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Name Antoine Griezmann
Spelling Grizou
  Antoine Griezmann Lopes
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc A very modern forward, adept anywhere across the offensive line and a true team player, always ready to defend from the front. But it is ultimately for his ability in front of goal that he secures his place on this list. A revelation at Atlético Madrid and as equally important to the world champions: Griezmann was the top goal scorer as France finished as runners-up at Eurp 2016 before playing a starring role in their triumph two years later in Moscow


Org France National Team
Club as Player Barcelona FC
  Atletico Madrid
  Real Sociedad [Youth Team]


Mother Isabelle Lopes
Grandfather Amaro Lopes

2016 05 28 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann gives insight into his new world of fatherhood] In the lead-up to games my girlfriend goes to another room with our baby girl so I can get some sleep. And during the day she sleeps, so there’s not much I can do. I do change her nappies, though, and I dress and bathe her too. I really enjoy it

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann says David Beckham was his idol growing up] I liked him a lot. He was my idol. That’s why I wear a long-sleeved jersey and wear the No 7

2016 10 08 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann on matching Messi and Ronaldo] I think I still have more to do to be their equal, starting with winning titles. They’ve won them and they keep winning them. But as I’ve said in the past, I want to sit at their table. And I think I’m getting there, bit by bit. I hope to stay there as long as possible

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann stresses he has respect for Cristiano Ronaldo after it was revealed that he jokingly told him that he hated him] We came across Cristiano and his friends in the same restaurant. It was really by chance. I went to say hello and congratulate him for Portugal’s win at the EUROs and the Champions League. We made fun of each other. I just joked like that because I needed time to get over the defeat in the final. But, honestly, it’s not because he beat me in two important competitions and that he scored a hat-trick last weekend against us that my opinion will change. I have great respect for Ronaldo

2016 12 10 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann talks about his admiration for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang] Whenever a Borussia match is on TV I will watch because with this team I have a goal guarantee. BVB always play spectacular football. He is definitely a world-class attacker with an incredible consistency in his games. He’s made steady progress in the past few months. You can see all the time that he’s happy on the pitch

2016 12 17 Retrieve

[The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2016 candidate Antoine Griezmann tells of his pride of being nominated alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi] Messi and Ronaldo are two monsters, two legends. It will be hard to get past [Lionel] Messi or [Cristiano] Ronaldo in the future. We will try to go higher. I hope it continues like this and that the year 2017 will be as good as this one

2016 12 24 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann tells France Football that he would enjoy playing the beautiful game with world and Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt] I would like him to play up front with me just behind to knock balls deep for him. I’d leave him all alone with the goalkeeper. I saw that he’s trained a bit with Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United. Speed isn’t everything, but he’d be a great striker at Atletico. Usain Bolt would be perfect for our game. Me behind and him up front. The best!

2017 02 18 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann speaks about his 2016] There’s something I have to confess here: I’ve watched all the Champions League and EURO 2016 matches again, but I stopped at the semi-finals (laughs)

2018 11 24 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann explains his decision to stay at Atletico Madrid, amid interest from Barcelona] Was it hard to refuse Barca? It was very difficult. You have Barca who wants you, who calls you, who sends messages. But then there is the club where you are, where you are an important player and where they build a project around you. [And] subconsciously, being Messi’s lieutenant may have played a part. It was really complicated times, especially for my wife, where I woke her up at 3am to talk about it!

2019 03 02 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann tells that Frenkie de Jong is the best player he’s faced on the pitch] I would say De Jong, from Ajax Amsterdam. Because I tried to put pressure on him and never succeeded

2019 03 26 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann has declared himself a little bit fed up of transfer speculation amid fresh talk he could leave Atletico Madrid for Barcelona] I’m already used to it and a little bit fed up, every year it’s the same, so I’m used to it

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann on his goal and celebration] I saw Leo (Messi) do it in training and I copied him. The celebration? I liked what LeBron James did and tried to copy him

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann says Arsenal’s failure to qualify for the Champions League appeared to have cost them the chance to sign him] I waited, I waited, and I kept waiting. When there was no news, Eric called Grimandi, who said that the manager was still interested in me [and] to keep waiting. Finally a few hours before the market closed, he let us know Arsenal would not make a move. I don’t like to be told something and for it not to happen. So when Eric told me later that the London club were interested again I told him ‘Forget it, after the blow they gave us’

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann says he isn’t concerned by his underwhelming start to life at Barcelona, after Ernesto Valderde’s new-look front three stuttered in Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at Levante] I feel good. This also happened to me at Atletico Madrid. I have to come in little by little because I am not going to get the tactics right straight away, but I am used to it.

[Griezmann is well aware that for a club like Barca, losing 3-1 at Levante can’t be justified to the fans] It might be a problem of focus that we didn’t start well in the second half. We can only learn and improve. Anything can happen in a match, the trick is being able to react to it and we didn’t. We must see what we did wrong to try and correct it. It can be a problem of attitude. We conceded three goals in ten minutes and that can happen, but we must do everything to make sure it does not happen again

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[Griezmann admitted last month he had found it ‘difficult’ connecting with Barca superstar Lionel Messi as neither of them are naturally big talkers] [Messi] is very clam, very relaxed, very normal. When you arrive at Barcelona, you’re careful about what you’re doing but it’s not Leo who’s coming over to tell you off when you make a mistake. He’s very simple, he lets you play. This is how it went with Antoine and I. Step by step, you talk to him. He gets along very well with Luis Suarez but he’s very open with the others, so you can talk about many things, not only football. He’s a simple man and he helps us every day

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Griezmann have cited a half-time team talk from Didier Deschamps as the key to France’s 2-1 win over Moldova] It’s true that we did not have a good match, especially in the first half. The coach at half-time boosted us so we reacted a bit. Even if it showed that we were not well, especially in front of goal, we went on to get this victory

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann admits he always knew that it was going to be hard for him to make an immediate impact at Barcelona] It is certain that playing in the centre is better for me. I have my bearings. I’ve been managing this position for years and years. I have a new club. I have to adapt. I am still learning. I knew on arrival that it was going to be hard, I knew it very well

2019 11 17 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann accepts his integration to life at Barcelona has not been easy] Barcelona is not the easiest place [to play]. It’s a new team, a different club, new tactics and a new position and role for me. But it is what it is and it’s time to work. I’m proud of the decision and where I am, and it will be the work that sorts everything. Trust me and everything will be good. My goal now is to be an important player in the club, have more minutes, score more goals, make decisive passes, qualify in the Champions League and be up there in the league, be ready for the national team [France] in March and also for Euro 2020. I’m a player who thinks about the team. I can score many goals, but that is not my main goal. My goal is to help the team in any way I can

[Griezmann is not just eager to keep working hard at Camp Nou, he is also excited to start the Euro 2020 campaign with France] Every competition you start, you want to win, but it’s going to be hard. It’s not because we are world champions that we will win 3-0 and 4-0 and get to the final easily. It’s going to be complicated, so we’ll have to get ready and see what group we have

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann has opened up on his relationship with Lionel Messi at Barcelona] I’m really shy and I’m not very good at talking to people. I’m not the type of person to start conversations. But Leo, Luis and I are getting to know each other and we’ve already gone for dinner together. Our relationship will only improve over time, and it’s clear that what happens will only make us feel more comfortable on the pitch

[Griezmann went on to express his admiration towards the 32-year-old magician] We won’t see a player like him in the next 40 years. What he does is incredible. It’s a real delight to see him play

2019 11 25b Retrieve

[The presence of Griezmann, regardless of his lifestyle choices, has been welcomed by Umtiti, with the two-time La Liga title winner still thoroughly enjoying his time with the Blaugrana] Everything was great. I was surrounded by top players, who had won everything, but I saw them as humble people. Thanks to them it was very easy to adjust here

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Griezmann still learning new position at Barcelona] I have to learn a new position and also understand my new teammates. I have yet to connect with the movements of Luis, Messi, the midfield and my full-back [on the left, either Jordi Alba or Junior Firpo]. I am someone who is very shy. I do not usually talk to others, but everything will come with time. With Luis and Leo, we are starting to understand each other. We have already had dinner and we will go to more. What happens outside the pitch can only help on it

I didn’t leave Atletico neither to win the Champions League nor to win more trophies. I left Atleti to learn a new style of play, new philosophies. To learn another style of football, another team. Atleti can win LaLiga [Santander] and the Champions League any year

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Griezmann rises on Sociedad return but Barcelona have pre-Clasico concerns. Formerly a Sociedad player, Griezmann did not celebrate his goal] I will never celebrate here, I have a lot of respect to those who gave me everything

2019 12 14b Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann marks with Barca’s first goal and did not want to celebrate the goal] I will never celebrate a goal against Real. I have a lot of respect for everything they gave me. The two teams had their moments in the game. When we equalised we found our confidence and created chances, then it was La Real who had to equalise in the second half. I don’t know if (the result) is just or not. The reality is that two teams had chances to win. Now is the moment to start thinking about the Clasico.

2019 12 26 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann has described his superstar Barcelona team-mate Lionel Messi as a player of a quality we may never see again] We are talking about a player we may never see again, or like there is only every 40 years. We must take advantage of it, whether we are his team-mates, fans in the stands or his coaches. What he can do with the ball is incredible and it’s a sight to see him play and play alongside him

[The France international spent five seasons at Atletico Madrid under their current coach Diego Simeone, who he speaks of highly] He’s very, very good. It’s fantastic to see what he can do with a team. Everyone is behind him. He always figured out how to win, he worked a lot before the matches, he studied every detail

2019 12 26b Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann insists he did not leave Atletico for success at Barcelona, revealing it was for stylistic reasons as his former club is capable of winning silverware also] I did not leave Atlético to win the Champions League or win more titles. I came here to Barça to learn a new style of play, a new philosophy and to grow on a personal level. Atlético can also win the La Liga and the Champions League, they have the team and the coach to do it

[They also lost in two Champions League finals while being managed by the Argentine, with Griezmann remembering the 2015-16 defeat to city rivals Real Madrid without much fondness. The French attacker struck a penalty off the crossbar just after half-time] I was very angry to have failed. I think my failure was what made us lose the final. It will always hurt me, even if I win [the Champions League] with another club. It was my dream, the dream of the whole club and I had it in my feet. I can’t turn around, but I’m sure it will hurt me in ten or fifteen years

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann speaks about team-mate] We are talking about a player we may never see again, or like there is only every 40 years. We must take advantage of it, whether we are his team-mates, fans in the stands or his coaches. What he can do with the ball is incredible and it’s a sight to see him play and play alongside him

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Griezmann: Ernesto Valverde not to blame for Barca’s Supercopa loss] I think we lost due to our own errors and they had the legs at the end. It cost us and we have to work hard in order to continue. We all made errors. I played a bad pass and then their goal arrived. They are errors which can cost you a Champions League or a league title

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[Griezmann plans to make history alongside Messi at Barcelona] It’s a pride thing, I’m very happy to be at Barcelona. My father is very happy to see his son playing at Barcelona. I want to write the history of this club. I have to work to do it, I have to work to be important for this club

I hope to improve both in goals and assists. I’m adapting, trying to learn as much about the tactics as possible. I feel very good, physically and mentally. I really want to work. I really want to improve

Leo is the strongest player in the world and it’s nice to share the pitch with him. I try to understand his movements and move well when he has the ball to have a better connection

The fans, Cholo Simeone, team-mates, it was a beautiful experience, at the moment the best of my career. Now I’m at Barcelona, the best club in the world. It’s a new challenge, game and a new style, that’s why I’m settling in little by little. I think we have to compete in all competitions, try to win everything

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Griezmann ready to fill Luis Suarez void after failed striker search] If the club need me as a No.9, I’m here to help. If I’m on the left or in the middle, perfect. All I want is to help the team. I’m used to playing inside - I know where to move and I have more freedom, but I’m at this club to help

[Griezmann admits he and his team-mates still have some way to go before the boss’ methods fully sink in] We’re trying to learn how to play from the coach. We still have things to improve but we’re on the right track

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Griezmann: I’m still learning to play with Messi] We knew how hard Getafe would be to play against. They put a lot of pressure on and pressed high. They are third for a reason but we kept cool, tried to play the ball well from the back. It was tough but we suffered and won. I’ve been here six months, we still have to learn. I have to learn [Messi’s] movements and he has to learn mine. We’re enjoying the work we put in together and it’s getting better and better all the time. I’m very happy and really enjoying myself here. I missed a chance which I shouldn’t have done, it came to my weaker foot but luckily it didn’t matter

2020 03 29 Retrieve

[Griezmann said in February that he believed things would work out if given time] I’ve been here six months; we still have to learn. I have to learn [Messi’s] movements and he has to learn mine. We’re enjoying the work we put in together and it’s getting better and better all the time. I’m very happy and really enjoying myself here

2020 03 30 Retrieve

[Griezmann wants No.7 shirt at Barcelona amid speculation over future] I would like to recover the seven

[he said of his spell in self-isolation] Quarantine is going okay, but you can’t do anything. I miss football enormously. I have no idea when the competition will be back; I don’t know when I will go back to training

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[Griezmann defends Giroud after Benzema’s ‘go-kart’ jibe] I can’t answer all that, that could get me into trouble. I love Olivier Giroud, he’s a good player and he helped us win the World Cup. And that’s important in life

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[Barca games without fans will be very strange] The first game will be in Mallorca, but it will be very strange to play without an audience. It will be the first time I have experienced something like this. I had never been so long stopped. Yes, it is true that during these days I was able to enjoy my children

2020 06 05b Retrieve

[Griezmann says I want to end my career in MLS] After that winning whatever comes. There’s another World Cup so the World Cup in Qatar. And after that MLS. I don’t know with which team, but I really want to play there. For me it’s an objective to end my career in the United States with the possibility of playing well and being a big part of the team and fighting for a title.

[Griezmann, who is a big NBA fan, has previously hinted at a desire to finish his career in the United States] World champion, win a Champions League and then I can go and quietly play in the USA. That’s my ideal itinerary. It’s not bad, is it? If the plan goes like that, I’d sign for that now. I don’t know at which age I want to play in MLS, it’ll all depend on the trophies I’ll have won beforehand. When I’m nearer 32 or 33, I want to be there. I still have to be presentable on the pitch.

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann on his objectives] Winning La Liga and the Champions League with Barca would be a dream, and also my objective. After that winning whatever comes. There’s another World Cup so the World Cup in Qatar. And after that MLS. I don’t know with which team, but I really want to play there. For me it’s an objective to end my career in the United States with the possibility of playing well and being a big part of the team and fighting for a title

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann has aired his desire to be an important part of the team at Barcelona, with the Frenchman seemingly unfazed by talk of the Liga giants moving for Lautaro Martinez or Neymar] I want to be an important part of the team, on and off the pitch, enjoy football and help my team-mates win every game. I think on a personal level it has been good for me. I have been able to rest; I think it has been five years since I have had a rest like that, so mentally and physically it has been good. I was able to enjoy time with my family, my kids and now I am ready to go

Luis is our No.9, a goalscorer, the one who makes the difference in big games along with [Lionel Messi]. We missed him in the last few games [before the break]. We are really happy to have a player like him back and he will help us from the off.

We have all the cards; we have 11 games left and if we win them all we will be champions. I think we are ready for it, to win and enjoy the football.

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Griezmann losing the fight to prove he’s not just another Barcelona transfer flop] I don’t take into consideration the player’s price tag. Last week we chose one specific team, and today we decided on another one. These are decisions I make and they are technical decisions. They’re not made rashly, and they are done with the best of intentions for the team