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Name Andy Cole
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Never the most talented Cole earned every one of his 187 Premier League goals with a relentless will to win. A journeyman career spanning 13 clubs it is his time at Manchester United alongside favourite running mate Dwight Yorke that he is remembered for. A five-time champion only two players in history have scored more


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Manchester United

2015 11 04 Retrieve

[Andy Cole recovering after kidney failure following airborne virus] I am on medication including some very strong steroids which has led to the change in my appearance. The consultant is hopeful that I will make a full recovery by next spring

[He has been diagnosed with a condition called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, which causes scarring of the kidney] I have been unable to work or to carry out my normal day-to-day activities and I am under close supervision from the renal team at the Manchester Royal Infirmary

2015 12 30 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] He’s a very special man. [. . .] Given the length of time he’s been at the club, I don’t think any manager’s going to be able to (replicate his success over so many years). When you join a club like Manchester United, you’ve got to bring success, and he’s brought that in abundance. He’s just different. He’s got the character. When people talk about the hairdryer, there’s a lot more to it than that, he’s got the character to bring the best out of his players

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Dwight Yorke says scoring a hat-trick during our 6-1 demolition of Arsenal in February 2001 ranks as one of his fondest memories in a Manchester United shirt] Out of Yorkie’s hat-tricks it was one of his easiest ones. If you look at all the goals as well, you’d take those any day of the week! […] Beckham’s crosses were so quick and accurate, I stopped dribbling past people. I used to go past people and stuff but in this team you didn’t need to do all that because the quality was so good. He’s just ridiculous: [Kevin] De Bruyne has got a bit of fizz, but Becks is still the best I’ve seen

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Who was worst footballer Andy Cole played alongside with] From that moment on, I knew Sheringham was not for me. We played together for years. We scored a lot of goals. I never spoke a single word to him. I would rather sit down and have a cuppa with Neil Ruddock, who broke my leg in two places in 1996, than with Teddy Sheringham, who I’ve pretty much detested for the past 15 years

2020 05 01 Retrieve

[Cole is among those to have been impressed by Fernandes] Mentality, that’s massive in football. Confidence as well. Once you’ve got your confidence people start believing in each other. We can talk about Fernandes coming in, he’s done extremely well and it’s looked like he’s galvanised the rest of the players as well to start playing their A-games

[Pressed further on whether one player can impact an entire squad] He’s done it, he’s started to bring the best out of a few of the other players, which is important

Ole is starting to implement his plan now, which is good. If it does get itself upright again hopefully they can finish really strongly, there’s a good possibility they can still finish in the top four and Champions League football is going to be needed for a club like Manchester United