World Cup heroics] We know and he knows how important he is for the team. And we value him a lot. I think he is one of the most important players for us. He doesn’t just score, but he assists too. He makes the team play from behind, he helps us a lot and makes a difference. We are really happy and I am really happy that he could score, it’s important for a striker to score and I’m really happy for everybody and this title

I couldn’t be more happy for him that he could score that goal because before the game we spoke about a lot about what this competition means to Brazil, to South American people and especially Brazilian people. And we have two Brazilians and he’s one of them. It means the world to him and it helped us a lot. On top of that, it was a sensational goal, completely calm. You see the last goal helped obviously to bring these things back and I’m really, really delighted for him

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Alisson hopes to help Liverpool win first domestic title in 30 years] It means a lot. We are in football to make history and to do our best. When I arrived at Liverpool, I arrived with the mentality to win everything because the club offered me the opportunity to win everything. We have a strong team, we are fighting for the Premier League. We fought for it last year and we are fighting now. We will fight again for the Champions League, now we fought for this title. We just need to keep going, to keep working hard - and I think this is a strong mentality of our team - and we just need to push again

[Alisson added on playing a leading role in Liverpool’s latest triumph] It’s amazing, the first ever club world champion for Liverpool. We are really happy to be here and we are really happy that we bring the trophy to our city, to our club. We love football, we love to play and we enjoy every championship that we play and we have more to come now

[Firmino has endured a tough time in front of goal at club level of late] It is Bobby Firmino’s quality, his moves, and he is really calm in front of goal. He trains like that, so when you train like that and you are concentrating, you arrive on the pitch and you do the right things. I’m really, really happy that he scored, he’s a guy who deserves everything and we are really happy

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s showdown with Leicester marks ‘decisive moment’ in title pursuit] There’s a big moment and decisive moment arriving for us in the Premier League and you need to stay focused on the moment. You cannot think on the long [term]. You just need to look for what you have in front of you to not miss the moment, to not miss the chances that you have. If you want to win the Premier League, you need to try to win every game and I think against Leicester will be the same. They have a great team. They are in a good moment and we just need to give our best on the pitch to try to beat them

[When asked if the club’s supporters are willing Liverpool to go one better than last season’s second-place finish] For sure. I think all the players, all the people who work in the club are listening to that because this would be massive for the fans. It would be massive for us. We know how difficult it is to win the Premier League. Last season we were nearly one point in behind and yes, we will try to do our best to make that happen

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Alisson says Liverpool have a lot of talismanic performers but Roberto Firmino may be the most important of the lot] Bobby is one of the most important players in our team - and we have a lot. I think everybody is important but Bobby not only scores when we need him, he makes the team play, he drops to play from behind. This is a good thing and it is something that he likes to do, he likes to help, and I’m really happy that he scored because a striker needs to score to stay confident and he is helping us with the goals

We don’t think too much about breaking records but it’s good when you break them. We just want to keep going, to keep playing, to keep doing our best to make the fans happy, to make our family proud, to make the boss proud because we work a lot every day to come here on the pitch on a matchday and win the game. So, we do everything that is in our hands to make it happen and we are really happy with the three points and a clean sheet also

As I said before, we don’t look to records, we don’t look to the points. We try just to stay focused on the next game and do our best on the pitch. We celebrate this victory then we have some days off to rest and have time with family. But when we are back in training, we need to be really focused on the next game, which is an important game for us in the continuity of the race for the title. We are doing really well so far, as the boss always says, we are being the best so far and we need only to keep going, keep pushing and do our best

2020 01 16 Retrieve

[Alisson claims Liverpool have raised the bar even further] With a lot of hard work. We are a very strong team mentally. This is important to maintain this high level even across so many games. Our squad is very strong both in quantity and quality. So when one comes out of the team and another comes in, the level of the team doesn’t change. This is important for a team that wants to achieve great things in football and it has helped us a lot

We’re a team that have been together for a long time and getting better each season, taking it up a level each season. I think the difference from last season, which was already a victorious season, is consistency. Defensive and offensive consistency, and a consistent mentality. Our team have a winning mindset. We always think about the next game, we don’t look too far ahead. We focus upon what is within reach at the time and we do everything possible to make sure we leave the pitch with a win and this has contributed to the great results this season

2020 02 13 Retrieve

[Alisson warns rivals relentless Liverpool will not let up in bid to ‘win everything’] We want to win the title and for winning the title, you need to win everything. We are just looking for our main goal and what is behind is behind. We have to focus on our quality. We have an amazing group with amazing players - one goes out, the other comes in. Adrian, for example, when I got injured, he comes in and performed really, really good. An example of the other boys, Fab goes out and another one comes in and it’s the same. Everybody helps a lot on the pitch

We are enjoying this time because it’s good to be on the top. We work for this - to be on the top in a top level. We are enjoying it a lot. For winning you need to enjoy the game. The way we play, you need to enjoy that because if you don’t enjoy that then you cannot play all the games with our intensity. We try to do our best and be happy on the pitch. In Brazil we always say that you need to enjoy the game to be happy playing football because football is happiness. Of course you need to be serious because you are in a competition of a high level, but you need to enjoy

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson says there is a great desire to win embedded within Jurgen Klopp’s squad] Despite being young, we have an experienced team with a great desire to win. We tasted victory by winning the Champions League and now we want more. It’s like a shark that smells blood in the water, focuses and attacks. We’ve developed a killer instinct. We feel that we can achieve everything we want - we have a long road, but we’ll continue to persist

[Alisson also commented on how Klopp gets the best out of players at Anfield] This is due to his simplicity. It is simple and true. He is convinced of his work methodology. And when it works, it has credibility. He is a very fair and correct guy with everyone

2020 02 15b Retrieve

[It has been suggested Alisson could be a contender for the Ballon d’Or if he continues on his current trajectory, and he isn’t willing to rule out such a scenario] Yes [It is possible for a goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or], but it depends on a lot of factors. It’s about consistency. My main objective, after all the collective achievements, is to be the best version of myself, to do better than the past season. Sometimes just maintaining a high level is also a step forward. As much as I have won all these awards, I still have a long way to go. If you look at Dida’s resume, I don’t come anywhere close

[Claudio] Taffarel was one of the best and Julio Cesar has had a very successful career and is one of the goalkeepers with the most performances for the national team. I can’t put myself next to them at the moment - maybe after I’ve retired

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Alisson thanks Klopp for opportunity to ‘become a Liverpool legend’ and sets sights on more silverware] There’s not many words that I could describe, maybe in Portuguese I can do that better! But yeah, he means, I think, everything for this club, for the squad. He brought us together here, he gave me the opportunity to come to Liverpool, he makes me feel special inside. My team-mates make me feel special inside and the supporters also, everybody, but the boss has a special place in everything I think for everybody - for the club and also for the supporters because he gave his life to achieve those things that we are achieving. I will always respect him, have big respect for him, and also be thankful to him for bringing me here and giving me the opportunity to become a legend here for Liverpool

We did already something special for this club, but you can see from what every player says inside the dressing room that we want to do more. This is our desire, we want to win more, win more titles for this club, win more individual awards. We want to be the best team and to be the best we can, the best version of ourselves. The sky is the limit so we need to keep pushing, we look forward also for the next challenge. Now the next challenge is the next game, but in a long perspective we have the next season and we will do everything to win that again