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Name Arturo Vidal
Gender Male
Ethnic Chilean
Job Chilean Footballer
Desc ​Arturo Vidal, like Sanchez, was an essential component in Chile’s recent Copa America successes, but the tough-tackling midfielder’s club career has been even more impressive. Quite remarkably, Vidal has managed to secure eight back-to-back league titles in three different countries, winning the top prize with ​Juventus, ​Bayern Munich and, most recently, ​Barcelona.​


Org Chile National Team
Club as Player Barcelona FC


Mentor Arturo Olea

2015 06 17 Tweet

[Arturo Vidal was under influence of alcohol when he crashed car] Unfortunately I was involved in a traffic accident.

2015 07 28 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich complete transfer of Arturo Vidal from Juventus] I’m very happy. This is a new step in my career and I hope I do well here. I want to help the team and win trophies. It’s a dream come true for me personally

I wanted to take another big step forward in my career. I want to keep developing as a player and win important trophies like the Champions League. I think the best opportunity to do so is with Bayern

2017 06 27 Retrieve

[Arturo Vidal Calls Cristiano Ronaldo a ‘Smart Ass’ Ahead of Portugal vs Chile] Cristiano is a smart ass. For me he does not exist. I have already told my Bayern Munich team-mate [and Germany international] Joshua Kimmich that we will meet again in the final!

2017 07 02 Retrieve

[four-time Serie A and two-time Bundesliga champion Vidal boldly avowed back in 2014] Many try to imitate my style, but I want to say one thing: I’m the best defensive midfielder in the world. No one defends as well as me and scores so many goals

[Vidal said to FIFA TV, as he picked up his man-of-the-match award following Chile’s tournament-opening win over Cameroon] Obviously it’s important to get off to a good start, and I’m delighted to score, but the three points are what matter most. We’ve put in the preparation and want to go as far as we can. Hopefully we can win the competition

[Germany provide one last test of Chile’s Confederations Cup credentials. Vidal will not lose any sleep as he prepares to deliver the knockout blow to a side predominated by tried and tested Bundesliga talent, including Bayern teammate Joshua Kimmich] Jo didn’t play a lot [last season], but he was always well prepared when he did. It’s always a tough decision for the coach. Young players need minutes under their belts to develop. But he’s a quality player

2018 03 08 Retrieve

[Vidal joins Barcelona from Bayern in €20m switch] Thanks to Bayern and all the fans. I really enjoyed my time in Munich. I would like to thank the club for giving me another chance to take on a new challenge in Barcelona

2018 10 24 Retrieve

[While he has confessed that he is ‘not happy’ with spending most of his time on the Barca bench, he certainly isn’t going to throw in the towel at this early stage of his Camp Nou career] I’m going to keep doing what I have always done: fight, because nothing is easy. But you can do anything in this life with effort and sacrifice

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[The Barcelona man believes his country could do something special in Brazil] This squad should be feared, from the beginning to the final. We hope it’s going to be something amazing, but we’re going to take it game by game. Everything is starting from new: a new process, new players, new coaches. It took us many days to talk about and clear up things

[Vidal asserted that his team were prepared for the challenges Kubo and his team would offer] [Kubo] is a player with real quality, there’s a reason he’s at Real Madrid. We’ve seen him, analyzed him really well and we know how to stop this player

Japan are an organized team, they’re quick and we have to be careful, concentrate and when they come out to play we have to attack them really quickly because afterward they go into a 4-5-1 and it’s really hard to score a goal

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[The Chilean midfielder insists he is fully committed to the cause at Camp Nou] I’m happy. I came here to be successful and help the team complete its objectives of winning trophies. I came here to be an important member of the squad as I have at every other team in my career. I’m not here just to change clubs every time the transfer window opens

[With that in mind, the former Juventus star sees no reason why he should be considering a change of scenery] If the coach or the team tells me to leave, I’ll gladly do that. I don’t mind. But I believe I still have a lot more to give here and I want to achieve more things. I still need to lift the Champions League

[Vidal went on to say of his ambition with the Blaugrana] I want everything. Barcelona is a team that needs to win the Champions League, win the Copa del Rey and retain the league. I know it’s going to be difficult but we have the players to achieve that. It’s a very hungry squad that wants to win everything

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Arturo Vidal has revealed he isn’t on speaking terms with Claudio Bravo] Bravo’s wife accused us of partying during qualification for the World Cup in Russia and not training because of drunkenness. One of the two of us must take a step forward and it isn’t me, for that reason I didn’t make any problems (at the recent training camp) and we both trained individually. He gave everything, as did I, the team could see that. We’re not friends, nor will we be, but the national team is the most important thing

[Bravo and Barcelona star Vidal, who both have over 100 Chile caps, are long-term team-mates but their bond has now entirely deteriorated] I have said things [to Bravo] and I don’t have any reason to say them in the press. I am man enough to say things face to face. I don’t know if he understood what I said, but we haven’t spoken again since then

[He has started just two matches for Barcelona this season] I am not happy, I am not happy. All my career I have started and this time it hasn’t happened. I am calm, I am working to turn it over and win the position. I know it will come

I lived very nice moments with Antonio Conte. The quality leap I gave was thanks to him. In football the most important thing is trust and when a coach of that prestige gives it to you, you improve a lot

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Barcelona star Vidal frustrated over alleged unpaid bonuses] I’m not in charge of that - that’s why I have my agent, my lawyer, who takes care of the awards and stuff. It seems unfair to me if money is missing, but it is an issue that is alien to what we are experiencing today

It’s a subject I said when I arrived here that I’ll talk about it when I’m there [in Spain]. I’m on holiday and I just want to talk about what’s going on here

2019 12 30 Retrieve

[It was reported in December 2018 that the 31-year-old had become frustrated with a lack of action at Barcelona, and matters reached a head when he posted an angry emoji on Instagram after being left out of a Champions League match with Tottenham at Wembley] There was a little bit of annoyance, but it’s in the past. A player always wants to play and to be important. You come here to contribute, not to cause problems in such an important team.

It was a little bit of a heated thing, but it’s in the past. I’m only thinking about working, doing things well and winning titles. I try to do what the coach wants and give what I know from my career. I can steal balls, attack and defend, and give my best. Some people get confused and aren’t sure what it is I do. There aren’t many midfielders who can do what I can, which is to go box to box. This is good for the team.

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Midfielder Arturo Vidal has sued Barcelona for £2million over unpaid bonuses] The person in charge of this is not me. For that it’s my representative and my lawyer, who takes care of these bonuses

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Vidal hits back at former Juventus team-mate Chiellini’s alcohol claims] People have focused on the worst things Chiellini said. I don’t see why one should say those things, it annoyed me. But he also said that I was a champion. He called me and explained to me. I didn’t do anything I couldn’t do. I was allowed to go out. I am a human being like everyone else. I work hard and if friends meet for an asado [social event] with the club’s permission, I’ll go too. If I have to stay focused, I do it, but when it’s my turn to have fun I take advantage of it, I’m just like the others. When I was wrong, I paid and got up. In football there are codes

2020 05 22b Retrieve

[Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal insisted he was happy at the La Liga club amid links with a move to Inter] I am very happy and comfortable in Barcelona, of course I want to continue. Now I am more prepared than ever. I am happy, there is a good group and I have great friends in the dressing room

I feel very well physically, better than ever. In all my career I never had so much time to prepare myself. We made a plan to the maximum to extend my career as much as possible. I feel prepared for what is coming, both the Champions League and La Liga

2020 05 30 Retrieve

[Barca’s Vidal targeting ninth consecutive title when La Liga resumes] These 11 games are going to be 11 finals, we are all clear about that, and that they will be very difficult. We have to trust ourselves, we have to think about winning and also doing it in the best way. It would be a dream to win nine leagues in a row, because achieving a record with that many titles is very difficult. I still feel good and will continue fighting and winning trophies. Few players in history have done this and I’m proud. I hope to win the 9th here with Barca

For us, it is very important that Luis and the other injured players recover, because it will be two intense months with many games to play in a short space of time. We need to be at 100 per cent for the two competitions we have left. I know the players are all well and have a great desire to win. We have all come back to training in very good physical condition, having prepared at home. We can’t all be together yet, but hopefully soon

It was an incredible joy to return to training, those two months being locked up were quite long. You enjoy it a lot more when you’re on the pitch with your team-mates, it’s a very nice experience. Now we are coming back and are doing very well [in training], but we are facing some very important months ahead. It was exciting to come back after what happened. With team-mates … there was a lot of happiness and a lot of conversation at a distance, trying to understand if each one of us has had the virus

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Arturo Vidal has hinted that he would be interested in a move to Inter in order to link up with Antonio Conte, while admitting that he doesn’t always feel important at Barcelona] We have to play for two more months. Here I am happy and I have excellent teammates, but I want to feel important. Otherwise, I will have to look for something else to continue my career. I like playing, I don’t say all the games, but the most difficult and important ones to win the titles

[The Chilean added on Conte’s reported interest in him at Inter] We have an excellent relationship, he knows that I am a winner and that he can trust me. That’s what I want here. In the stadium and on the street people make me feel very loved. They like me to leave my life, although the press always says about Barca DNA

[Vidal did insist that he remains committed to helping Barca] We are up in the league and what we have ahead is such a defined goal that we don’t have to think about anything else. We must be champions, that is what is really important

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Vidal says It’s very difficult to even want to go on the pitch without Barcelona fans] It’s strange and complicated, from the things we have to do before games to the fixed protocols, as they are things you couldn’t imagine before. People gave you feelings we don’t have now before we even got to the stadium. Now the atmosphere has changed completely. You don’t have the motivation of your fans and it’s very difficult to concentrate or, even, to want to go on the pitch. Football is about the atmosphere its fans create

[Vidal acknowledges the fact that the reigning Spanish champions will have to raise their game to keep pace with Real Madrid] It will be a very intense and very hard game and we have to improve because Athletic are very complicated. We have to recover as soon as possible between matchdays

If we beat Napoli, it’ll be one-legged games and I like that because you’re playing for it all in 90 minutes. In those circumstances is when important players have to show up, I want to do that

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Barcelona in ‘perfect’ shape to retain La Liga title] As the games are closer together we need to use the time as best we can to ensure we go into the next game in the best possible shape. But I think we are in perfect condition to be champions. The great atmosphere among the team is an important factor. We have all become close friends and that helps on the field. It’s very important because it really shows. I’m happy

[Vidal is excited about the way the Champions League will finish] I like the format. If we can beat Napoli it’s going to be very odd because of how and where it’s happening, in August and over single legs. But all-or-nothing games are the ones I like the best. I want to be important in those games