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Name Alvaro Recoba
Gender Male
Ethnic Uruguayan
Job Uruguayan Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Uruguay National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Former Inter attacker Alvaro Recoba has shared his views on the future of Mauro Icardi’s future with the club] Icardi? I think like a fan, I really don’t know what happened with him. If it were up to me, I’d keep him for his quality. The reality is that every fan would like the best players in the team and it is normal that the will of the players and the leadership is important. They know the truth and what they want to do

[He then spoke on Antonio Conte’s recent appointment as manager] When you are a coach, if you are good you are good, even if you were with an opposing team first. I think he is a good coach, so he is welcome at Inter. If he does well if will be for the good of Inter. If he does badly, there will be people that say that he is not an Interista

[He concluded by discussing the idea of teams being the anti-Juventus] I think that all the teams in Italy are trying to become the anti-Juve. Inter is doing a good job in this regard but I think Juve is still the strongest team, they have the confidence to win for several years. It is clear that they are not invincible, sooner or later the moment will come when they will not win. Inter can think of trying to win

2019 07 25 Retrieve

[Recoba says If Ronaldo and Messi were playing at the same time, I would watch Messi] Messi has been at the top for 15 years. People can say that he hasn’t moved from Barcelona. Yes, but his teammates have changed, and he’s still there. For me, Messi is the best of all time

When it comes to Cristiano, if they had played in different eras, it would be a different story. But since they have played in the same era, it is normal for them to be compared. Now, if both are playing at the same time and I have to choose a game, I prefer to watch a Messi match

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[Luis Suarez has been likened to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo by fellow Uruguayan Alvaro Recoba, with the Barcelona striker considered to be ageing in style] It’s a question of age. I’m not just talking about Luis here. It’s the same with Messi, his team-mate who’s of a similar age, also Cristiano, who’s a little older. They’ve all adapted to their changing physical capabilities, and the changing speed.

Today Messi isn’t the same player he was 10 years ago. Now he can’t pick up the ball and run through the whole opposition team 10 times a game. He has to play differently

I think Luis plays differently today too. You know? Running a little less, less distance, but he still scores goals. Luis’ consistent goalscoring record season after season is incredible.

So look, it’s normal to have to change your style as you get older. But he’s without doubt Uruguay’s greatest-ever striker and definitely one of the best in the history of football, too

2019 10 29 Retrieve

[Former Inter attacker Alvaro Recoba has commented on Inter’s lack of squad depth] The Inter squad is not comparable to that of Juventus at the moment, playing in two competitions will hurt Inter who are struggling with the squad they have. It is a factor that could have an effect at the end of the season as Inter do not have the depth Juventus do to their squad. Now Alexis Sanchez is injured, they have Sebastiano Esposito and Matteo Politano, who are not on the same level. Whenever there is a change of manager, the players grow in confidence. If Conte does not win the Scudetto, he will be equal to Luciano Spalletti

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Recoba Reunited With Former Inter Teammate Pagliuca] So great to see you again my friend

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Alvaro Recoba started by explaining what made him decide to join Inter over other options that he had at the time] Before arriving in Italy, I thought about all the other Uruguayans who had played there, above all Ruben Sosa, who was one of my idols. Six months before arriving at Inter I had done very well with Nacional, then my agent told me about two possibilities, Inter and Juventus.

I was a kid, I was only 20-years-old. When I arrived at Inter I found myself in a completely different world, my wife and I were two kids. I had a responsibility to the fans who all depend on you. You determine whether they are happy or sad on a Monday.

I played with Ronaldo, Ibra, Baggio, Veron and Zanetti and I miss them. If I had been told that I would have had the career I did with Inter I would have never imagined it

[He then spoke on his relationship with former teammates, many of which are better than others] I haven’t heard from Ronaldo again but not for any particular reason. I’ve never been at his level. He was a mega player if we meet again we will have a hug.

I have a different relationship with Vieri, Zanetti and Almeyda, who I am very close. I speak to Zanetti once a year but I still love him. Almeyda is a brother of mine. I have also stayed in touch with Moriero, Ventola, Di Biagio, Frey, Toldo and Crespo.

[Next he discussed which of the goals he scored for Inter was the best one] The first goal I scored against Brescia seems to be one of the best. A goal can be beautiful, I liked it as much as the one against Lazio in Rome. It is difficult to choose

[He then revealed that former Inter owner and president Massimo Moratti rejected a bid from Barcelona for him] In 2001 it looked like I could have gone to Barcelona. Moratti was very close to their president but he immediately said no after just two seconds