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Angus Kinnear
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job CEO of Leeds United
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Leeds United [CEO]

2019 12 26 Retrieve

[Tottenham to recall Jack Clarke from unproductive Leeds United loan spell] We thank Jack Clarke for his services and wish him the best of luck in his career as Spurs have confirmed, due to a lack of playing time, he will be recalled in the January transfer window.

[Nketiah, 20, is on a season-long loan from the Gunners - though he could be recalled in January - and has scored three times, but he has yet to start in the Championship] I appreciate much speculation still surrounds the immediate future of Eddie Nketiah and although Arsenal have the right to call him in January, we still believe he can make a huge impact over the remainder of the season at Leeds United. Accordingly, we are endeavouring to convince Eddie and the technical team at Arsenal that the coaching environment and profile of the playing opportunity at Thorp Arch and Elland Road is still the best choice for his long-term development

2019 12 26b Retrieve

[Leeds chief executive Angus Kinnear wrote in his programme notes on Boxing Day] Spurs have confirmed, due to a lack of playing time, Jack Clarke will be recalled in the January transfer window

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[Leeds United chief executive Angus Kinnear has dismissed the idea that the Premier League can ‘pull up the ladder’ on the English football pyramid by cancelling their season] We think the position of the English Football League clubs is that promotion and relegation between the leagues is sacrosanct and that will be a difficult thing to move away from

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Angus Kinnear reveals how they brought Bielsa to Elland Road] It was really the brainchild of our director of football, Victor Orta. He was asked by our owner, Andrea Radrizzani: ‘If you could appoint anybody in the world, who would you appoint?’. When he said the name, I have to say I smiled to myself - but our owner is nothing if not lacking ambition. When we went to Buenos Aires to speak to Marcelo, I thought we were going to have to do a really big sell in terms of the potential, the project and what Leeds United could become and the part he could play. But, in fact, he’d done his research and he was already committed to the cause. We actually spent the 24 hours in Buenos Aires just talking about the players and the systems and how he wanted to play. I left knowing he was going to be the manager of Leeds but not actually having the contract that I went over with to get signed

I started my football career at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger and he had a philosophy that really touched every part of the club and Marcelo has been the same. He’s not just a coach. He’s an amazing coach and he’s got a group of players who finished mid-table the season before he joined and it’s effectively the same group of players that are now top of the league. But actually, his influence has extended across the club as a whole. He set new standards, he set a new philosophy and that’s really touched every part of the club

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Leeds chief predicts ‘national embarrassment’ if English season is abandoned due to coronavirus] England had some of the finest sports scientists and football administrators in the game and the time has come for us as a sport to stop repeatedly framing the challenges and start delivering on the solution. It would be a national embarrassment if the Bundesliga, La Liga or Serie A were to be able to complete safely and the first and fifth-biggest leagues in the world were not able to follow suit if the context remained comparable

However, our intention has always been to do all we can to complete this season where we started it - on the pitch

Across the leagues hundreds of players will have to make the same decision and whilst individual choices and circumstance need to be respected they cannot be allowed to derail the personal judgements of the majority and the health of our national games as a whole

2020 07 18 Retrieve

[Angus Kinnear says Leeds targeting Champions League after Premier League return] Whilst we’re celebrating, whilst we’re all very excited, we’ve got back to where we belong. This really is base camp for Leeds United. Leeds United shouldn’t be a Championship side, they should be a Premier League side, so really the challenge starts now and it’s about competing in the EPL. Now it’s going to be really about building on that and making sure that over the next few years we start to compete at the level Leeds should be competing in, which ultimately is the top six, and that’s always been our aim. Leeds should have a Premier League team. Candidly, Leeds should have a Champions League team and that’s the vision

Victor Orta, Andrea Radrizzani and I will be straight in with Marcelo next week and talking about plans for next season. He has a review, he knows the direction he wants to take the club in and it will go from things we need on the playing side, right through to changes he wants to be made at Thorp Arch and in the backroom staff, and obviously his own personal arrangements as well we need to resolve. The challenge with Marcelo is his intentions are always a bit of a mystery because he’s always focused on the next game and you’re a brave man to try to distract him from the task of the next match. I think he’s fallen in love with the club. I think he’s committed to it

[Kinnear admits that the shortened window is a bigger challenge for promoted sides] We know we need to strengthen. Targets have been identified. We’re working on them already, we’re working on them now - today it’s started in earnest. And (we know) that recruitment is going to be the biggest challenge because the window is so short. If you look at our business model, the size of our fanbase means that we can generate commercial revenues in the top third of the Premier League teams. With the TV money being fairly evenly spread other than the performance related element, it means we immediately have a competitive advantage if we can harness that fanbase and use those resources to compete in the transfer market. I think next year the team will go out every week and play swashbuckling, attacking football, will show absolutely no fear, will show no team any respect. We’re not going to be scared and I think we’ll give Leeds supporters another year they can be proud of