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Andy Hughes
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Liverpool chief operating officer
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Liverpool [COO]

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s announcement means existing outline planning permission will be allowed to lapse] The progress that has been made during ongoing feasibility studies has resulted in us being in a position to allow the outline planning permission to lapse. We are committed to working with local residents, planning officials and others as we now focus on the detail behind any proposed redevelopment for Anfield Road. Throughout this process we have been clear that our objective is to find the best possible solution for Anfield Road and that remains the case.

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[A look at Liverpool’s new £50m training centre as it starts to take shape] We are really pleased with the progress that has been made and once complete, the project will provide first-class amenities for our players and staff. It has always been our aspiration to provide a clear pathway for progression for our youngsters from the club’s Academy to the first team, and the two facilities are now intrinsically linked. Work at the training ground is on track for completion in summer 2020, when we will see the first team and youth football operations come together on one site for the first time in the club’s history.

2019 11 29 Retrieve

[Liverpool release first images of proposed £60m Anfield redevelopment] Our ambition is to allow more fans to enjoy some of the best football in the world. We have always been looking at a long-term development plan for Anfield and we have been looking specifically at Anfield Road as the next step

I am biased but I believe Anfield is one of the best footballing experiences in the world, so I really believe the decision to stay [and redevelop] was the right one. It respects the history of the club, it is a special place with its own special atmosphere and we are trying to respect that as part of this development, while also delivering some new, modern facilities for the fans and the players. I think we are trying to get the best of both worlds through this development and long-term plan

I think there are very clearly three hurdles and they are all really important. It is all aspects of consultation with the local community, residents, local businesses, community groups. Then getting through the planning process is equally important, and creating a financially sustainable model for the stand is equally important. Without any of those in place a build will not go ahead

[Hughes confirmed that Fenway Sports Group would look to borrow the money for the redevelopment from the club’s existing lenders] We have had incredible support from our ownership group and that support has been around taking good football and business decisions for the club. Money is not free. We will be borrowing money to finance this stand. Our plan is still to be finalised but to use our existing banking facilities, our revolving credit facility. We are in the process of finalising that at the moment, but it will be financed locally
The club financially is in significantly stronger shape. We have seen consistently strong revenue growth since FSG took over. We have gone from some heavy losses through to a breakeven period through to a profitable period, so we have seen improvement throughout the club, on and off the pitch, in all aspects of our operations and commercial activity. So yes, we are in a much stronger place and the fact we can finance this locally within our revolving credit facility demonstrates that

[Hughes would not be drawn on the idea of freezing or reducing ticket prices for the new stand] Our ticketing strategy will come later. We need to get through several hurdles first before we get to that stage. We are trying lots of things to improve local affordability of tickets and access

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Liverpool aiming to start work on new £60m Anfield Road stand by end of 2020] There are still some really big steps to get through. Planning is a really big hurdle for us and we’ll be working really heavily on that through the next four, five, six months. And ultimately, the finances need to make sense in terms of the build cost when we finally understand that and the schedule. I think it’s a bit early to say it’s definitely summer 2022 but, assuming everything goes to plan and there are no major hurdles on the way, then that is our target date

We knew the road closure was an issue for a small number of local residents. It’s something that had been discussed for a long period of time. But we actually hadn’t found technical solutions for the road, which as we were going through the design process we knew was a critical issue. We knew we needed to do some more work and I’m pleased to say that, now we’ve gone into some of the detail, we’ve found a good solution

The whole team have gained a huge amount of experience working on the Main Stand. A lot of the advisors we’re using, and our internal team, all worked on the Main Stand project. I’m hoping this will be a little simpler but yes it does help

A train station in the area is important for the area and obviously the club supports that and it would be helpful. But fundamentally I don’t think it solves the matchday transport issue, and we believe that can be done through public transport and coaches. We are re-looking at that in detail with the transport authorities, all the agencies involved, and we’re in the process of coming up with a revised transport strategy

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Liverpool have announced a pre-tax profit of £42 million] This continued strengthening of the underlying financial sustainability of the club is enabling us to make significant investments both in player recruitment and infrastructure. Being able to reinvest over £220m on players during this financial period is a result of a successful business strategy, particularly the significant uplift in commercial revenues. The cost of football however does continue to rise in transfers and associated fees but what’s critical for us is the consistency of our financial position, enabling us to live within our means and continue to run a sustainable football club

What we’re seeing is sustained growth across all areas of the club which is aligned to the recent performance on the pitch. Since this reporting period we have continued to reinvest in the club’s infrastructure, and we look forward to the opening of our new training base at Kirkby ahead of the new season which will provide first class facilities for our players and staff. We have also just completed a second phase consultation on a proposed expansion of the Anfield Road Stand which could see an increase in the stadium’s capacity, giving even more supporters the opportunity to see the team. There is more work to do and, importantly, we will continue our dialogue with all key stakeholders including local residents, businesses and community groups. These financial results and this sustained period of solid growth is testament to our ownership, Fenway Sport Group, who continue to support the club’s ambitions and continue to reinvest revenues both in strengthen the playing squad and the club’s infrastructure to build for the future

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s £60m Anfield redevelopment delayed by 12 months due to coronavirus crisis] We have experienced a number of delays to the planned project as a direct result of the Covid-19 lockdown. Given the challenges that many sectors are facing right now, including the construction, procurement and public sectors, we are taking a responsible approach to pause the project for at least 12 months. The complex build programme for Anfield Road is an 18-month process and needs two clear summer close-season windows in order for it to be successful. This is why we are pausing on the project for at least 12 months so the earliest we could complete the programme is summer 2023 rather than summer 2022 as originally planned. Given the planning application is no longer time critical, it is our intention to submit our planning application at some stage during the next 12 months. We will use this period to review and consider options. When the football calendar and the wider delays to the construction and supply chain industries begin to plateau, we will provide further updates

We understand this is disappointing for many as it is for us but would like to thank all our key stakeholders, including local neighbours in Anfield, our supporters, the City Council and others for their great co-operation in the pre-planning stages. Our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our people, the local community and supporters at this challenging time. Our thoughts are with all those affected by Covid-19