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Anthony Martial
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc Manchester United would make the French forward the most expensive teenager in history following his rapid rise at Monaco, many questioning the club’s decision to spend lavishly on a relatively unproven talent. A debut goal against Liverpool would soon win over some doubters, and Martial would finish the year by being named as the recipient of the Golden Boy award


Club as Player Manchester United
  AS Monaco


Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Teammate Marcus Rashford

2016 08 20 Retrieve

[Anthony Martial gives an insight into his relationship with former Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal] I had a great relationship with van Gaal. He always demanded perfection from me. He has done a lot for me. He always showed me videos together with his assistant, even when I had scored a double. He pointed out the things I had done wrong. Sometimes it was annoying because you expected to be shown the things you did well, but I knew it was for my own good

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Anthony Martial is embracing the pressure of being Manchester United’s No. 9] Since I was a young kid, I have always played as a striker but, then again, I’m fine with playing more out wide as it’s a position that I enjoy playing. But it’s a real pleasure to find myself back in that more central role so I hope I can really help the team from there and go on to score plenty of goals

[On the message passed onto him by United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] Now that I’ve taken the number nine shirt back once again, all he has said to me is that I have a responsibility and that I have to score goals, so that’s what I’m trying to do. We work on that a lot in training and I think it’s improving all the time

[Martial, who is happy drifting wide a la Thierry Henry, said of his partnership and understanding with England international Rashford] It’s good for us as it allows us to move the opposition defence around. It definitely helps to unsettle them and that’s a good thing for us. It also means we can switch roles when we want to have a bit more time and a few more touches on the ball. It’s very important and the key is to keep the right balance for our team

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[Anthony Martial believes his training ground scoring competitions with Marcus Rashford are helping to give Manchester United] At training, we have this competition between us about scoring goals. We measure who does the best finishing and who scores the most. Who’s winning? Well, that depends… Sometimes it’s him, sometimes it’s me. In games, Marcus likes to play in the middle, like me. I don’t mind dropping off, dropping out, we interchange during games. It doesn’t bother me to let him take the lead occasionally. It helps us to terrorise opposition defences and I hope we can keep it up over the course of the season

[Martial joined the ranks of players expressing solidarity with Paul Pogba, after his countryman was subjected to online racist abuse in the aftermath of his penalty miss in the 1-1 draw at Molineux] It’s something you can’t really eradicate from society. Out there on the pitch, we can’t do anything about it per se. As players, we are there among white people, black people, people of all colours. The French expression is ‘we’re all the same’. Bans should be brought about for people who give out this hatred. People go to football stadiums to have a good time and enjoy the game, and there’s no place for it. I’m in favour of the love, not the hate

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[United have released a statement confirming the news on their official website this morning] As confirmed by Ole in his press conference following Monday’s 1-1 draw against Arsenal, Anthony Martial and Phil Jones will sit out the trip with injury, while Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Luke Shaw also haven’t travelled

Wan-Bissaka missed the clash with the Gunners due to tonsilitis, while Luke Shaw has been absent since picking up a hamstring injury during the Crystal Palace match in August. Following a specialist’s opinion, Paul Pogba requires a period of further rest and conservative treatment for the foot injury he sustained during the game against Southampton in August. Updates will follow in due course

2019 10 19 Retrieve

[Anthony Martial is aware of the pressure which accompanies being Manchester United’s No.9] Now that I’ve taken the No. 9 shirt back once again, all he [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] has said to me is that I have a lot of responsibility and that I have to score goals, so that’s what I am trying to do

We all prefer beautiful goals but, at the end of the day, a goal is still a goal. So, if I could score 30 goals like I scored in the game against Chelsea, I would take that right now! I guess I have tended to score quite nice goals and so, if I managed to score more of this kind of goal, in addition to the more spectacular ones, then I’d end up with a much higher goals total come the end of the season

[Martial’s first goal for United, which came on his debut back in September 2015] My favourite goal still has to be the one against Liverpool. It was my first game and I was still discovering Old Trafford for the first time. It was a really magnificent goal and, more importantly, it meant that we went on to win the game. So, yes, that’s the best

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Anthony Martial is concentrating on increasing his goal return and has his sights set on making the centre-forward position his own at Manchester United] I am very focused on my central striker role, getting my scoring stats up and helping the team that way. That’s not to say that there will be no more tricks, because tricks are all part of your learning and the passion you have when you’re a football player setting out. You’ve worked hard to get where you are if you’re playing here at Manchester United, and it’s important not to lose that joy of playing the game because if you lose that passion, things will get a lot harder for you, but if I do a piece of skill, I want to score after it

Ole gives us forwards a lot of advice in relation to our positioning on the pitch, and we’re glad to receive it. He has a lot of knowledge to share from being a top striker himself and that will help us as forwards individually, and as we move forward as a team. Frankly, playing as striker, you’re not there to make blinding passes or massive runs. I’ve come to understand that, to score, you have to be obsessed, to be fixated on just that, scoring goals. That’s how you enjoy yourself as a striker. That’s not a choice - that’s how it has to be

[Martial went on to discuss the players who influenced him growing up] I would say my favourite players were the Brazilians, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. They were both fantastic players with beautiful movement and grace. They made their matches great to watch. I mostly loved Ronaldinho, because he was a player who could make you dream, with his great big smile on the pitch, with his great technical skills. I think that combination of great technical skills and the terrific goals he could score, it’s that which inspires people

2019 11 01 Retrieve

[Solskjaer says Anthony Martial is becoming ‘obsessed’ with scoring goals] I don’t think he has had a long run of games as a No. 9 since he played many years ago as a boy. You have to be obsessed with scoring goals as a No. 9 and he is looking more and more like a player who wants to score goals and not just show his tricks, and for me, he has matured a lot in his behaviour on the training ground as well. I believe we will see the best of him in the next few years

[Martial has fired four goals in nine matches so far this season, and Solskjaer credits a more upbeat attitude as one of the reasons why] He looks happier. He is an infectious boy, his smile and sense of humour, you can see he is happy here and that rubs off on everyone and it’s great to see. But it’s the whole mood. I think it’s a miles better group that we have now - the camaraderie, the attitude of the boys, the selflessness, the humility. We are getting closer to what we want to see every day, that culture, the performance in training, the way they prepare for games

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Anthony Martial is eager to prove that he is one of the best strikers in the Premier League after entering his fifth full season at Manchester United] When I arrived at the club, I was just a young player. I still hadn’t had the benefit of a proper full season as a professional first-team player in my legs. But now it’s my fifth season here, so now I have to prove and to show that I have evolved as a player and blossomed into one of the best strikers in the Premier League. When I came here I was still just a kid, and now I’ve grown up and I’ve become a lot more mature. Nowadays, I feel so much better in myself

He’s a player who is blessed with incredible pace. He really is unbelievably fast and yet he is also someone who is able to choose the right option. In spite of all that pace, he doesn’t lose control, he keeps his head and then often manages to make the right choice. That’s a big plus for a forward player as that way he can make assists for us all. He really is a top player and someone I wasn’t aware of before, so quite honestly, that makes him a great addition

[Martial was surprised by Tottenham’s poor start to the season] I have been surprised because they had a good season last time around and managed to make it to the Champions League final, so I was expecting them to be doing better. But I’m sure they will manage to bounce back and climb up the table. I have no doubts that they will because they have a good side with some great players

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Martial lifts lid on Mourinho frustrations at Man Utd: No need to say it in front of everybody!] It’s true that I’d have preferred it if he’d told me directly, there’s no need to say it in front of everybody. After that, you definitely want to prove him wrong. He didn’t start me during the first few games and each time I came on, I scored. In the end, he told me: ‘You see, now you understand what I wanted’. It can get to you. You just want to show him you deserve to be on the pitch

2020 06 24 Retrieve

[The hat-trick was Martial’s first in senior football as well as the first scored by a Man Utd player since Sir Alex Ferguson retired] It’s special for me because it’s my first one and I hope it’s not the last one. It was a long time with nobody scoring three goals [for Manchester United]. It was an important win against a team who are just behind us, so it is important for us to keep going and win the next one

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Martial matches Cantona achievement as Manchester derby hot streak continues] you’re a wide forward, you’re facing forwards more and running at people. Now he’s in a different position, where it is more physical and you’ve got to be stronger with your back to goal and be more patient. It’s your job to be in the box when the ball arrives. I’m still at him. I demand more of him. Sometimes, the ball is squared across the six-yard line and it’s where he should be. I just nudge him and say: ‘It should have been a goal for you’. Scoring 25 instead of 15 is a big difference for a No.9

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Manchester United forward Anthony Martial has outlined his ambition to be involved in France’s Euro 2020 campaign] Yes, I’m thinking about it. I want to go to the Euros. We’ll see. I do my job, that’s all. I’m trying to do my best to help United finish in the top four. I will try to score as many goals as possible to finish the season well