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Ben Chilwell
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Leicester City

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[When Ben Chilwell lines up alongside England’s World Cup heroes at the Nations League Finals in Portugal this week it will be his rewards for 12 months of impressive progress where putting in extra toil paid off] I had good games but I had some bad games as well. It was just me and one of my mates, and my dad came down with a stopwatch and basically just timed us running up and down the pitch. Thankfully I was fitter than him, which you’d hope.

[He recalled of Pep Guardiola’s full-time observations] He just said he thought I was a really talented player and he wanted me to keep playing well, getting up and down the pitch and never going away from it. That was it and then he walks off to the next person he wants to speak to. But it was nice for such a successful manager to say I’m a good player

[Chilwell is keen to underline this is a team for the present as well as the future as they prepare to face the Netherlands in Guimaraes on Thursday] This is a young squad and we want to win stuff now. We don’t want to learn over the next few years and start winning in a few years. We want to win this summer and then continue to win for the rest of our careers.

[If England lift the trophy at Porto’s Estadio do Dragao on Sunday, Chilwell believes his dad will let him put his feet up in satisfaction] I’ll have a few weeks off to relax as it’s important to get away from football. Straight after that I’ll be back in the park with him doing my sprints

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[Ben Chilwell has no regrets at missing out on a move to Liverpool, with the Reds having explored the option of landing the Leicester defender back in 2016] My agent was the one dealing with it all, talking to Liverpool and Leicester about the situation. At the time, I was trying to break into the Under-21 team at Leicester so I was just focused on getting into that and progressing into the first team here. Definitely no regrets. When I look at how the last four or five years have gone, starting eight games now for the England team is something I’m very happy with. Leicester was the right place for me to be at the time and the older players have helped me a lot. The staff have kept me grounded. Definitely no regrets

[Chilwell added on the Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers, who has his side sat third in the table at present] He’s loved at the training ground. Everyone knows how good he is. What he’s brought in over the last season or so, he’s freshened it all up, the training’s different every day and he’s improving the players as well. He wants to win games but also wants to improve the team for the future and looking in the long run to where we can be in five years instead of a short fix. Any manager going back to their old stadium will want to get a win. He’s very relaxed, training’s been the same as it has been the whole season. It would be nice to go there and put a performance in for the boss

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[Leicester City left-back Ben Chilwell has said that his Liverpool counterpart Andy Robertson is the best full-back in the world] He’s a great player. He’s been the best full-back in the world, I’d say, and that’s not even an exaggeration

[Chilwell, 22, says that he looks up to the 25-year-old Robertson for inspiration on how to become a better player] I definitely watch his game, as someone who’s a little older, and when Liverpool are on TV, I watch him to see what he’s doing and how I can improve. Someone like him, who’s getting assists and going forward, he’s one of the best. But he’s also very good defensively as well so he’s definitely someone that I look up to at the moment. Hopefully I can challenge him and I’m confident that I can be challenging him as one of the best in the world as well

[Prior to Robertson joining Liverpool, Chilwell himself had the opportunity to move to Merseyside in 2016. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was targeting Chilwell, who was 19 at the time, but the youngster ultimately committed to a five-year contract at the King Power Stadium] Definitely no regrets. When I look at how the last four or five years have gone, starting eight games now for the England team is something I’m very happy with

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Ben Chilwell told that he sees Liverpool’s Andy Robertson as the best in the world at his position] He’s a great player. He’s been the best full-back in the world, I’d say, and that’s not even an exaggeration. I definitely watch his game, as someone who’s a little older, and when Liverpool are on TV, I watch him to see what he’s doing and how I can improve

2019 10 15 Retrieve

[Ben Chilwell says the events of England’s Euro 2020 qualifier with Bulgaria, in which home supporters in Sofia became caught up in another racism storm, saw the Three Lions leave as a family] We arrived at the stadium last night as a team looking to get 3 points and left as a family. Players, fans, staff all as one. Racism is unacceptable and has no place in society of football. That’s a fact! #kickitout

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[England Defender Ben Chilwell, has admitted leaks are to be expected in modern football after the bust-up between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez] We’re a very tight squad but it’s not just the team in there. There are a lot of people who work at the [St George’s Park Hilton] hotel involved as well. It’s not just an England team thing, it happens in club football as well. Stuff does always seem to come out. As long as we have full trust that the stuff that needs to stay confidential between the team does then we’re happy

2019 11 12b Retrieve

[England defender Ben Chilwell has insisted there are ‘no bad eggs in the squad’ following Monday’s training ground altercation between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez] I know Joe very well. I have known him for years. He will move on. Obviously it wasn’t a very nice thing for him to have to come across but he dealt with it very well, straight away. He spoke in the meeting, as did Raheem. He got across what he wanted to get across. He is a great guy away from football and this is a great dressing room. There are no bad eggs in the squad. It is a good place to be

Club rivalries are so intense. I have said it before - that is what makes football so fun to watch. Nobody wants to take the passion away from football and sometimes that is going to spill over into the next few days. The important thing to come out of this is how we have all moved on. We have literally squashed it and moved on and hopefully we can show that on Thursday

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Team-mate Ben Chilwell says Jamie Vardy has not discussed the possibility of representing England again] Vardy is his own person, as everyone knows. Obviously we have a laugh and joke with him, we say ‘you are doing really well, what are your thoughts?’. He doesn’t really go into it with us. Him and Gareth have obviously spoken and come to the decision they have at the moment. That’s between them and for us to get involved would be silly

[Chilwell feels James Maddison is ready for his first cap] You look at his club form, Madders is playing very well - he’s got a good thing going on with Vardy at the top of the pitch. He’s very focused now. He’s coming away again with England and is very happy to be here and looking forward to hopefully getting an opportunity to play for England

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Ben Chilwell has hit out at supporters who booed Joe Gomez as he was brought on as a late substitute in England’s 7-0 win over Montenegro] Everyone has moved on from it in the camp. We just want everyone else, the fans, to move on from it as well. The outside talk is that it has been a difficult week for us, but it has been pretty normal to be honest. We moved on from it very quickly and focused on football and we showed it. Yes, I have known Joe for a long time and it is not nice to hear that sort of thing. I just want, and everyone wants, the fans to get behind the whole team. Joe is a strong character. He has been great this week in training, his normal self. We all moved on from it the day after it happened. Joe was really good when he came on. We are going to be supportive of him and behind him.

[Chilwell declares having two similar managers in Brendan Rodgers and Gareth Southgate has helped his international cause] Both managers want to press so coming here is not too different from my club, which makes it a lot easier to integrate into the team. I have two great managers with Brendan and Gareth here that are giving me a lot of tips and teaching me how to mature as a player. I’m just trying to soak it up and learn as much as I can.

The rotation on the wings is key to getting goals and assists for the attackers. Today was a good example of the fluid rotation on the wings and, when you have good wingers in front of you like we do, it makes it a lot easier for us. Yes, getting the assists is nice but the clean sheet is the most important thing. As a defence, we want to keep the errors to a minimum. We are going to have some tough games in the summer so we need to be strong at the back. We showed that as well as getting seven goals. I think you seen in today’s game how important the full-backs are. If we can contribute going forward then that’s great but our main aim is to be defensively solid and I feel like we were

[Maddison has worked on the defensive side of his game to get into Southgate’s plans and Chilwell joked that he has become like Leicester’s defensive midfielder Wilfred Ndidi] He did really well, I had a joke with him afterwards that he was like Ndidi when he did about three tackles. He’s buzzing and I couldn’t be happier for him. He deserves it, he has worked hard away from here at Leicester and waited patiently for this moment. I don’t know what the stats are but he is probably one of the best tackling midfielders in the league, he does a lot more tackles than people think. We know the quality he has on the ball, scoring goals and the assists but defensively he has been brilliant for Leicester and he was again.

I am absolutely buzzing for him. I know better than most people how much he has been looking forward to playing for England so he has deserved it. He has been brilliant for Leicester, he has been patient, waited his turn and he has worked hard in training. I am just buzzing for him to get his first cap. Hopefully, if he keeps pushing on, doing really well for Leicester and working really hard then I have got no doubt with his mentality that he will be great

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Leicester City stars Ben Chilwell have expressed their support of LGBT football] If you look back 30 years ago, dressing rooms were a lot more ruthless. But ours now is completely open to anything. We’ve got different countries together, different religions and different races. Everyone is so together at Leicester, and I know that’s the same with other clubs. If there was someone who wanted to come out as gay, that’s completely fine

2019 12 07b Retrieve

[Leicester City defender Ben Chilwell writes about the night before his first training session while out on loan at Huddersfield Town] My heart was just racing lying in bed. I didn’t want the alarm to go off, I didn’t want to wake up. I was petrified