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Bela Guttmann
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc You always know you’ve made it in life when you’ve got an entire curse named after you. That’s when you’re a ‘someone’. True to Guttmann’s words - or alleged words, it’s always hard to tell whether these sort of perfectly fitting lines are apocryphal or not - Benfica haven’t won a single European Cup in the 50+ years since they refused to give him an improved contract. Bela Guttmann. Two-time European Cup winner, Holocaust survivor, man who nailed dead rats to management’s doors, qualified dance instructor. Nomad. Gamechanger


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2011 09 14 Retrieve

[Bela Guttmann on Football Coach] A coach is like a lion tamer. He dominates the animals as long as he shows self-confidence and has no fear. But when the first hint of fear appears in his eyes, he is lost.

2011 09 14b Retrieve

[Bela Guttmann on sack off the job] I have been sacked, even though I am neither a criminal nor a homosexual

2011 09 14c Retrieve

[Bela Guttmann on his attacking philosophy] I never mind if the opposition scores, because I always believe we can score more