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Name Benjamin Mendy
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org France National Team
Club as Player Manchester City

2017 07 24 Retrieve

[Manchester City sign £52m Benjamin Mendy to take spending over £200m] I am absolutely delighted to be joining Manchester City. They are one of Europe’s leading clubs and in Pep Guardiola they have a manager committed to playing attacking football. I am sure that over the next few years we will be successful.

2017 09 23 Retrieve

[Benjamin Mendy describes his new club Manchester City] We’re the big shark and when teams swim up alongside us we gobble them up

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[Kyle Walker makes admission after Man City goalkeeping experience and explains why he was chosen] Yeah I think tonight was a very tough game, we know it before the game and how we fight until the end to not keep a score, I say again thank you Kyle. Because it’s very not easy to take this responsibility to be a goalkeeper and save the free-kick and it’s one game we’re going to remember it for when we go forward in the cup

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Benjamin Mendy has warned that Real Madrid must not be written off despite Manchester City’s first-leg victory in Spain in their Champions League last-16 clash] I know that in the minds of every player, they know that just because we won there does not mean that it is finished or that we are qualified. It is not every day that you go to somewhere like the Bernabeu and perform like that in the Champions League. We have an opportunity to go far in this cup and we want it, so everybody wakes up, works out, stays focused on the target for when they say we can come back. We don’t have the Champions League yet so it is the dream

I can’t wait. We are just waiting for the green light. Everywhere we see we are going to start on this date and that date. Now I wait for the guys to text us to tell us the league is going to start at this time, and we are going to be so happy. But I know they are going to take all the precautions when we are back. It’s not like they are just going to say, ‘Let’s go play’, they are going to check everything and I think that’s why it takes time. When? We don’t know, we can’t decide anything, we need to follow the club. I think all of us firstly want to protect the people and then if we can play then why not? We will wait and see

First of all, I was just working out and training, but then I wanted to learn some new stuff as well so I started painting and I like it now. Some of my family bought me some stuff to make cooking easier, it helps to learn, and it has been nice. I try to keep busy and do some new stuff

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Mendy ready to rival De Bruyne for assists at Man City] It’s not easy. Personally, I cannot say that I am ok because if I say that I am ok, it’s selfish, like I don’t have some ambition. First of all, for the people who believe in me and took me to join Man City, for all the fans in the stadium and around the world, the people who come to watch the game and for the people like that, it is more that I feel sorry [for them]. I would like to do something else but I can’t because the injury I had, it was not easy, and it’s for them that I want to fight and really show why Man City took me…This was my way from the beginning until my injury. I’m working hard to come back to my best level and why not more, because every day we can improve and give to Man City the real Benjamin Mendy. Maybe I do some good games, maybe I do some bad games, but the top Mendy, we don’t see him because I need, not a long time, but to keep going to play and play, to come back at the best level. One time, I was injured after I came back, then there was something else, and now we have the Covid like all the world. I would like to prefer to play and give everything now for the people to see the real Mendy but if I need to wait, I’m going to wait. I know the time will come and I’m still working. Sometimes I talk with Kevin De Bruyne, and I tell him ‘when I’m going to be at 100, we’re going to fight for the assists’. He’s the king, he’s the top, top level but it’s this that makes you want to go up more levels again and again. This year, he has given me a lot of ambition.

I’m ready to go back. I wait, and the people and staff at Man City are going to text me about when to train and when the league is going to start. The team, they want to protect the player and their family, I think it is like that for every team. We wait, we follow the rules, we stay at home, we need to do like everyone in the world and when they say ok, I think it is because they take every precaution for the players playing

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Benjamin Mendy says he is determined to show Manchester City the very best version of himself after overcoming the injury problems] This is my time. All the time I lost was not the same because I was injured. The way Manchester City, the staff, the players were behind me, helped me, pushed me. I want to give them the real Mendy back. It was hard when I was in the hospital, the recovery; this is the life. People don’t see all of that. It is not easy. Even in the first game you are back you are expected to be at the top because people watch the game for that. They don’t have time to say he was injured. They want a good performance and I understand that and it gives me more motivation to work hard. I think now I am in one of my best periods at Manchester City.

The game we played at home [against them] was difficult. I think it was a game with the most intensity we had in the league; it was very box to box! It was very physical because they have players like N’golo Kante in the midfield who is everywhere, the back four is strong. They play well and I think away it will be a tight game. We just need to play like we play and give everything, take the rhythm, keep going and keep winning. I think on my side it will be Willian. He is very fast, has ability, move a lot from the defender which makes it more difficult, but we need to be focused. I like a game like that.

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Mendy happy to know he is missed by Man City boss Guardiola] When he [Pep] said he missed me I am always happy. It is something very good and it touched me. I want to show him, I think he knows, but I want to show Manchester City and the world. First Manchester City, because it is my team and I love this team and give everything for them because they deserve that for what they did for me for two years, while winning the cups and titles. I played a few games, but honestly, you win and I don’t feel the same. I am happy, but I don’t feel the same. I want to fight and say I helped my team win this trophy

[Mendy insists the Blues will be motivated to get one over on the runaway leaders after a disappointing title defence] What they are doing is incredible. In the game against them we need to show them that we won the title two times and we want to beat them. It will be a good game for us and them too