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Antonio Cabrini
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc Antonio Cabrini had already played in both Serie C and Serie B, with Cremonese and Atalanta, respectively, by the time he joined Juventus in the summer of 1976 as an 18-year-old. He had to wait until February of the following year to make his Serie A debut but he would quickly make the left-back berth his own - for the next decade


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Club as Player xxxx

2008 07 21 Retrieve

[Legend Cabrini Crucifies Ungrateful Juve] In February I left my post as coach of Syria because I could not work in complete disorganization. I had some promises in Italy but in truth I am now out of the Calcio lobby. I don’t have friends who are agents. I have always avoided compromises. Of those from Juventus, only [Roberto] Bettega, has proved to be a true friend. The rest of the Juve are silent. They wanted former champions yet they have got rid of Marco Tardelli also. Look at Milan. Berlusconi will always find a place for former players. I gave 13 years of my career to Juve’s shirt, I even agreed to play when I was injured. One can see that the gratitude in Turin does not exist

2009 09 02 Retrieve

[One Juventus great remembers another as Antonio Cabrini pays tribute to the legendary Gaetano Scirea] Gaetano Scirea is still in my heart. I will not talk about Scirea the player as everyone knows him, and the great class he had. I want to remember Scirea the man. An excellent person. I have never met a person with the humanity that Scirea had. Men like Scirea no longer exist. He was always ready to give you a hand, not only on the pitch. It’s not true that he would never get angry. He made himself heard on the pitch, just that he was never exaggerated like the others. He used to tell people what was needed, but with more tranquility. He was a true gentleman in every way. Gaetano was a true friend

2010 06 30 Retrieve

[Italy Legend Antonio Cabrini Eager To Work Alongside Cesare Prandelli] I’d be very happy to work with Cesare and for the national side. It’ll be great, but these are just rumours for now. We’ll just have to see

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Former Juventus defender Antonio Cabrini feels Cristiano Ronaldo is a better player than Lionel Messi because the Portugal star has proven to be a real leader both on and off the pitch] Ronaldo is probably the best player in the world. Obviously the focus in football over the last 10 years has been on the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo. My personal opinion is that Ronaldo is better than Messi, but mainly in terms of leadership. Ronaldo has proven himself to be a real leader on a lot of occasions and not just on the pitch. He is a leader in his life as well as in sports. So with all due respect to Messi, there have been a few instances in his career that he came up short. That being said, we are speaking about two great players, I think we can all agree on that.

Whether it’s the transfer market or commercial activities, Juventus always plan ahead. That’s the reason they are ahead of their rivals. When the other Italian teams start their transfer activity, Juventus have already completed the two or three key men they wanted to in that window. Another example is that Juventus are the first big team in Italy to own its own stadium. They all speak about it but nobody else has started to build their own home

2019 06 03b Retrieve

[Juventus legend Antonio Cabrini has warned Aaron Ramsey that playing in Serie A will be nothing like his Arsenal days] Generally speaking, it’s been difficult for Premier League players to come to Italy.

The Premier League’s an amazing league, very entertaining, a lot of intensity… But a lot of teams can ignore the tactical side of the game a little bit because they prefer the entertaining physical games. Sometimes players are not on the same tactical level when they move to another league.

In the last few years, the level of the Premier League has risen a lot, though. Premier League players are in a better position to deal with other styles of play. The league has not just grown when it comes to intensity and physicality, but also tactically. I am actually proud that a small part of this has been down to Italian coaches making an impact in England.

There are three things a player needs to realise in order to succeed at Juventus. The first two are the same at every club. First of all, you need to be hungry. Secondly, no matter what kind of player you are, it is all about winning. So long as you win, the fans love you.

Finally, and this is quite specific to Juve, when you are leaving the club, you leave shaking the hands of the manager and chairman and that’s it.This isn’t like other clubs, where everybody is crying and devastated when a key player leaves. At Juventus, the club always comes first