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Name Arrigo Sacchi
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football Coach
Desc Football is born in the brain, not in the body. Michelangelo said he painted with his mind, not with his hands. So, obviously, I need intelligent players. That was our philosophy at Milan. I didn’t want solo artists; I wanted an orchestra. The greatest compliment I received was when people said my football was like music.’ Arrigo Sacchi wanted his teams to play fluid football that made their adoring audiences gasp in awe of what they were witnessing; between 1987 and 1991, his team did just that. The conductor of the single greatest club team the world has ever seen, Sacchi changed calcio forever by winning with beautiful football


Club as Coach AC Milan

2013 08 17 Retrieve

[Arrigo Sacchi on Real Madrid’s bid to sign Gareth Bale] €120m is a huge amount of money. I think it’s just a commercial stunt. For Real Madrid to take a British player, it’s probably for sponsor-related reasons

2016 10 29 Retrieve

[Former Italy head coach Arrigo Sacchi reveals Bayern Munich head coach Carlo Ancelotti knows when to get angry] I have seen him furious a fair few times, both as a player and as a coach. Carlo can get angry if the situation calls for it. Carlo knows what he has to do. He knows when he has to be nice, show his players affection and when he has to tighten the leash a bit. We are talking about a coach who has been coaching the best teams in the world for 20 years or so and who has won loads of silverware. He can adapt to any situation

2017 01 14 Retrieve

[Former AC Milan head coach Arrigo Sacchi praises current Milan coach Vincenzo Montella] Montella isn’t doing well, he’s doing very well. He’s painting a masterpiece. I wasn’t sure at the beginning because I could see he was part of that attacking group of coaches and, when he got to Milan, he seemed to put on the handbrake. Now, I like the style of play that I see. The youngsters? That’s the aspect I like most

2019 12 09 Interview

[Q: What do you make of Manchester City’s current form. Are you surprised by the mixed results?] I wrote to Pep Guardiola to compliment him on the last difficult away win. I think he is one of the coaches who has changed football. His way of doing things makes everything joyful, his teams play well. There are negative moments. My Milan side had difficult moments before beating Steaua in the 1988 European Cup final. These are not catastrophic for Pep and his fantastic City side

[Q: What did you think of the Ballon d’Or results?] I think the podium is right - take a look at the three champions. Many wanted to give it to Virgil Van Dijk, he had an extraordinary season. Franco Baresi deserved the prize but never won. He was a defender in the years when offensive players were awarded

Franco Baresi, like Virgil van Dijk, was snubbed for the Ballon d’Or in favour of attacking stars

[Q: Maurizio Sarri swapped Chelsea for Juventus in the summer, what do you make of the job he is doing with the Italian champions?] I think he is one of the greatest strategists in international football. He inherited the team from a good coach like Massimiliano Allegri. If I had to make a comparison, I would say they are very different. Like the north and the south, the east and the west

Sarri, however, did not choose these players directly. Practically all the club’s signings were chosen when Allegri was still in the hot seat. Sarri preferred to listen to the sports director without insisting on his idea of ​​football

[Q: What do you make of Aaron Ramsey?] I didn’t know much about him, I must say that from what I saw he is insignificant. I hope he can improve - for him and for Sarri. The Juventus coach looks as though he is trying to manage an orchestra in which he didn’t choose the musicians. He is doing a difficult job, trying to mix all the players he has. It is not easy but he is one of the best

[Q: Did you ever turn down a player that was suggested to you by your board while a manager?] Of course, I wanted suitable players. At Milan I said no to many players proposed by a wonderful President like Silvio Berlusconi. Once he wanted to buy Claudio Borghi

I said: ‘No, he is slow and does not help in defence’

Berlusconi insisted and I replied: ‘President would you take someone who is not suited to your way of working?’

He says: ‘No!’

And I said, smiling, ‘Then why do I have to do it?’

Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani are upstanding, fantastic owners

[Q: Liverpool had four players in the top 10 list of the Ballon d’Or awards. A great sign for English football…] Certainly. In one season, my Milan side produced four out of the top ten - a record. The next year it was the same. Liverpool expresses football, they have a great coach. With me the players improved - we never bought, initially, players who had already won something. The right synergy has been created between me, them and the club. My luck was to have an exceptional team with great chairmen

[Q: You did not have a great many internationals in your Milan side, but you still dominated in Europe. How so?] Yes, after winning the Scudetto [in 1988] we decided to start a summer Champions League by challenging the best European clubs. We won all the matches. We even won both our games at Wembley in the Makita tournament. We won against Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Monaco, European champions PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid. Thus we created the great Milan, with work

[Q: What do you think of Mohamed Salah?] Salah was a good player in Italy, but he was not a champion. Now, thanks to Klopp and the synergistic system, he has grown a lot - he is a champion. Football is evolution, he has improved a lot compared to his period in Italy. Congratulations to Liverpool

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[legendary coach Arrigo Sacchi pointed out that Juventus have neither the same level of star power that fuelled Real Madrid’s three successive triumphs nor the relentless energy of Liverpool] How much would Juventus benefit from the pressing of Klopp’s team, and Ronaldo most of all?

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Arrigo Sacchi on football] Football is the most important of life’s unimportant things

2020 05 08 Retrieve

[Gegenpressing: How does the tactical style made famous by Klopp work?] If we let our opponents play in a way they were accustomed to, they would grow in confidence, but if we stopped them it would hurt their confidence. That was the key: our pressing was psychological as much as physical