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Name Ander Herrera
Gender Male
Ethnic Spanish
Job Spanish Footballer


Club as Player Manchester United

2016 05 01 Tweet

[Manchester United legend Eric Cantona visited the team’s locker room after a 1-1 draw against Leicester City] We didn’t get the best result but still a lot to fight for.Thanks to Cantona for visiting us.

2018 12 31 Retrieve

[Ander Herrera, who fell out of favour during the final months of the Jose Mourinho era, was reluctant to throw the former boss under the bus] We have won the last three games but I do not like to make comparisons. I am very thankful to Jose for what he did to the club. Now we are in a different moment and we have a new manager and that is it. We are in a good moment and everyone is playing very well. Our attacking players are enjoying it and they are making it easier for the rest of the players

2020 01 22 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera played alongside Llorente in that Athletic Club team and he has spoken of an inability to run at the end of the season] No-one was able to run as much as us, it was impossible. But I can’t lie to you, in the last months we couldn’t even move. Our legs said ‘stop’. We used to play always with the same players and were not at our best in the finals. We were a completely different team than we had been before because, to be honest, we were physically f*cked. We couldn’t run any more. I am not blaming the manager, because he was amazing for us and we should be very thankful because of the beautiful football, but the last month we could not even move and that is the reality.

2020 06 09 Retrieve

[Pogba’s former team-mate Ander Herrera believes the Frenchman has the ability, but needs the consistency to be considered world-class] I don’t know what other players say but he is a midfielder that has everything. If you see other midfielders in the world, they may have some qualities - control of the ball, long shots, passes, tackles, box-to-box - but Paul can do all of this, plus head the ball, score goals, make recoveries, one against one … everything. But of course, if you want to become the best midfielder in the world, it is about consistency. You have to do it day in, day out. He is a good guy. He wants to do it. He does train well. He has to do it every day

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Ander Herrera on Paul Pogba] I give you my opinion: I don’t know what other players say but he is a midfielder that has everything. An NBA athlete with Brazilian feet and the combinations of a Spanish midfielder