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Antonio Valencia
Gender Male
Ethnic Ecuadorian
Job Ecuadorian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Ecuador National Team
Club as Player Liga de Quito
  Manchester United

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United captain Antonio Valencia has returned to his home nation of Ecuador with Liga de Quito, who announced the winger’s arrival on Friday] One of the most celebrated players in Ecuadorian football history, Luis Antonio Valencia is a new Guerrero Albo. The man who was captain of Manchester United at the start of the 2017-18 season and who said farewell with honours after a successful 10-year spell in the Premier League returns to Ecuadorian football as a living legend. He comes to Liga on a two-year-contract with an option for a further years, a great effort from the Alba directors with the invaluable support of our sponsors who made this dream of the Alba family come true

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Antonio Valencia has admitted that he struggles to watch Manchester United as it is painful for him to follow his former team] Honestly, I do not watch all of the games now. It is painful for me. I try to watch but it makes me very sad. I have United in my heart: the city, the fans, 10 years of my life. It is too hard to watch the defeats. I miss being there

[Reflecting on what made United so successful under Ferguson] This was a team of absolute winners. I remember arriving at United and winning a game at the weekend. I thought: ‘Phew, now we can relax a little.’ Then straight away everyone was talking about winning the next game. There was never time to enjoy the wins. But that’s what title winners do. I’d get to training: Patrice Evra, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs were all in the gym, way before training started. I am thinking: ‘These guys have Champions League winners’ medals, they are multi-millionaires, and here they are in the gym at 7am?’

Imagine that determination, that inner steel, that hunger. As a young player, what a lesson: these people are not only winners but they are addicted to winning. [They were] demanding, too. The players policed the dressing room. There was nothing worse than lateness from a young player, because 34-year-olds had arrived two hours before to do extra work. Do people realise these hard yards? They see results, who wins and who plays well, but they don’t get to see the sacrifices. Giggs, for goodness sake! I got there when he was [in his] mid-30s and he’s taking up yoga so he can keep winning and then he’s leading the way in fitness drills. Amazing

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Valencia offers first-hand insight into Man Utd’s fall from grace] That day, when he told us he was leaving, he was emotional. We were all emotional. I was really sad. If he had stayed another year, I think we could have won the Champions League or another Premier League. You just knew at the start of a Ferguson season you were going to win something

It was different [when Moyes came in]. Ferguson, he had this way of making every player feel important. Then Moyes came and maybe only a certain group of players felt this importance

Chicharito did not have the same opportunities to play. Ferguson just had this way of managing the expectations of a player. ‘OK, you aren’t playing this one but I need you ready to score against this team in 10 days.’ This kept players happy. Then Moyes came and not everyone could be kept happy, partly because the pressure came very early. But the players have their own responsibility, too. But maybe it’s normal, after 26 years … Ferguson was excellent, a magician as a coach

When I got to United, Ferguson told me, ‘Your English needs to get better quickly, it is important for the team.’ I understand everything now. When I first joined Wigan, my translator Phil Dickinson sat next to me in the dressing room and then even came onto the training pitch in T-shirt and shorts. He was malissimo (terrible)! But a great guy. Everyone at Wigan helped me. Emile Heskey learned some Spanish words and wrote them down to help me out.

At United, let’s be honest, I could tell when Sir Alex was grumpy because his face became much redder! But seriously, he knew exactly what to say, when we won and we lost. Take one FA Cup game against Chelsea. It’s half-time at Stamford Bridge. I will never forget, he pulls me, ‘You have 10 more minutes to do something and if you don’t, I’m taking you off.’ In front of everyone, of course. He was putting a lot of pressure on me and I responded. But inside, I was on edge, nervous, anxious but he provoked an improvement. He would often go for guys like Giggs and Rooney, so younger players would think, ‘If even they are getting it, then I definitely cannot rest on my laurels.’ The next day, after Chelsea, he called me into his office, told me I had his trust completely, to feel free on the pitch, to enjoy the game.

2019 11 26b Retrieve

[Antonio Valencia says Paul Pogba could be a ‘bigger star’ at Manchester United and it’s important he gets ‘love’ from his manager] Paul is intelligent, a leader, a great player with talent but someone who needs the feeling and connection of a team. He is a star […] but he can be a bigger star. Paul needs the definitive love of a manager. There are players who have a lot of talent but need to feel important and to have the manager by their side. I think (Ole Gunnar) Solskjaer restored that to him

[The club] has changed a little. I see some positives now. I like Scott McTominay, he reminds me of Darren Fletcher. Scott is tough. Dan James, I love watching him. Rashford too. Martial could be amazing

2019 11 26c Retrieve

[Antonio Valencia insists Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can overcome recent hiccups and build a formidable Manchester United] He knows what a United player should be: he must have character, personality, the heart of a winner. United need to get this feeling back. When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrived, he came with Ferguson traits; tactically, the mentality, the players felt more free and he gave us more confidence. When the decision was made to keep him permanently, it was absolutely what the players wanted. He has been there for less than a year. He is putting together a team to compete. I have no doubts he will do that. He is a very good coach, he knows what he wants, he is a disciple of Ferguson’s school, he is bringing these lessons to a new generation of players

[When asked to offer his take on the Paul Pogba’s future] He is a star […] but he can be a bigger star. Paul needs the definitive love of a manager. There are players who have a lot of talent but need to feel important and to have the manager by their side. I think Solskjaer restored that to him

2019 11 26d Retrieve

[Former Manchester United captain Antonio Valencia opens up on allegedly being dropped by Mourinho over Instagram sack post] OK, let’s clear it up. I made a mistake. I was on Instagram and I pressed the ‘like’ button on a comment by a fan. I never realised what it said. Jose is a smart guy. It was nothing. I sought the manager out, I said sorry and end of story. He said, ‘No problem’. I didn’t play in the last few games for Jose but it was nothing to do with that. It was different reasons. I had a series of calf injuries and it was affecting my performances. That’s why I was missing

[Mourinho appears to be trying to change the overriding perception of him in an early charm offensive at Spurs] Jose is more relaxed than he appears. When we worked, we worked bloody hard. And when we lost, he was hard on us too. But he had a good mentality. When we won, he wanted us to win the next game too. This mattered to him. That’s what winners do, right? He was good with days off but he wanted us to be sensible, to cleanse the mind on a day off and return completely fresh for the next training session. This is why he has won so much. When he praises you, he can make you feel so special. When he arrived, I was expecting exactly what happened: to win titles. This is what we did, two in his first season. He is a winner; he knows what he wants and that came across

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Antonio Valencia says Paul Pogba is a star and needs love in order to rediscover his best form at Manchester United] Pogba is a star. Do you know what he needs? Love. I have heard many rumours about [Zinedine] Zidane and Real Madrid, but he never said anything. He is a clever person. If in the United we give this affection, Pogba will shine

It’s difficult to manage such a unique case. I see United getting better and better, Rashford is going through a great time. They are a solid team behind (in defence), with confidence and a star in De Gea

2020 02 05 Tweet

[Ex-Man Utd star Antonio Valencia sends message to Odion Ighalo after taking his No.25 shirt] I always saw the number 25 as an opportunity to work beyond my dreams. It has been my inspiration and became my amulet. I wish you all the success now with this shirt brother!