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Artur Petrosyan
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
  Editor-in-chief at
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Club as Coach Armenia National Team [Head coach]

2013 08 14 Retrieve

[Meltdown at Anzhi - Eto’o, Willian and Denisov head football’s biggest firesale] Signs of difficulty were building each day at Anzhi. Disappointing results and conflict inside the team affected Kerimov’s faith in the project. When he lost more than $500 million in the market it only got worse.

The Uralkali loss did influence his decision but it was not the only factor. Infighting in the dressing room, combined with his recent health problems only further exacerbated the situation.

Denisov couldn’t stand the fact Eto’o rules the party and that most foreign players accept this. They had some serious disputes, and the board supported Eto’o and co.

Nothing good can come of this. All, or almost all, of Anzhi’s best players will depart during this transfer window. They’ll be building a new team and instead of fighting for the title will probably have to battle for survival in the Premier League

2018 01 26 Retrieve

[Artur Petrosyan says Henrikh Mkhitaryan had a problem with Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and is better off at Arsenal] I think Henrikh had a problem with the United coach and at Arsenal, it will be another thing and not the same situation. There will not be so much pressure on him defensively. Yes, he [Arsene Wenger] likes them to play better football. I think Wenger is better for Henrikh. We are very happy with this transfer from Manchester United. His style of play will be better suited at Arsenal. I only spoke with Miki and I cannot tell you about my talks with Miki because it was between us, but I told you about my impression that I was not happy with Mourinho. I think Henrikh can do very well in the Premier League. He can continue in a good mood, in a good way. He is always one of the best players in the Premier League but under this manager - Wenger - he will become even stronger.

[Petrosyan added on a testing period for Mkhitaryan at Old Trafford which saw him win three trophies but endure regular spells out of the team] I think the [Manchester United] fans liked him. I think that means he did something for the club. I am not happy with Mourinho’s decision not to play him, but it is his club, his team - he knows what he wants. It is good he has left.

2018 11 15 Retrieve

[The former Gunners playmaker has decided to hang up his boots at the age of 37 in the coming weeks after a rollercoaster career] He was never the most ambitious person. That’s a problem with a lot of Russian players. It’s a problem with their mentality. When they achieve success and earn some good money, they just stop progressing and that’s it for them. That’s what happened with Arshavin.