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Andriy Lunin
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid
  Real Oviedo

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[A statement on Andriy Lunin’s transfer] Real Madrid CF and Real Oviedo have agreed to the transfer of Andriy Lunin for this season, until June 30, 2020

2020 04 04 Retrieve

[Andriy Lunin insists that his goal is to return to Real Madrid] Of course I would love to go back to Madrid and compete there for the No.1 shirt. But we will see a little later what the coach [Zinedine Zidane] has in mind and what will happen with the quarantine situation, which I hope turns out well

[Lunin admits dislodging Thibaut Courtois would be no mean feat] Thibaut has great talent, of course. Without that you cannot play at Real Madrid. I like a lot about him. For example, he is tall, almost two metres, like me albeit slightly taller. And I like how he uses his height, with low shots. To spare some of the details I like how he uses his height between the posts. I would like to win everything with Real Madrid and with Ukraine too, but those are dreams; good dreams and you have to work hard for them. In tough situations, giving up is forbidden. You have to keep moving forward, keep working, believing and never quit. That is crucial for me. Of course I want to win everything with Madrid and Ukraine. They are difficult goals but, I repeat, you cannot stop or give up. You always have to work hard and believe and we will see how it all turns out

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Real Madrid goalkeeper Andriy Lunin says Playing for Real Madrid the hardest job in the world for a goalkeeper but I hope Zidane takes me back] Yes. There always was and there always will be critics. It’s normal and some people think it’s their responsibility. I have the coach, the coaching staff and my team-mates to help me. I manage criticism well

Shevchenko helped me and continues to help me a lot with the confidence he has in me because when I was not playing at Valladolid he kept calling me for the Ukraine team and in all the friendlies he counted on me. Not playing for a year is a disaster, so that helped me a lot. One of my goals is to be No.1 [for the national team] and for that you have to play, that’s why Oviedo has given me a lot of confidence. I hope that works for the future

I hope I will be able to demonstrate my level so that Zidane sees that I have to return to Madrid, that he has one more option. I’ll try everything for that and we’ll see. I am giving everything to return to Madrid but in the end the coach and the club decide