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Name Antoine Griezmann
Spelling Grizou
  Antoine Griezmann Lopes
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer


Org France National Team
Club as Player Barcelona FC
  Atletico Madrid
  Real Sociedad [Youth Team]


Mother Isabelle Lopes
Grandfather Amaro Lopes

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann says David Beckham was his idol growing up] I liked him a lot. He was my idol. That’s why I wear a long-sleeved jersey and wear the No 7

2016 10 08 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann on matching Messi and Ronaldo] I think I still have more to do to be their equal, starting with winning titles. They’ve won them and they keep winning them. But as I’ve said in the past, I want to sit at their table. And I think I’m getting there, bit by bit. I hope to stay there as long as possible

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann stresses he has respect for Cristiano Ronaldo after it was revealed that he jokingly told him that he hated him] We came across Cristiano and his friends in the same restaurant. It was really by chance. I went to say hello and congratulate him for Portugal’s win at the EUROs and the Champions League. We made fun of each other. I just joked like that because I needed time to get over the defeat in the final. But, honestly, it’s not because he beat me in two important competitions and that he scored a hat-trick last weekend against us that my opinion will change. I have great respect for Ronaldo

2016 12 10 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann talks about his admiration for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang] Whenever a Borussia match is on TV I will watch because with this team I have a goal guarantee. BVB always play spectacular football. He is definitely a world-class attacker with an incredible consistency in his games. He’s made steady progress in the past few months. You can see all the time that he’s happy on the pitch

2016 12 24 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann tells France Football that he would enjoy playing the beautiful game with world and Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt] I would like him to play up front with me just behind to knock balls deep for him. I’d leave him all alone with the goalkeeper. I saw that he’s trained a bit with Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United. Speed isn’t everything, but he’d be a great striker at Atletico. Usain Bolt would be perfect for our game. Me behind and him up front. The best!

2017 02 18 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann speaks about his 2016] There’s something I have to confess here: I’ve watched all the Champions League and EURO 2016 matches again, but I stopped at the semi-finals (laughs)

2018 11 24 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann explains his decision to stay at Atletico Madrid, amid interest from Barcelona] Was it hard to refuse Barca? It was very difficult. You have Barca who wants you, who calls you, who sends messages. But then there is the club where you are, where you are an important player and where they build a project around you. [And] subconsciously, being Messi’s lieutenant may have played a part. It was really complicated times, especially for my wife, where I woke her up at 3am to talk about it!

2019 03 02 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann tells that Frenkie de Jong is the best player he’s faced on the pitch] I would say De Jong, from Ajax Amsterdam. Because I tried to put pressure on him and never succeeded

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann on his goal and celebration] I saw Leo (Messi) do it in training and I copied him. The celebration? I liked what LeBron James did and tried to copy him

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[Antoine Griezmann says Arsenal’s failure to qualify for the Champions League appeared to have cost them the chance to sign him] I waited, I waited, and I kept waiting. When there was no news, Eric called Grimandi, who said that the manager was still interested in me [and] to keep waiting. Finally a few hours before the market closed, he let us know Arsenal would not make a move. I don’t like to be told something and for it not to happen. So when Eric told me later that the London club were interested again I told him ‘Forget it, after the blow they gave us’