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Name Ange Postecoglou
Gender Male
Ethnic Australian
Job Australia Head Coach
Desc Ange Postecoglou’s has attracted offers from several overseas clubs after his stunning success in winning the J-League title with Yokohama F. Marinos


Org Australia National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2017 11 04 Retrieve

[Ange Postecoglou on his national team tenure ahead of the Socceroos’ FIFA World Cup™ play-off against Honduras] I know what my legacy is, it is never going to be defined by one result. I hope my legacy will be someone who believed in something and followed it through

2017 11 25 Retrieve

[Ange Postecoglou explains how difficult the decision was for him to leave as head coach of Australia after leading the Socceroos to qualifying for Russia 2018] Probably straight after the game. Then an hour later [Football Federation of Australia CEO David Gallop] convinced me not to. Then an hour later, I changed my mind again. Then five beers later I didn’t know where I was. I’ve been fluctuating, but I’m also mindful that I didn’t want this to drag on. Took the weekend to digest everything that happened last week - I really wanted to enjoy that - then I knew it was time to go

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Ange Postecoglou ended Yokohama F. Marinos wait for J.League silverware by leading the Japanese club to their first title since 2004] While it’s not going to be perfect, particularly in the beginning, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. It was always going to take a bit of time. But it’s consistent with what I’ve done before. I knew coming into it, the way I wanted to play was going to challenge everyone in the club. We had some really good moments and some poor moments. There was a massive difference in our best and worst, that was reflected in the results. We still made the cup final. At times, we played some good stuff.

This year, we’ve changed the squad a fair bit. The main thing for me is we have players here who have the characteristics in what I need and I also think the club now understands sort of what we’re trying to achieve. Everyone is fully supportive of it. The start of the season is promising. We are certainly more consistent than the last year but it’s a tough league. Every week is a challenge, every week the opposition has outstanding players.

Wherever I’ve coached, I want to win things. There’s no shying away from that, as much as I want my team playing a certain way because I believe you can be successful doing it that way. What success looks like, I’ve never really thought that way.

When I get a team to play the way I want to, success follows. That’s the first challenge. We will see where that takes us. Hopefully we can win some silverware for the club and more importantly, win silverware playing a certain way. It will be exciting for the fans and hopefully make a difference to football

2019 12 07b Retrieve

[How Ange Postecoglou achieved J-League glory] I enjoy those bits. I enjoy the bits when maybe there is a little bit of doubt and people do question the way I do things

When you go to the movies, you don’t mind a thriller as long as it’s a happy ending. I think all the times I’ve coached, especially at club level, it’s always a happy ending. And I think people have seen that.

The club’s been very supportive – the supporters have been very supportive, even last year when things weren’t going well, and the players responded to every challenge I made. I’ve never worried if things don’t go well momentarily, because as I said, I know how it will end. It’s always ended this way.

[Later in the press conference, Postecoglou spoke of his controversial approach to the game] The players have never been in any doubt that we would continue to play this football irrespective of what challenges are before us. Whether we’re playing at home or away, whether we’re first on the ladder or chasing […] we’ll keep playing this football.

Every day, we live and breathe this football. So that in situations like today, the players know no other way. They’re not going to be affected by pressure, they’re not going to be affected by conceding a goal or a red card. They only know one way, and that’s what they’ll do

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Former Socceroos boss Ange Postecoglou perhaps offered the biggest clue as to the reason for Neill’s reclusiveness in his 2016 book Changing the Game. Making the tough decision not to take Neill to the 2014 World Cup due to a lack of game time, Postecoglou recalled Neill’s response was threatening to ‘go to ground’ if he wasn’t picked again] It’s almost three years since that phone call and he hasn’t surfaced, so he was true to his word. He seems to have gone into hiding and I sort of wish that wasn’t so for one of our greatest-ever Socceroos.

Being the captain and leader of the country for such a long time, Lucas had had a celebrated career. Regrettably it finished on the end of a phone line.

The end for Lucas shouldn’t have been a call from me telling him he wasn’t going to the 2014 World Cup. I wonder if he would have felt any better if I’d told him in person. Maybe I should have taken him out to dinner

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[The FM simulator filling football-shaped void for players, coaches, fans] I had to knock back some big clubs to stay the course. I used journeymen and loaners to get out of the lower divisions, then bought young unknowns from Italy and South America. I didn’t mess about with tactics - I just wheeled and dealed. Harry Redknapp on steroid

[As for Postecoglou, who is patiently awaiting the resumption of the J.League season at Yokohama F. Marinos, his FM days are long behind him. But his memories of his time at Southend, good and bad, will probably stick with him forever] I got sacked six months after winning the Champions League. I’d knocked back Juventus, Real Madrid and the England national team before then. No loyalty after everything I did for them. I was gutted. Hopefully got a statue there

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Former Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou thinks of his father when measuring success] Possession is essential, the sum of passes is essential, but it is not just about possession simply because if we just retained the ball with no serious objective a) we would not prosperous and, b) that wouldn’t be enjoyable. Ultimately, it’s about goals scored and that excites me a lot more than anything at all else. Each individual year I want us to rating extra objectives than the other workforce

We want to be truly sturdy with our pressing in the entrance third. I want my goalkeeper and our back again four and our keeping midfielders to be seriously brave in the way they engage in out, probably consider them out of their comfort and ease zone. The flip side is I want our strikers to get the job done tricky defensively, which occasionally doesn’t appear obviously because strikers tend to come to existence when the staff has the ball

My belief is that if you can get them to get in and have intent and earn the ball in the entrance 3rd, you will have more options for yourself

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Ange Postecoglou’s struggle with Australian sport] Part of my struggle with Australian sport is there’s always been this real pension for having equalisation. Every one of our sports has salary caps and measures to make sure the competition’s equal and makes club and organisations financially responsible. That they don’t overspend, that they don’t go into extreme areas of debt.

Yet all those measures haven’t helped in this situation because clubs and organisations have probably spent more than they should in areas they shouldn’t.

Sport in general in our country for too long has allowed itself to be controlled by this overriding thinking that certain measures will work across the board.

What I think sports will start doing, and I hope they start doing, is treating their own sports differently in certain areas. Some sports have an international aspect to them, some don’t, and yet when I look at them, they all seem to be run the same way