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Anthony Yeboah
Gender Male
Ethnic Ghananian
Job Ghananian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Ghana National Team
Club as Player Leeds
  Eintracht Frankfurt

2011 11 29 Retrieve

[Former Ghana striker Anthony Yeboah has expressed shock upon hearing the news of his former Leeds United team-mate Garry Speed’s passing] I could not believe it. He is very calm and didn’t have any problem. The last time I spoke to him was two weeks ago when I was in London. He’s a family man and very responsible so this came as a shock

2018 06 14 Retrieve

[Tony Yeboah reveals how bribery forced him out of football] I once told a referee in an away game to officiate fairly but to my surprise, he asked if I was a novice in Ghana’s league. Some of my players used to come to inform me about referees’ [requests] for bribes [in order for us to] continue to be in the league. But I told the players to play with their strength. If I didn’t quit, I would have fallen victim of bribery allegations

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Ex-Ghana striker Tony Yeboah reacts to Jordan Ayew comparison after Premier League feat] If you compare my games to Jordan, it tells you I had fewer games. I played 47 matches, scoring 24 goals in two and half years for Leeds United. [The English Premier League] is not a small league but Jordan scoring 24 goals means that the future is bright for him despite playing more matches than me. Looking at his age, he can add more goals if he continues to play in the Premier League. But for now, if you compare my statistics with him, you can see some sort of differences between us

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Former Ghana international Anthony Yeboah has revealed the team was divided at the 1992 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon), resulting in a final defeat to Cote d’Ivoire] We realised we made a lot of mistakes, we were supposed to win the tournament totally because we were much better than the others. Unfortunately, Abedi ‘Pele’ missed the finals because he was suspended and that was a big miss because he was one of the key players and the captain of the team. Just petty things we couldn’t do right cost us that trophy but the team we had at that time was fantastic. There was also a little bit of misunderstanding in the team. Yes, it is true [that the team was divided] because you could see from some of the players. For example when we meet or when we sit together as a group, you could see the Kumasi people sitting at a particular place and the Accra people also sitting at a particular place. We didn’t have a problem against each other but as I was saying there was some misunderstanding. The teamwork wasn’t like it was supposed to be, so I think that cost us a lot

2020 05 31 Retrieve

[Yeboah on missing out on Bayern Munich move and his famous Liverpool goal] Any time I am in England, I am asked about my goals and I always choose the goal against Liverpool because I am a Liverpool fan so it was special to score against them. And it was a long time that Leeds had beaten Liverpool. I met Ian Rush, [John] Barnes, players I had liked from a distance and said; this one I have to show something

[Yeboah joined Leeds from German side Eintracht Frankfurt in 1995, having fallen out with coach Jupp Heynckes] Normally I should have gone to Bayern Munich but Frankfurt would not allow it because the fans would kill them so they said ‘no, we are not allowing you to go’ even though Bayern was 100 percent interested. I didn’t know Leeds but when the offer came I said why not? Then I had a problem with the coach at Frankfurt so I decided I want to play football, I want my peace

[Despite a slow start at Leeds, Yeboah did well to find his feat as he would end a two-year stay with 32 goals in 66 outings] Initially the trust from Leeds was not there so they loaned me for the first six months and had the option for another two years. I was fit and it didn’t take me too long to adjust to English football. I wanted to retire after Leeds but one coach from Germany convinced me out of it and then I went to Hamburg. I lasted four seasons at Hamburg then I moved to Qatar. That was the pension move. That league is nothing so we just went there and finished our career