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Name Antonio Conte
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football Coach
Desc Winner of domestic league titles in both Italy and England, there is no doubting the credentials of current Inter manager Antonio Conte. The former heartbeat of Italy’s midfield has worked with some of the best players to grace the modern game, but his success owes much to his reinventing of the 3-5-2 wheel. Charged with reviving Juventus’ fortunes after the Calciopoli scandal, Conte led La Vecchia Signora to three consecutive Serie A titles - before impressing his philosophy upon an arguably average Chelsea side, winning the Premier League in his first year in charge


Club as Coach Inter Milan
  Chelsea FC

2013 12 31 Retrieve

[Juventus may have been beaten by Galatasaray on a mud patch in December but Bianconeri boss Antonio Conte certainly won the war of words afterwards] At halftime I reiterated to the referee that it was not safe to play in these conditions. Didier Drogba said it was the same thing for both teams, but I pointed out it wasn’t, because we were trying to play football

2014 02 23 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte on Fabio Capello] When that football ‘guru’ speaks, we ought to just kneel down and say, ‘Yessir!’. Other historic Juventus coaches, like Marcello Lippi and Giovanni Trapattoni, are respectful but Capello is disrespectful and annoying. Since I’ve been here he’s always been talking about Juventus and sticking his nose in. Perhaps our statistics and records annoy him. Capello ought to mind his own business. He won two Scudetti with a tank of a squad, but nobody will remember their style of football or Capello for anything in particular

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[Italy coach Antonio Conte on his job] A tailor makes a suit out of the materials available to him. He can only do what the material allows him to do. The work of a football coach is rather similar

2016 07 16 Retrieve

[New Chelsea boss Antonio Conte looks ahead to upcoming English Premier League season when speaking to the media at his first press conference] Chelsea belongs in the Champions League and we must stay there. I know only the road to take the club back to competing and winning the title - work, work, work. The coach is a tailor who must make the best dress for the team. Last season in tenth was a bad season, but we must think to the present.

2016 10 23 Retrieve

[Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United coaching staff ignored Antonio Conte’s outstretched hand as they turned to retreat down the tunnel, it provoked a heated argument with a member of the Italian’s own back-room team] I think that a private conversation must remain private. If someone discover something, OK … but for me the private conversation remains private.

I think that, today, it was right to call on our fans in a moment when I could only hear the supporters of Manchester United [singing] at 4-0. So I called the fans to give the players a great clap after this kind of performance. The players deserved that

We live with emotions. If you want to cut the emotions, we can stay at home and I will change jobs. It’s important for our fans to push in every moment of the game. When the players deserve it after this performance, it’s right to receive a great clap from the fans.

It’s right to celebrate when you win. When you work very hard and win, it’s important to celebrate. But I prefer to win a war, not a battle. I have already told my players that Manchester United is in the past. Now we must be focused on Wednesday because there is another important, tough game against West Ham [in the League Cup]. It’s important to celebrate this evening, but then to start to focus on another game

2016 12 17 Retrieve

[Chelsea manager Antonio Conte on why his forward Diego Costa enjoys a beer after a match] [It is good] for rehydration, you can drink Coca-Cola or one beer. It’s good for recovery. But one. Not a lot. It’s good. After you finish the game, quickly, not an hour after the end. I have great professionals in my players. In this case, I don’t think a coach or a manager can say: ‘Do this’ or ‘Don’t do this’. I have great professionals and I know they will have the better attitude and behaviours in this situation

2017 01 27 Retrieve

[Conte won’t sell Begovic unless replacement is found] Yes, Begovic will start. Begovic is a Chelsea player, it is important to understand this. And Begovic for me will stay. I understand all the players but I think it’s important also for the player to understand me and the club. Now it is very difficult because not one club is able to sell you a good player. We are open to help him if there is the opportunity to replace him in the best way. If it is not possible then Begovic will stay with us. At the end of the season we will evaluate the situation in the best way. I don’t know about a lot of names that I read. For sure there is this situation and Bournemouth asked about him but he is Chelsea’s player and I am very happy for him to stay in the squad, His commitment, his behaviour outside of the pitch. He is very important in the changing room. Only if we can have a good substitution can he go

[Defender Branislav Ivanovic is another to be linked with a move but Conte would not be drawn on his future] I don’t know. For sure this is a particular month because there is this window. There are a lot of speculations. There are a lot of lies but there is also truth in some situations. I don’t know what will happen at the end of this window. The club knows my thoughts about this. If we stay with these players, I am very happy too. I think that we have to improve our squad in [terms of] the number of players because in some roles we are short with a few players. If that happens I am very happy. If it doesn’t happen we will continue in this way

[He could not, however, confirm whether Kenedy or Charly Musonda will be allowed out on loan] I’ve read a lot of good names in the newspaper, yes. I think that sometimes you know more than me about this! I have confidence in my players. I don’t know if we will sign new players I must be honest. For sure, if Kenedy and Musonda play only one second they must stay with us for the rest of the season. The players know this, the club and me know this. But I think that they are two young players with good prospects. They have a good will to fight and to try to improve and work. If we take this decision to stay here I think that the players will be very happy and the club and I the same. For this season, Ruben and Chalobah, for sure they continue to stay with us for the rest of the season. We will continue in this way to try to develop our players, like Musonda, Kenedy and [Nathan] Ake

2017 02 01 Retrieve

[Conte doesn’t believe that Ivanovic’s career is over and that a move to Zenit St. Petersburg could revitalise the Serbia captain to another few years of influential performances] He has played a lot of games for Chelsea and has won a lot here. He is 32 years old and can play many more years at the top level but it’s important to respect the player’s decision

2017 02 25 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte praises Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti, who will reach 1,000 games as a coach this weekend] He is now the best Italian coach, one of the best in the world. 1,000 games is not easy, to stay on the bench for that long but with that responsibility to win every season is great. He deserves the best

2017 03 18 Retrieve

[Chelsea manager Antonio Conte praised United counterpart Jose Mourinho for his successful coaching spells with the Stamford Bridge outfit] I think Jose Mourinho wrote a good part of the history of Chelsea. He won a lot with the players. He did a great job here in Chelsea. It’s important, always, not to forget this. I have great respect for him because he’s a winner. I like his mentality. He has a winning mentality. For sure, he’s one of the best in the world and, here, he did a great job. I think every single fan must respect him. Would I like to write a history like him and leave like a hero? In the future, I hope so. His history with Chelsea was great. I know very well he’s in the heart of Chelsea’s fans. It’s great this because he deserves it. For sure, I hope in the future to emulate his wins here

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte speaks after his side’s 2-1 win over Manchester City] I think I played tonight with my players, for sure. I suffered with them. We must be pleased because we beat a very strong team – I think they’re the best team in the league

2017 04 21 Retrieve

[Ugo Ehiogu’s death leaves Chelsea’s Antonio Conte pondering own mortality] It is a shock, for sure. When this type of situation happens I am a 47-year-old, a former player, and a coach. You think – for sure, this could happen to me. You think about this, and you hope that this situation never happens to someone. But when it happens, you reflect a lot about life. And sometimes you think [you should] live the life more, and not sometimes be angry for stupid problems. Because you don’t know if the day after you’ll be here, or another place. This situation is very clear for us. We are in trouble. Aké has been showing me in all this period, always a great commitment. He worked very hard, his behaviour was fantastic.

[Cahill’s absence might have been considered an ideal opportunity to rehabilitate the club captain, John Terry, who has started three of Chelsea’s four FA Cup ties on their road to Wembley. Instead Conte revealed that he would put his trust in Nathan Aké] And don’t forget that Aké was playing every game with Bournemouth, and he wanted to come and try to help us fight for the title. I think he’s a good player, he deserves this opportunity and I trust him. I have no problem to take this decision.

Aké has been showing me in all this period, always a great commitment. He worked very hard, his behaviour was fantastic. And don’t forget that Aké was playing every game with Bournemouth, and he wanted to come and try to help us fight for the title. I think he’s a good player, he deserves this opportunity and I trust him. I have no problem to take this decision

I think the FA Cup is a great competition. There is a great tradition in this competition and we want to respect this. But I think also when there is a clash with a game you have to play in the league this situation is very clear for us, we are in trouble to face this situation. I have to take the best decision, to find the right balance.

We have to enjoy this moment, because this moment is great for everyone. For me, in my first season, and for my players because they worked a lot to arrive at this point. I think we have to enjoy this moment, to help each other, and to live with joy because if we think of where we started this season, I think every one of us would have signed up to have the situation we face now

[Conte dismissed Mauricio Pochettino’s suggestion that Chelsea’s gilded recent history and current league leadership make them heavy favourites for the game as an excuse] I think that Tottenham must be considered at the top, because they are now a really great power in English football. They have been working three years and I think it’s the right moment not to consider them underdogs and have this excuse. They are a great team and for the second year they are fighting for the title. Last year they missed this, this year they are trying again, and I think in the future they will fight every year for the title because they are full of strong players and they are building something important

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte thinks second-place Tottenham Hotspur are the best team in the league. Despite Chelsea have a four-point lead at the top of the English Premier League] It won’t be easy because I think Tottenham are now the best team. They are in good form and they have a lot of enthusiasm. They are feeling the possibility to write history and it is important for us to know this

2017 05 13 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte reveals his delight after winning the English Premier League title in his debut season as Chelsea manager] For me to win in my first season in England, I am really proud of the achievement. My players showed me great professionalism, commitment, work-rate and will to try to win this league. We have two games to celebrate, then we try to make this season from great to fantastic

2017 05 26 Retrieve

[Modest Conte comes across as very much a glass half-empty man – he is too aware of the downside of professional football to linger too long on the fleeting giddiness of glory] I don’t like a lot the champagne. I celebrated, for sure, with my staff. We had a dinner together, and we had ‘cheers’. It’s right to enjoy this moment because if you win after a strong season like this, it’s right to enjoy it. I don’t smoke, but tomorrow I’m hoping to smoke a cigar if we win. I’m ready to do this

But I can tell you that, to celebrate the win, the moment of the celebration is less. The low from a defeat is longer than the high after a win.

At the moment, my situation is very clear. I have two more years’ contract with the club. Then, if the club give me the possibility to stay here and to extend my contract, for sure I am available to do this. But we have the same idea about the future. The way we have to do things together, to improve the squad and the team. But, I repeat, I’m happy for this season and am happy to stay here. I hope to stay here for many years.

[As ever, Conte draws inspiration from the bad moments to deliver the good times – the 3-0 defeat at Arsenal in September which triggered a major tactical rethink] In my career, I had tough moments, at Arezzo in my first role. I started my career with a team in the lower divisions. But, for sure, when you arrive at a new club like Chelsea and the level of expectation is so high, you have to be ready to face this moment.

I think, at this moment, you see the real value of the coach. In these moments you can appreciate the reaction of the coach, if the coach is able to understand the moment and find a solution to completely change the season. But, honestly, I was always very calm. I knew that I was putting all of myself, all my strength, into this new job. Myself and my staff were working so hard for the club and the players. Anything can happen in a season, but the most important thing is your soul, your heart, are calm.

2017 07 29 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte speaks of his admiration for Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane] Tottenham is a really good squad, if they are able to keep all the players. For me, Harry Kane, now, is one of the best strikers in the world. If I had to buy one striker, I would go to Kane. He is a complete striker. He is strong physically, with the ball, without the ball, he fights and he’s strong in the air and acrobatic on the right and the left. If you go to buy Kane now, it would be at least £100m

2017 09 30 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte reveals that he will return to his homeland before too long] I have nostalgia for Italy and this is without doubt. I have in my head not to stay abroad for so long. Once [I am] done [with] some nice and formative experiences, I for sure will return to Italy

2017 11 24 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte talks about the selling of former Chelsea FC such as De Bruyne as example of Chelsea’s talent drain] I don’t know, honestly, what happened in the past. But for sure we are talking about a top player, the complete player. He’s good – technical, fast, and he works hard for his team. He is the complete player

2017 12 09 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte talks about playmaker Eden Hazard’s potential] I don’t think that Eden is at the peak of his career yet. I think he has a lot of improvement [to make]. It’s important for him to work, work, work in every training session to improve himself and then to have this kind of performance. You are only at the top when you win the Ballon d’Or the first time, when you win the Champions League or when you win the World Cup. At that moment, you are a great player

2018 03 17 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte heaped praise on Lionel Messi] When you have the opportunity to make a great compliment to Messi, it is right. It is right to recognise a super, super, super top player. He is able to score 60 goals every season. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to give him my compliment. We are talking about an extraordinary player - the best in the world

2018 11 17 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte on the ethos of Italian coaches] We Italian coaches have a great culture of work and when you join a new club you can’t change everything, you must try and do it very gradually. Each coach must be a good tailor and adapt their beliefs to the human material that they have at their disposal

2019 08 12 Retrieve

[Conte said in July on the back of a 1-0 International Champions Cup defeat to Manchester United] We’re working with him, but his response isn’t positive. Perisic can’t play in the role that I want. Therefore, he can only play as a striker right now.

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Antonio Conte speaks on Alexis Sanchez] It is up to us to help him find the form and the brilliance he has lost a little. Alexis is a footballer who has certain characteristics. He is a tough player, and sooner or later you will see him on the pitch. Each of us has room for improvement. For some it will be a path that is more simple; for others more complex

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Conte says Eriksen arrival is a coup for Inter] Eriksen was a great coup for this club as he had so many options to choose from and he chose Inter. That proves Inter are seen the right way and we are all working to ensure the brand maintains this lustre. Eriksen hasn’t been playing very much lately for Spurs, but all told, he is in decent physical shape and is starting to get into our ideas of football. We talked to him a great deal, so he understands what we want from him and fortunately he is a quick learner.

[Asked if the arrivals of Eriksen, Young and Moses will give Inter enough to win the Scudetto] Time will tell. I am happy to work with these players, but they still need to learn the style of football and the language. When the intensive period of the fixture list begins, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope there are no injuries. You all saw what happened in the first five months, as there were players forced to play every three days. I hope to have more options to choose and rotate

[Lautaro Martinez will miss the visit to Udinese as he starts a two-match ban, with Conte confirming 17-year-old Sebastiano Esposito or Alexis Sanchez will partner Romelu Lukaku in attack]</b> Lautaro is a big miss, considering his strong rapport with Romelu Lukaku. It’s an opportunity for those who haven’t played as much to make the most of the situation. Either Sebastiano Esposito or Alexis Sanchez will start. Marcelo Brozovic had his first training session with us yesterday and is coming to Udine, then we’ll evaluate his fitness there. I expect a tough game, as Udinese are a very physical side with strong quality too. It’ll be a hard match, as they all are in Serie A

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[After Eriksen scored his first goal for Inter last month against Ludogorets, Conte suggested his new signing was still some way from his best form] I’m happy for him, the goal always gives confidence. Christian just needs to work to find the right physical condition, to find the brilliance of his best moments at Tottenham. He can do even more than what he showed us today, but we are very happy because we know what he can give us.