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Andre Onana
Gender Male
Ethnic Cameroonian
Job Cameroonian Footballer
Desc He was one of the breakout stars of Ajax’s sensational run to the semi finals of the Champions League last session and Andre Onana has subsequently earned himself a reputation as one of the best young goalkeepers in the game right now


Org Cameroon National Team
Club as Player Ajax FC

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana is looking to learn from the best in the business] The goalkeeping position has developed significantly in Europe in recent years. You can see Manuel Neuer, David de Gea, [Marc-Andre] ter Stegen and Ederson. They are keepers at the highest level. I have had a chance to talk to them and face them before, and I always try to watch them and try to follow their path to learn from them and develop more in my football career

[And with more teams than ever competing in this year’s competition, he and his teammates will know there is no excuse for them to be complacent] This tournament is going to be very tough. There are many strong teams. For the first time, the tournament is held with 24 teams participating, which means more opportunities and more good players. You can see stars like Riyad Mahrez, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Naby Keita, Victor Wanyama, and of course from Ajax there is Hakim Ziyech and Noussair Mazraoui, and others. We have to show our strength from the beginning and send a message to everyone that we are here to defend our title - with respect to all competitors, of course. Cameroon is a great team with a great history, always well represented in the African Championships. We must follow the steps of previous generations and provide our country with the best

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[Andre Onana says he wants to stay at Ajax and fight for new success] I am still young and with Ajax we have just proved how much we can achieve with this club. It will not be easy to surpass that. But I want to fight for new success with Ajax

[Onana himself signed a renewed contract with Ajax in March and said at the time] Ajax did so many things for me and that’s why I extend my contract. For me it’s important to give something back

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Onana opens door for Barcelona return as goalkeeper admits to Ajax uncertainty] I don’t know what will happen next year, if I will stay or not. I never imagined I would play in a Europa League final or Champions League semi-finals. When I left Barcelona, my idea was to be the third goalkeeper of a top-level team and then have the opportunity to get into a professional team, to learn from the biggest, and Ajax gave me that opportunity. I want to be the best goalkeeper in the world. It’s the dream I have and, as they say, dreaming is not forbidden. [Barcelona] have always been my club. They gave me everything. It was the road to get into Europe and I’m very grateful. If they loved me again, I’d be delighted, but you never know

We had a very tough game against a great rival and the truth is we achieved the unthinkable in knocking them out in their own stadium. But now we have another great opportunity to play against Valencia. It’s much harder for us to play now because everyone knows us. It’s another great game for me and it’s not easy to play as the away side on a pitch like that, especially against one of the greats in the Champions League, but our mentality is to go to win

2019 10 22 Retrieve

[Onana reveals he turned down Barcelona: It wasn’t the right time to return] Barca came back for me this summer. It’s my home, I was part of that club. They always want one of their own to re-sign. But it was not the right time to return. Maybe I’ll never get another chance! But it was not a good time to do it this summer.

[Speaking of interest from PSG] I had feedback from PSG. I had discussions with my agent. He told me of Paris and what he wanted to do. What happened remains between professionals. These are the things that are managed with my agent. We talked about it several times and he told me that PSG were interested

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[Cameroonian goalkeeper admits that he has never been involved in a match like the one on Tuesday night with spectacular 4-4 draw at Chelsea] Never. I think we are disappointed but, when you see the bigger picture, it is good to leave with a point here. It was not easy. It is not easy at all. We fought to the end. We didn’t lose. It was really important for us not to lose. We did it and I am really proud of the guys. I think the way we fought together, it is not easy to run up and down with nine men. My team-mates were hard workers.

Even if we are playing with seven men then we will try and play our football because if we play their game, then it will be easier for them because they are more physical and stronger than us. So for us, it is more important to keep possession and to try to play but with nine it is not easy. On the field, I was really angry because I thought ‘what is going on?’. I always say that the referees, they can make mistakes. We just have to respect them. Sometimes they will be right or not. They just try to do what’s best but it was not the best of games.

I think [Frank] Lampard is doing really well [at Chelsea]. I am not really surprised [about their comeback]. I think for us, the important thing is us and we just tried to look at ourselves. We tried to stay patient with the ball and the space will come. The space will open up and we try to score one more ourselves

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Ajax goalkeeper Onana open to Barcelona return amid PSG interest] It’s hard to say because with FC Barcelona, ​​I am still in very good relations with the president, the coaches. As I said earlier, Barca is my home. If I have to go back, I will go back. But today we are still far from it. I’m the Ajax goalkeeper and we’ll see what happens at the end of the season. I only take care of the ball game, what happens at the stadium. The rest are my agents who manage

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Barca & Chelsea target Onana admits he wants to leave Ajax] Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with Ajax and I am very grateful to the club. It was five great years here, but now my time has come to take a step. We made that appointment last year. I don’t yet know what will happen, but my ambitions and agreements are clear

It’s hard to say because with FC Barcelona, ​​I am still in very good relations with the president, the coaches. It’s hard to say because with FC Barcelona, ​​I am still in very good relations with the president, the coaches. I only take care of the ball game, what happens at the stadium. The rest are my agents who manage

2020 05 30 Retrieve

[Having spent five years in Amsterdam, Onana says he has repeatedly been a victim of the racism scourge which he says he does not allow to bring him down] Yes of course [I have experienced racism]. Racism is my daily life, especially when we play outside with Ajax. I hear things, I see things… But luckily I decided in my life not to dwell on it. It will break me for nothing! This scourge exists in football and it is not ready to end

[Thomas Nkono, Joseph Antoine Bell and Alioum Boukar are some of the legendary goalkeepers who gave fame to Cameroon’s goalkeeping area] Cameroon is truly a land blessed by goalkeepers… And I’m not the only one today feeling the weight of responsibility [of being Cameroon goalkeeper]. Fabrice is also aware of this. Fabrice is first of all my cousin so this is the family! Then he and I followed the same training course at Fundesport and Barcelona. Besides, Fabrice was holding my hand when I arrive in Barcelona a year after him. Finally, Fabrice Ondoa is older than me so I have to respect him [Ondoa was born in 1995 and Onana in 1996]. Every time we talk, we always remember where we come from and we say that ‘today the country’s goals are kept by our family