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Andriy Voronin
Gender Male
Ethnic Ukrainian
Job Ukrainian Footballer
Desc Signed after a successful World Cup campaign, Ukrainian striker Andriy Voronin joined the Reds on a free transfer in July 2007. His Liverpool start seemed auspicious enough - popping his goal cherry against Toulouse in the Champions League qualifier. Despite being a favourite of then-manager Rafael Benitez, a measly return of just six goals in 40 appearances meant that Voronin was shipped off to Dynamo Moscow in 2010


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Dynamo Moscow
  Liverpool FC
  Hertha Berlin [loan]
  Liverpool FC

2009 04 18 Retrieve

[Andriy Voronin To Return To Liverpool After Hertha Berlin Loan Spell] It looks like I’ll be going back to Liverpool - I’m a little disappointed

2009 05 26 Retrieve

[Hertha Berlin Send Andriy Voronin Back To Liverpool] I want to wish the club and their fans all the best in the future

2010 01 10 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s Andriy Voronin Signs For Dinamo Moscow] I had options to continue my career in Germany, and several in Russia, but in the end I opted for Dinamo [Moscow]. I liked the professional approach of the leaders of the Moscow club during the negotiations, and I also liked the conversation with head coach Andrey Kobelev. I believe the Russian league is of a very good level

2010 01 18 Retrieve

[Andriy Voronin Can’t Wait To Start Dynamo Moscow Adventure] I liked the professional approach of the Moscow club’s officials during negotiations and I also liked my conversation with coach Andrei Kobelev. Dynamo are planning to clinch a UEFA Champions League spot and even first place, and this means a lot. The Russian league is strong and very exciting and there were never problems with motivation for me. Dynamo are a new challenge and I’m tuning myself in as much as I can

2010 05 20 Retrieve

[Ex-Liverpool striker Andriy Voronin says Chelsea captain John Terry is a ‘jerk’] Terry couldn’t clear the ball cleanly, so hit me in the face. Jerk! In my opinion, he did it deliberately. Terry is capable of wickedness. As are Jamie Carragher and Rio Ferdinand. They are the masters

[Voronin cut short his Premier League stay in January when he moved for £1.8m to Dynamo after a lacklustre spell in the English top flight. And he didn’t have many kind words for the football he experienced at Anfield] In England it’s carnage. If in a match one of the players doesn’t bleed, doesn’t smash his head in a collision or lose his leg, the fans feel cheated - the game was a failure. It’s a crazy pace from the first minute to the final whistle. Complete dedication, tremendous atmosphere in the stadiums, but the tactics of most teams are simple in the extreme: throw the ball 50 yards up the pitch and then mob rush up to the opposition goal to score