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Allan Clarke
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Leeds United

1975 05 28 Retrieve

[Following close efforts by Norman Hunter and Peter Lorimer, whose long range efforts just whizzed past the post, they had the two penalty appeals rejected. Both involved Munich skipper Franz Beckenbauer, who had led his country to World Cup glory in Munich in the previous summer. In the first, he seemed to thrust out an arm and handle the ball as he was on his knees with Peter Lorimer taking the ball round him in the penalty area. In the second Allan Clarke had his legs whipped from under him by the German Captain two minutes before half-time. Incredibly the referee, who had a clear view and was less than ten yards from the incident, failed to give a penalty, much to United’s disbelief] Although they were favourites, we dominated the first half and the least we deserved was a penalty when Beckenbauer brought me down just before half-time. I picked the ball up and went on a run; Beckenbauer came over, I dropped my shoulder and went past him and was about to bend the ball round Maier, when he wrapped his legs round me and pulled me down. It was a blatant penalty. When I got to my feet I couldn’t believe the referee had given a goal kick. We all appealed, but the referee, who was less than ten yards away from the incident, didn’t want to know

1975 05 28b Retrieve

[The goal was disallowed after the referee had given it and only after Beckenbauer interfered] The trouble was nothing to do with the Leeds fans. It was all down to the French police. I was told afterwards that they treated our magnificent fans badly. They even took duty-frees off them, promised to give them back, but never did. Leeds fans never caused trouble, it was the police

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Allan Clarke pays emotional tribute to fellow Leeds United legends Norman Hunter and Trevor Cherry] It’s so sad that we have lost Norman and Trevor. It means we have lost two more legends at this club and I used to go everywhere with Norman and Paul Reaney and Peter Lorimer and Eddie Gray. Trevor came into the club a little bit later than Norman but we were like a family at that club and like brothers. Losing one of your former team mates from that team is like losing one of your brothers