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Name Aurelio De Laurentiis
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job CEO of Napoli FC
Desc xxxx


Org Napoli FC
Club as Coach Napoli FC [CEO]

2013 09 22 Retrieve

[Aurelio De Laurentiis on Dortmund] Dortmund scare me. They are like a monster with three heads. They are an extraordinary team who play good football and are very personable

2014 05 04 Retrieve

[Aurelio De Laurentiis, the Napoli president, on the possibility of re-signing Ezequiel Lavezzi from Paris Saint-Germain] Warmed up soup never tastes as good. Besides, would you take back a wife who cheated on you?

2018 08 15 Retrieve

[The Italian club’s president, Aurelio de Laurentiis, revealed his interest in the Colombia international following an injury to new number one Alex Meret, who broke his arm in training just six days after signing last month] There are four in contention: Ochoa, Mignolet, Ospina and [Ciprian] Tatarusanu. It is true that Ospina could arrive, we are negotiating, there are still some differences on the requests

2019 07 17 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti is keen to be reunited with James Rodriguez’s] James is in our hearts, especially in the heart of he who coaches him better than anyone else, Ancelotti. James’ problem is that we have to deal with Real Madrid. We are tough, we do not want to yield to the unjust demands of Real Madrid

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Aurelio De Laurentiis claims he didn’t call anyone as the Napoli president dismissed speculation that he is poised to sack Carlo Ancelotti amid links to Gennaro Gattuso] My faith in Carlo Ancelotti has never failed. My trust in Ancelotti is total and unconditional, as a man and as a coach. For the future I have decided nothing, it would be a mistake to decide at this moment, we have a season in progress, there is only one way: we must find peace, the team must return to work with serenity.

I didn’t call anyone, I never called Gattuso and I never heard Spalletti. With Allegri we talk, but not from today. We have been talking since 2013, we have a cordial relationship. In 2013 I called him because I wanted him to become the coach of Naples, at the time he was the coach of Milan. He told me that we would be ready at the end of the season. He called me and gave me his total availability but I am a man of honour and I went to London, I shook hands with Rafa Benitez, so nothing was done.

I want to reiterate that my faith in Ancelotti is total, then we could have problems. The problems, perhaps, are in the work methodology, but this methodology allowed Carlo to win everything. He won a lot, he won everywhere. The top players he had, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, they also trained in a personalised way. It seems to us that there is a school system, so we must dictate the rule of the methodology. Our coach is Ancelotti, let’s continue like this

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis appeared to rule out the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, insisting the club must start from scratch after Gennaro Gattuso replaced Carlo Ancelotti] Zlatan is a great person with a strong character. We thought about Ibrahimovic when Ancelotti was in charge, as he would’ve taken a certain role. Now before thinking about him, I have other priorities, as this is a team that must play in a different system with a very high line and a defence that cannot allow what it allowed against Parma. We must focus first and foremost on what we have in-house and then to reinforce the midfield. It’s a pity all the work we had done for Ancelotti now has to be scrapped and we start again working for Gattuso’s ideas. We start from scratch, but do not lack enthusiasm

I am totally in sync with Gattuso, who is a great worker. He did well at Milan and is the right profile for us, as was Carlo, who remains an extraordinary person. Now we need a great deal of patience, nerves of steel and cool heads. I tell that above all to the fans. They want to win at all costs, but football has changed and it has become far more complex

[On Ancelotti] I can only wish Ancelotti all the best. He is an extraordinary person and a great friend. Once we reach the end of the season, I’ll look at everything and understand what went wrong or who was wrong. We will draw a definitive line

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[Napoli rule out Ibrahimovic move] We thought about Ibrahimovic when Ancelotti was in charge, as he would have taken a certain role. Now before thinking about him, I have other priorities, as this is a team that must play in a different system

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Aurelio De Laurentiis has said that he is prepared to take referees to court over damages in future if they do not consult VAR] I always maintained that any system of assistance that is intermittent or optional is inconceivable. It must be obligatory. If a referee, either through incompetence or arrogance, does not use VAR, he is committing a sporting crime, because he compromises the result. Football is not just a game. It is also an industry that produces very significant economic results

Why not? The principle of ‘you pay for mistakes’ aids all democratic processes and football is no different. If a judge emits the wrong sentence, he can be called to repay damages. Should a referee not be held to the same rules? Napoli have been denied numerous penalties this season. It’s not just me saying that, but recognised throughout the media. If this chain reaction of errors should turn into a financial loss of €200m, who would pay us back for that? I think top level lawyers would enjoy taking this on. Never say never. Plus, if five, six or seven clubs who were damaged by serious refereeing errors were to decide to stop the Serie A season? It would perhaps be traumatic, but still an efficient way of breaking the back of this laissez-faire attitude and carelessness

The challenge is the very least they could do and is probably already too late. I think two challenges per game, one in each half, would suffice. The coaches have the right to demand verification in the most dubious cases and can also step in front of the monitor with the referee to get a clear explanation for the decision that has been made. That is a sacrosanct right of the coach

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[on Fabian Ruiz] I paid €30m for Fabian Ruiz and he’s a fantastic player. If some of the European top clubs were to offer €180m (£150m / $194) we can start talking about selling him

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[De Laurentiis having bought his forward’s match shirt from Napoli’s game against Barcelona at a charity auction] Glad to have won, on behalf of Napoli, Dries’ shirt from Napoli-Barcelona, in the charity auction #jestovicinoate organised by the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation. It is an important shirt that will remain at home in Naples and a contribution for those who need it in a difficult moment

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Napoli are open to selling Kalidou Koulibaly and Fabian Ruiz this summer] If City or United or PSG showed up with €100m, I would think about it and it is probable that they would leave, always if their will was to leave. I don’t even consider an offer of €60m (£55m/$68m). I am firm on that. If I wanted to win the Scudetto at any cost today I would find myself with three, four hundred million in debt. I look around and see companies at 500, 600 million, less than a billion. I don’t owe anyone a sh*t

[De Laurentiis also confirmed they have entered talks with Spanish winger Jose Callejon about a bumper new extension to his contract] In September, or maybe it was October, I don’t remember well, we talked to each other and I clarified our intentions. I must have changed up the contract for €100,000 or €200,000. That’s enough. He knows the conditions

2020 06 15b Retrieve

[Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has confirmed that the club have offered talismanic forward Dries Mertens a new deal] He is a street urchin. We met for breakfast six months ago, it was a revelation, I discovered a special man, intelligent, mentally sharp, a badass. Renewing the contract for a 33-year-old footballer is not part of our habits, but with Mertens it was simple, natural. I will say more when he has stopped playing, I would like to find him a role to continue the collaboration

2020 06 15c Retrieve

[Aurelio De Laurentiis has accused Maurizio Sarri of forcing him into a change of management at Napoli] He made me angry with the tasteless excuse of money. He forced me to change [head coaches] and still had a two-year deal. In February, he invited me to lunch in Tuscany, close to his house and his wife was there. He didn’t mention stopping and led me on all the way to the day ahead of the last game. That created uncertainties for the club. Three unforgettable seasons? There are other factors: in football the rule of cinema applies where to make a good film you need an excellent director and an excellent producer, they are the parents of the work of genius. Who brought [Edinson] Cavani here? And [Walter] Mazzarri? What about [Rafa] Benitez? What about [Gonzalo] Higuain, Sarri? When I chose them, the city was plastered with banners against me.

[De Laurentiis has stated that he made a mistake in hiring Ancelotti] He reminded me of my father. I chose his serenity, composure, his pleasant closeness. My father was a philosopher, an extremely sweet man. Like Carlo. But signing him, being able to resort to the release clause, I should have told him: ‘Carlo, I don’t think you are made for the type of football they want in Naples, let’s keep the great friendship because football here is different. I introduced you to a city that you now love and that surprised you, better to end it here. Instead, I made the second mistake

2020 06 17 Retrieve

[Mertens commits future to Napoli, ending Chelsea and Inter links] Pleased to be together for a long time to come – long live Dries!