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Atsuto Uchida
Gender Male
Ethnic Japanese
Job Japanese Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Japan National Team
Club as Player FC Schalke 04
  Kashima Antlers

2010 12 13 Retrieve

[Schalke Defender Atsuto Uchida Impressed With German Passion For Football] Schalke are really popular at home and abroad − even when we are at an away stadium people take pictures of us on the bus. Germans love football as if it were the only thing that matters to them. Unlike in Japan, ordinary people seem to naturally love football. Our fans complain when we lose and bless us when we win. They will be happier if we could climb a little further up the domestic league, but I believe they are not satisfied even with the results in the Champions League so far, so I hope we can go further. It’s not that we are trying to play harder in the Champions League than in the domestic league, but it would help if we could find the reason why we are good in Europe. I think the hard schedule is not the reason because other teams playing in Europe also have that many matches. Though we’ve been unable to spare enough time for training, we just try to work hard game by game

2011 04 25 Retrieve

[Schalke right-back Atsuto Uchida believes his side need to put themselves in a good position by defeating Manchester United in the first-leg of their Champions League semi-final tie on Tuesday evening] I am a Schalke player and I love playing for this club. We don’t want to lose. Our ambition is to go to the final. I hope hope we will be in a good position after the first game. When I was in Japan, I watched many Man United games and I’m very happy now to be playing against them

[The right-back will be supported by all of his relatives who, unfortunately, may not be able to watch the game as it will kick off at 20:45 CET] The time difference [between Europe and Asia] may be a problem for my parents. It means they will have to get up very early. But the main thing is that I’m very happy to be here. It’s a great honour for me

2011 11 05 Retrieve

[Japan’s Atsuto Uchida says his second season at Schalke has finally begun after injury return] I could move better than I thought. I’d forgotten during the match that this was my comeback. I feel like my second season (with Schalke) has finally started