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Name Ashley Cole
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc One of the very few England players of a generation who could claim to be the absolute best in the world in his position. Cole could defensively lock down the very best in the world and his longevity at the top makes him an all-time great with an enviable trophy cabinet stuffed with every major honour in the club game
  These days, Ashley Cole is unpopular among the Arsenal fans. However, once upon a time he was heralded as one of the best left-backs in the club’s history. His marauding runs upfield were matched by his defensive tenacity


Org England National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
  Chelsea FC

2004 11 15 Retrieve

[Spurs load bullets for Gunners to fire: Tottenham 4 - 5 Arsenal] That was what we needed and now I think it will turn our season around again. I’ve never played in a game like it - at least, not since I was a kid

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Ashley Cole on Thierry Henry] To be honest Thierry Henry is different class. In my mind there is no better striker in the world at the moment. Marking him is near impossible, his pace is devastating, I don’t think I’ve ever come up against a player with so many attributes

2019 01 10 Retrieve

[A team photo appeared to show Cole physically separate from his team-mates, with subsequent stories of how he was isolated. In an interview with Soccer AM, Cole explained the snap] I’m on the end [of the line] and my friend next to me Urby Emanuelson was stood next to me – but he leaned forward. I’m so hot and tired and stood there like this [Cole slumps].. I had friends there, I had great friends

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Former Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole has recalled his side’s famous Champions League final win over Bayern Munich eight years after it happened] During the game I always thought we had a chance. But when Muller scored, I thought it was over and my last chance [to win the Champions League] had gone

The Drogba goal was a blur really. I was physically and mentally drained. But after the goal went in I was ready to go again and knew we would win. ‘I still had belief that we would win. Big Pete studied players’ penalties beforehand, so I had faith in him

[The game would eventually reach a penalty shootout, with Cole presented the chance to level the score at 3-3 before the fifth and final round of takers] Personally I felt good. There’s no way to practice as you can’t replicate that situation so you just have to have confidence when taking it

[Cole recalled the heavy burden facing Drogba before his penalty, and said he was delighted to see the ball go in to clinch the first and only Champions League he would win in his career] Putting a feeling of my whole career on one man was hard but to share making history with Chelsea, the fans and my family is an experience that will never be forgotten

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Ashley Cole says he could feel Arsenal’s winning culture falling apart before he left the Emirates Stadium for Chelsea] The transition in terms of being in a different group, environment and players was easy because at the time when I first started at Arsenal, we had a core – the Keowns, the Seamans, the Vieiras, the Henrys, the Adams’. When they started to leave, I felt there were holes in the culture of what it was that brought success. I just felt it was falling apart a bit, or there were gaps missing and they weren’t filled. So that transition in terms of finding myself in a different culture and the willingness and want to win, I went to Chelsea and I had that.

Yeah, I think when you look back, there were mistakes, for sure, on both sides. One hundred per cent, it’s not just entirely my fault and it’s not entirely their fault. I was probably a little bit too stubborn at the time and felt a little bit hard done by. I was a little bit babyish to be honest, but it’s something I won’t ever regret and I wouldn’t ever change that situation. It’s just something that happened. Maybe it was meant to be, who knows? But I definitely feel unjust about it because it wasn’t what people think in terms of money. It’s crazy, but that was probably the last thing on my mind

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Chelsea defender Ashley Cole were not impressed with Alonso’s casual tracking of Yarmolenko for West Ham’s late winner] One of the things I hate about full-backs is when you’re happy to run back but not track. I get they’re pushing for it, last five minutes of the game, but you need a point here. Could he have run back, could he have run back with the intensity he ran forwards? Probably, yes. Could he anticipate earlier? Yes

2020 07 04 Retrieve

[Jamie Vardy netted his 100th Premier League goal as Leicester kept their hold on third place with a 3-0 win over Crystal Palace] You look at most of his goals, the timing of his runs in behind; that takes a lot of work and energy. He never gives up. Technically, he’s not like a Thierry Henry or an Andy Cole, but it’s the work ethic and the fact he’s always in the right spot

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[Ashley Cole on Saka] Watching Saka’s interview, he feels like Arsenal is his home and he’s a young kid. I think the group they’ve got around him with extra young players is making him feel very welcome and at home so I bet Arsenal fans are buzzing that he’s signed and he definitely looks like one for the future.