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Ashley Young
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
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Org England National Team
Club as Player xxxx
  Inter Milan
  Manchester United

2018 06 02 Retrieve

[Ashley Young on England and Manchester United team-mate Marcus Rashford] It’s the World Cup and it could be his stage to show everybody how far he’s come since his debut. He produces at United and will be a major player for us at the World Cup. He’s going to cope really well. I’ve said it from the time I saw him in the youth team - he’s got a massive future ahead of him. He’s a fantastic player and if he keeps going the way he is, he’ll set the world alight

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[Club captain Ashley Young also weighed in on Pogba’s absence, insisting that the Red Devils have enough strength in depth to cope without him] We’ve got great competition for places throughout the squad. It’s down to the manager to pick the team. It’s not a difficult job for us, we’ve got to go out there and perform. Obviously, when you’ve got a player like Paul [out], it’s disappointing. But the boys that have played in his position have done fantastically well. It’ll be great when he’s back but it’s good competition for places

2019 11 06b Retrieve

[Ashley Young says the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is similar to Sir Alex Ferguson as the current Manchester United boss brings a lot of the same traits as the legendary manager] Since he came in it was like the boss had walked back through the door. Same traits, same winning mentality, same desire, hunger. He has been here as a player and knows what the club is. That is what the club wanted and you can see at times in training he wants to put his boots on and join in. It has been fantastic and it’s like the boss has walked back in the door

[Young, Man Utd’s captain, believes the youngsters have earned that chance given how they’ve performed for the club so far] To see the likes of Mason, Jimmy, Chongy, Angel, Brandon to name a few they have done fantastically well. They have come in and it’s a great opportunity for them when they get minutes on the pitch. That is the way the club is when you see youngsters doing well they come through to the first team throughout the years. They have to keep working hard in training, keep listening and keep learning to people giving them the right advice to improve themselves

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Ashley Young believes Manchester United boast the required depth in their squad to cover the injury-enforced absence of Paul Pogba] In this squad there are a lot of players who can come in and play in those positions. We have great competition for places throughout the squad. You have to be on your toes 24-7 and give 100 per cent in training. We have to go out there and perform and it is not difficult (for us). Obviously when you have a player like Paul missing it’s disappointing, but the boys that have played in those positions have done fantastically well. It will be great when he comes back into training, but like I say, it is competition for places

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I know what I see every day working hard on the training pitch. I know it is possible to go out there and get results. It has not gone as well as we would have liked and like the manager has said, we have gone on a mini run before the Bournemouth defeat, but that is not going to dampen our spirits. We have got a big game now to go and qualify out of the group stages and we’ve got games coming up which we believe are winnable games. From this game we can go on another run and get the points on the board

2019 11 10 Retrieve

[Manchester United captain Ashley Young cannot believe that team-mate Anthony Martial has been left out of France’s squad to face Moldova and Albania in Euro 2020 action] For me I think France are missing out - I can’t understand why he’s not in their squad. That is up to them but he can only get better. You can see he is a natural goal scorer. The way Anthony plays with Marcus Rashford is unplayable at times. Anthony was a big miss when he was injured

Some of the combinations from the boys up front was unbelievable for us watching at the back. At times this season, we’ve blown teams away with our attacking. When you watch us going forward you think it is only going to be a matter of time before we score

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Ashley Young says Marcus Rashford is a world-class player] He’s a world-class player, and when he’s at it, it’s hard to stop him. He’s just growing and growing - and he’s still young. He’s one of those players who wants to be out there. He wants to be out on the training pitch improving himself, and he’s at his best when he plays off instincts. He just plays off the cuff, and it’s frightening to see. I see it day in, day out, and his confidence is sky-high right now - yet he’s still saying he wants to improve. It’s just the way he is and he’s just got that mentality

I feel it helps when anybody thinks that United are underdogs going into a game. We know what we’ve got here. The team and the staff here know what we’re building on. I had every confidence that we would go out and win the game. After the draws we had, it was important for us to get back to winning ways. We said before the game that we had to be on the front foot, we had to start well - and we’ve done that in a lot of games. We’ve gone 1-0 up and not been able to see games out. On another day, I feel we could have got more but we had to defend as a team as well and be resilient

Consistency has been the issue. Decisions or certain things we haven’t done in games - we haven’t stuck to our principles which is why we’ve not been able to get the right results. But everything came together in that game against Tottenham, and the confidence going into the Manchester derby will be sky-high. I don’t think words will be needed. Of course, it matters to the fans and it’s massive for the city. For us as players, I think everyone in the dressing room knows what it means. We’ve always got that ‘never-say-die’ attitude; that’s the Man United way - if the other team score one, you score two. The other team score two, you score three - that’s just how it is

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Ashley Young says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remains a baby-faced assassin] A lot of people in the press still see him as the baby-faced assassin. But it was like I said before, when he arrived it was like the boss [Sir Alex Ferguson] had walked back through the door. When he gets down the business, it’s serious. At times in the dressing room, he’s had to lose it, and I think that’s right when things aren’t going well. You need to be told that. He’s got a nice side and a horrible side, which I feel you need. A lot is said about managers, but it’s down to the players at the end of the day

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Man Utd move saw Ashley Young snub Manchester City & ignore approach from Liverpool] spoke to the [Aston Villa] chairman Randy Lerner, at the time, and he was desperate for me not to leave. I wanted to leave in 2010. We’d spoken when I first came and [the goal] was to break into the top four. We weren’t able to do it and we were like it’s not happening, things were starting to tail off. Randy had been there for me from the start and I felt I did owe him, so I stayed for the extra year

My agent called me and said: ‘Listen, you’re going into the last year of your contract, there are a few teams that are in for you’. He said Liverpool. We’d already spoken to [Manchester] City. Then he said United had come in. And I said: ‘When am I meeting Sir Alex? Where’s the pen?’ There was no other place I wanted to go. The history of the club, the players that were here, what they’d achieved. For me, that was the place I wanted to be. I wanted to go there and put my marker down on this club and play for the biggest club, for me, in the world. As soon as my agent said that… we didn’t even meet Liverpool

[Young got his meeting with Ferguson and discussions with the legendary United boss helped to further convince him that Old Trafford was the only place to be] I always remember the meeting with Sir Alex in London. I think it was probably a two-hour meeting. Ten minutes of that, we spoke about football, the rest was about horses and wine! It was one of them where the boss has just got that aura. He challenged me and said you either sink or swim. That’s basically what it is, you’re going to be challenged every day. And that’s what I wanted. Ultimately, it was down to me to make the decision and as soon as I could sign here, I wanted to sign

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Ashley Young says Man Utd ‘should be pushing for titles and trophies’ as Solskjaer’s vision starts to ‘come together’] It’s just about keeping on winning. We’re going into the busy Christmas period now when it’s just game after game and it’s just about winning and getting points on the board. I always say talking about getting into the top four is not what our club is about, we should be pushing for titles and trophies. Obviously it’s a transitional period where we have to talk about getting into the top four but I think if different things had gone different ways especially this season in games we’d be further up the league. As long as we keep playing with the confidence we’ve shown and we keep building on what it is the manager wants us to build on then we’re going in the right direction. Things are starting to come together and performances are getting better and that’s the way we need to go, we need to keep bettering our performance.

[Young has been impressed by Mason Greenwood’s meteoric rise to prominence] You can tell he’s [Greenwood’s] just a natural goalscorer and I think most of his goals have been pretty identical. I don’t think many defenders know what he’s going to do, as soon as he gets the ball he’s just got an eye for a goal. He’s been fantastic for us. He’s obviously been getting on the scoresheet but he’s also a kid that wants to learn and I think training with us day in, day out has brought him on massively. All the young boys have stepped up when they’ve had to as I said. We’ve had injuries in the squad so they’ve had to come in and when they’ve been called upon they’ve been brilliant. The game against Everton, it being the 4000th match with an Academy player in the squad, I think it was fitting that an Academy player scored a goal and obviously a point isn’t what we wanted but that point could go a long come the end of the season

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Inter complete €1.5m signing of Young from Man Utd] To Manchester United: You gave me the chance to play with legends, to win trophies, to work under the greatest manager in history and to be your captain. Thank you for letting me be part of your story for eight and a half years. To the United fans: Every time I walked on the pitch wearing your shirt I gave you my all. Thank you for your support during the highs and the lows. I leave as one of you, see you again in an away end soon

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Ashley Young says Antonio Conte tried to sign him while he was in charge of Chelsea] He wanted me a couple of years ago at Chelsea and he’s a fantastic manager. He’s won trophies and he’s got an ambition to want to achieve things. I want to do that as well, I want to achieve here at Inter. I want to win trophies, I want to win titles and with a manager like that, you want to go out there and fight for him

[Young went on to explain his decision to leave Old Trafford] I had the opportunity to come and play regular football. I wasn’t doing that at Manchester United and I said to the club and the manager that I wanted to go and experience a new chapter in my career. Obviously playing abroad, I’ve never done that. To come and play regularly for me was the main thing and that’s what the club had said, that I’d be involved regularly, so I didn’t want to wait until the summer, I wanted to go and play football and that was the opportunity given to me in January

2020 02 10 Retrieve

[Ashley Young has described Inter’s 4-2 win against AC Milan as one of the best moments of his career] I think it was an incredible feeling. You could see the way we celebrated after the game showed the character and strength we’ve got. To go 2-0 down in a derby like that then come back and win, that shows our character. It was an unbelievable experience

It definitely is [up there]. I came here to play football and win games, and when you come and win in the Milan derby in the way we did, it’s just an incredible feeling. I don’t think it gets any better than that

It’s not strange at all. I wanted a new challenge and I’ve got a new challenge and I’m loving every minute of my time out here. And, like I said, yesterday was an unbelievable feeling and I’m delighted we got the three points

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Ashley Young had given Inter the lead on the stroke of half-time] We’ve got a lot of games coming up, we’ve got to dust ourselves off pretty quick and get ready for the next game. Of course we’re still in it [title race], there are plenty of games, plenty of points up for grabs and I’m sure we’ll get back to winning ways

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[Ashley Young out to make history at Inter as he treads same path as fellow former Man Utd star Ince] ‘ve always watched Italian games, since I was a child, it always intrigued me and I wondered if one day I’d have the opportunity to play in it, and now here I am. Experiencing this club day after day is incredible and I hope to contribute to its success. I think about the players who have worn this shirt and the trophies that this club has won and I’d love to be part of this club’s great history

My attitude is to take to the pitch and give 100% by putting myself at the service of the team and the coach, that’s what I’ve always done and what I want to keep doing. I remember when Paul Ince came to Inter, the fans loved him. The passion he showed on the pitch and his desire to win were incredible

I’ve been able to change and reinvent myself several times in my career, in part because I’ve had coaches who understood that I could cover different positions across the pitch

2020 03 24 Retrieve

[Inter’s Ashley Young advises on how to avoid coronavirus while under quarantine in Italy] Realistically a supermarket is now your main risk at spreading this virus and even catching it. Speaking with family and friends at home it sounds like going to get food is just crazy. Remember, lockdown means lockdown!

Queuing to go into supermarket is standard, but not because it’s for stockpiling or greed. Supermarkets have limited the number of people entering at any time so it’s never over-crowded! So wait and be patient to go in if your supermarket is doing this.

If you have to get in the lift only get in with 1 more person, 2 people per lift at one time. And stand on opposite sides of the lift and face the wall - don’t breathe outwards towards that stranger.

Always use gloves from moment you get out of your car! You don’t want to touch trolleys that other hands have been on. Keep the gloves on until you are getting back in the car. Use a face mask or scarf to keep you nose and mouth covered.

Always keep your distance at the till. Keep the trolley behind you when you unpack at the till as it stops people from being able to to get too close.

Don’t unpack your shopping right on top of somebody else, make a gap between theirs and yours so none of your shopping touches theirs. Here we can’t put our groceries on the belt until the person in front has finished paying.

This may sound harsh but treat everybody that’s not in your household as if they have the virus, you just don’t know!!!

2020 03 30 Retrieve

[Ashley Young has expressed his desire to extend his stay at Inter] Of course I do. I love Italy, Milan, the warmth of the fans. I want to stay and win. I’m learning the language, the people are very passionate. When you talk, you actually scream. When Conte called me, I immediately felt his passion, he transmitted it to me. It was a good opportunity and I said: ‘I’m going there, I want to be part of something great. He’s not sitting down for even moment, but seeing him like that is a boost for the players. He has a winning mentality, he is a born winner and a fighter

[Conte’s men were also beaten by the Bianconeri at San Siro in the first half of the season, but Young does not wish to make any premature evaluations] We do the maths at the end of the season. Then it’s true, they beat us. For a day, however, each of us can be what we are not, positive or negative. They certainly have more experience than we do