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Beppe Marotta
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Intermilan CEO
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Org Intermilan [CEO]

2009 06 07 Retrieve

[Sampdoria transfer guru Beppe Marotta had been offered the role of director general by Serie A powerhouse Juventus, but claims the timing is just not right for such a move] I have thought this over and weighed things up over the past few days. I can’t deny that Juve’s offer flattered me, I can’t deny that a proposal from the most winning club in Italy pleased me. But, in the end, I decided that, at the moment, there are no temporal grounds for this move

[Marotta has been at Samp since 2002 and is tied to the Ligurians until 2011] In these seven years, it was not the first time that I have received offers from other clubs. But much of the credit has to go to Sampdoria and the Garrone family, who have given me this opportunity and the fans who are special. Of course, when I started out my dream was to join one of the most important sides in the world. Juve are among these, but I’m staying here for now

2018 11 19 Retrieve

[Former Juventus CEO Marotta in talks to become new Inter chief] I will not go abroad. Italy represents the best, of sport and more. For my part there is the will to stay here. I intend to continue my business in this country

2018 12 07 Retrieve

[Marotta announced moments after the Bianconeri’s victory over Napoli in Turin on September 28 that his eight-year stint as sporting director would come to an end the following month due to the club’s desire to enact a profound renovation] It’s what the club want and there wasn’t one particular thing which sparked it. I just align myself with their ideas and directives, for my love of the people and of Juventus. If Juve reach the final of the Champions League, I would be happy because it would also be the fruit of my work and that of my assistants. If they go all the way, I will be there to support them as a fan

[Can transfer market maestro Marotta help Inter knock Juventus off their perch?] I believe that the dominance of the Bianconeri can last a long time. They have a very strong organizational and technical structure

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Inter managing director Beppe Marotta has ruled out a transfer of Mauro Icardi to Juventus while adding a move for Paulo Dybala is more fantasy than reality] When you define a project, you also need to find the ideal profiles for that project. It’s not right to go into the details now, but we discussed it from all elements of the club and made this painful decision

We are not stupid, we realise these players are our assets and we have no intention of wasting that, but one must have the courage of convictions and we are sure we’re doing what is best for the club, without disrespecting two professionals. There is no lack of respect, so they will train with us and we’ll respect their rights to train

[However, Marotta shot down any talk of Icardi heading to Juventus this summer, with the Serie A champions often linked to the Argentine] I’d exclude it right now. There aren’t the conditions to do that. Today the player is the protagonist of his own future. We need to find a club that can meet his needs

[Among the reports of Juventus’ interest in Icardi, came the possibility of a swap for his countryman Paulo Dybala, who’s future is also in question in Turin] I think it’s over the top to think about that right now. I know how good Dybala is, but suggesting an exchange with Icardi is something of a utopia. We sit at the window and watch what’s happening

[Marotta also confirmed Inter are targeting Roma’s Edin Dzeko and Cagliari’s Nicolo Barella though they are still trying to find a deal with their respective clubs] It’s still something of a chess game where buyer and seller are playing with their strategy. I cannot deny Dzeko and Barella are objectives for us. The clubs are trying to find the right deal, there is a player who appreciates the destination and we are still in the negotiation phase to find a breakthrough

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[Inter say they will need to take their time in their pursuit of Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku] The transfer market is a work in progress. We are working hard to get the best squad possible for the new season. We are ambitious and want the best team possible. We also must find ways to respect all financial parameters too. We cannot rush things because that can lead to mistakes. We have clear ideas but we need to be patient. We have important goals and transfer targets in mind

[Marotta was quick to deny talk of Inter’s Argentina international Mauro Icardi being allowed to leave for Juventus and potentially make room for Lukaku] I’d exclude it right now. There aren’t the conditions to do that

[Icardi is, however, not part of Conte’s plans for the new season and he is expected to depart along with midfielder Radja Nainggolan] They are not part of our project, I say this with transparency and respect. Icardi is on the market. But we respect the contractual agreements

[If a deal for Lukaku stalls, Inter may turn to veteran Roma striker Edin Dzeko who has scored 62 goals in the last four Serie A seasons] Patience is needed. It’s like a chess game. He is an objective for us but both parties are trying to find the right deal. The player favours the move but that doesn’t mean everything. We must respect the financial parameters

2019 07 12 Retrieve

[Outcasted by Antonio Conte, hated by fans - Mauro Icardi’s long, bitter divorce from Intermilan] We’re ready to negotiate with anyone who wants to buy Icardi, respecting the value of this player

2019 07 14 Retrieve

[Giuseppe Marotta said he is optimistic about everything amid the club’s ongoing battle to sign Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku] Yes, I am optimistic about everything

2019 07 22 Retrieve

[Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has confirmed the club are in the hunt for two strikers] We are seeking two strikers, one more experienced and another younger, because as of today we only have Lautaro Martinez. Last season we also had Keita Balde Diao and Mauro Icardi, now we have only one forward. We’re trying to ponder and evaluate the various profiles, but it’s a year of change, Conte and his new ideas have arrived, whereas next year we’ll certainly be more prepared and streamlined

I know Conte very well, I know his language and how to interpret him in the best way. The whole club is in sync, even in symbiosis, with the coach, with his focus on details, the fact he is very demanding and has a strong working culture at the base of everything. This is why he feels the need to have a team at his disposal as soon as possible. However, the long transfer window means clubs expand their timing a little and it hasn’t really gone into the next phase yet. It’s obvious that we are struggling above all in attack, but we want to do things calmly so that we don’t make any hasty choices. Every decision will be made and shared with Conte, without doubt, but we must also recognise that there are economic balances to be respected and so we are keeping a close eye on the Financial Fair Play situation. We cannot make too heavy an investment, as we risk falling back into the UEFA bad books.

[Marotta talked further about the balance required for Conte in dealing with his current squad] We are with the coach in wanting to build a competitive squad and we know the great difficulties he is having for his working methods. When I talk about focus on details, it also means being rigid in his squad structure. On the one hand, there is the need to create a team and bring in new faces, on the other the requirement to sell those who are surplus to requirements and no longer part of the project, taking nothing away from their professionalism. It’s natural that a player who is ready to leave won’t participate with too much intensity in pre-season training. It’s difficult to create a definitive team structure in such a long transfer window. I want to reiterate that Conte’s needs are our needs, to improve and reinforce the team

2019 07 29 Retrieve

[Giuseppe Marotta says Intermilan’s offer for Romelu Lukaku was ‘fair and important’ and they will not be forced into overpaying for the Manchester United striker] These days it is clear that the demands for players [from clubs] are really high in some cases, as for Lukaku. We have made an offer [that was] fair and important, respecting the player’s value. We will monitor the situation, but I don’t feel I want to lose balance. The transfer window is long this year. Operations are not rushed, as they have been in past years. We are careful to assess opportunities based on financial and economic capacities. We must, however, respect the parameters of Financial Fair Play. But we must seize opportunities. We are confident

2019 08 26 Retrieve

[Beppe Marrotta has expressed his irritation at Mauro Icardi’s agent Wanda Nara’s recent comments suggesting the striker had been invited to stay at the club] We greeted Wanda Nara’s comments with a pinch of irritation, both for the timing and the method. I can also categorically deny that someone at the club told Icardi to stay at Inter, especially not President Steven Zhang. The strategy Inter have taken is precise and we communicated it clearly in the right time-frame. We’ll continue like this to the end and nobody at Inter can change this common approach that is shared by everyone

2019 08 30 Retrieve

[CEO Giuseppe Marotta says Mauro Icardi is not part of the first-team plans at Inter and the Serie A club remain hopeful of selling their former captain before Monday’s transfer deadline] When we acted, we did so with a conscience and a sense of responsibility. The club have the duty and right to choose their stance. They have to make decisions. We’re certainly not self-harming. We always act with respect for our players. After that, great difficulties arose. There are only three days left, but I still hope that it can be resolved in a positive way. We can’t say everything publicly, but we always do things responsibly

[Regardless of Icardi’s future, Marotta stated the Nerazzurri are unlikely to bring in any new faces before the window closes] We’re satisfied with the work we’ve done. We’re happy and satisfied with the investments the club have made. We’re happy to have given Conte a great team, so I don’t think we’ll bring anyone else in

2019 09 02 Retrieve

[When asked about the Icardi saga prior to Sunday’s 2-1 win over Cagliari] We have been very clear before and we are calm today. We will also face this situation, but I think it is right to give space to the players who go on the pitch, to the fans, and to the club. It is not a question to be solved. It is not a problem; it is ordinary football management. At the end of the transfer window, it will be clearer

2019 11 03 Retrieve

[Intermilan CEO Giuseppe Marotta has rubbished speculation linking attacker Lautaro Martinez with a possible move to Barcelona] These things are only stories in the media. Our players are happy to stay with us and as always a player has to want to leave. Inter is a very strong club who rarely sells its best players. We want to continue down this path even if there are situations like this we have to handle, but this is all part of our job descriptions

We are only interested in winning, this means that putting everything we have in our possibilities to reach the high bar we have set for ourselves. We have started a new cycle which sees us growing gradually and we want to move forward this way

2019 11 04 Retrieve

[Reports naming the young Argentine as Luis Suarez’s natural successor at Barcelona grow by the day, fuelled by his equally promising partnership with Messi in Argentina colours. CEO Giuseppe Marotta insisting on Saturday that] our players are happy to stay with us and as always a player has to want to leave. Intermilan is a very strong club which rarely sells its best players

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Marotta casts doubt over Gabigol’s Inter future] We see Gabigol the same way as Lautaro Martinez, a player who is growing year by year. His loan ends in December, after which we’ll carefully evaluate what to do with him. It’s unlikely he’ll be part of our project, but he has several proposals and we’ll evaluate it all carefully along with the player

Lautaro has become increasingly confident and mature, especially for a 22-year-old, so he really has a great career ahead of him

2019 12 02 Retrieve

[Inter hopeful of keeping Barcelona-linked Lautaro Martinez despite ‘unpredictable’ market] His contract situation is not compromising. He is a good boy and is grateful to Inter, so it does not cause a discomfort. Inter and Suning [the club’s ownership group] aim to grow and you can’t do that by giving up your best players. But the market is unpredictable - there is always the will of the player to choose their own destiny. This is not the time to talk about a possible transfer or contract renewal. Lautaro knows very well the trust we have for him

[Eight of Martinez’s goals this term have come in Serie A, while strike partner Romelu Lukaku has scored 10 times] There is the right chemistry between them. Antonio Conte, a proven winner, knows how to get the best out of them. They are friends off the field and have a great harmony on the pitch

We will evaluate the squad because we need to plan for certain situations, and we are lacking in certain areas. At the same time we have to bear in mind what this group has achieved with the guidance of Conte. We look at the window with optimism, but also with realism

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Inter’s only league defeat this season came against Juventus, and they have dropped just two points from their other 13 games] It’s still only Week 14, so we are well aware that winning the Scudetto from this first season will be difficult. Juve have two very strong teams to call on, as they have two players for every role, and I think they’ll do it again this season. In any case, I will admit that I did not expect such an immediate impact from Antonio Conte on our squad

2020 01 06 Retrieve

[Inter deny Christian Eriksen transfer discussions with Tottenham] Inter are often linked with players of great quality, and that is flattering, but we have not had any contact with Tottenham. Eriksen is a talented player, I don’t need to tell you that, and he will be a free agent in June. I think many clubs are interested, he is an interesting player, but I will not stand here and tell you that we are in negotiations with his club or agent

[When asked about Vidal] We are having various contacts with agents and clubs to increase the quality level of a squad that is already doing extraordinary things. We’ve not yet reached a conclusion, as we want to take it calmly and make the right decisions, even if that should mean no signings at all. I prefer not to name names, but we are very active in the transfer market. Who we get depends also on those who exit. Right now, we are seeking a midfielder and a winger. If players should ask to leave, we will try to make them happy, but so far we have not received any such pressure from our players

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[Inter general manager Beppe Marotta has confirmed the club’s interest in Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal] We’ll do something, it’s an important moment and we want to keep going. Vidal is one of our targets. As for [Tottenham playmaker Christian] Eriksen, the market closes at the end of January. We’re working hard, but to improve the quality of our squad, important signings are needed and it’s for this obvious reason that there are difficulties

[Inter are also believed to be interested in Manchester United captain Ashley Young, while Inter winger Matteo Politano is reported to be a target for rivals AC Milan] There’s a lot of speculation right now, we’re all active. Generally speaking, you all know very well that you can do tonight what you don’t do today

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Arturo Vidal’s proposed transfer from Barcelona to Inter depends on whether or not Ernesto Valverde is relieved of his managerial duties at Camp Nou] It depends on various factors. Arturo Vidal’s a player that interests us but I think at the moment Barcelona’s coach is at risk [of being sacked], so the situation depends on that

[The Nerazzurri could dethrone Juventus if they continue on their current trajectory, with Marotta admitting that such a feat would be a moment of great transition in Italian football] It would certainly be a moment of great transition. What matters is that we finish at the top at the end, even if Juventus has the capacity to finish ahead of us. Inter will win the Serie A if Juventus lose it

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[CEO Beppe Marotta said that Vidal’s potential move to San Siro will depend on whether Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde is sacked] It depends on various factors. He’s a player that interests us but I think at the moment Barcelona’s coach is at risk [of being sacked], so the situation depends on that

2020 01 19 Retrieve

[Inter chief Marotta confirms Christian Eriksen talks as Nerazzurri also chase Giroud and Moses] Eriksen is a Tottenham player, but his contract expires in June, so it’s entirely legitimate and authorised to see his agent in this period. That’s a long way off saying he’ll come here in January or June, because there is a great deal of competition and we don’t know what will happen yet

[Marotta says Inter are still in the process of evaluating a deal for Giroud by offloading Matteo Politano] It’s normal that management works to prepare various negotiations so there are alternatives if it doesn’t go through. I won’t deny we spoke to Giroud’s entourage, we will evaluate the situation. The two moves could be linked, but what doesn’t happen on the transfer market today could happen tomorrow

[When asked to address rumours of a possible swoop for Victor Moses, who is currently on loan at Fenerbahce from Chelsea] He is a candidate, certainly

[Marotta explains why Matteo Politano’s proposed return to AS Roma fell through on Friday] I think there has been this excessive media attention on the whole situation. Spinazzola is a fine professional who I already worked with at Juventus. I think in football that before being finalised, negotiations must go through valuations on a technical, medical, economic and physical level. Once we had completed all those evaluations, the club could not go ahead with this transfer and I told my colleague at Roma that we couldn’t go through with it. I have to say that Roma releasing photographs of a player undergoing a medical is not up to us. Spinazzola didn’t take any pictures with us. With all due respect to Politano, we explained the situation to him. We are professionals and get accustomed to this sort of thing, so we’ll evaluate his future together before the end of the transfer window

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Giuseppe Marotta says Christian Eriksen will become an Inter player imminently] Eriksen? We are not hiding, we have been negotiating with Tottenham for some time. I am optimistic, I hope to conclude as quickly as possible. I am confident that it can be resolved in the next few days

[Marotta refused to be drawn on the possibility that Eriksen’s imminent arrival could pave the way for Matias Vecino to join Everton] A good player is arriving, then the dynamics of the transfer window are still being evaluated in-house. We’ll always come to the conclusion made by the whole team and every element of the club

2020 02 16 Retrieve

[Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has looked to shut down ongoing speculation linking Lautaro Martinez with a move to Barcelona] Rumours regarding Lautaro? He is very young and improving. He is only interested in wearing the glorious shirt of Inter. This club has nothing to envy others. Players can leave only if they ask to leave

[Former Tottenham star Christian Eriksen was Inter’s highest-profile arrival and Marrota declared he’s been impressed with how the Denmark international is settling] He is already the real Eriksen and then there needs to be a period of acclimatisation. However, 14 players play every game so as such some start the game and some finish it, but Eriksen has already done very well

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Juventus vs Inter to be played behind closed doors due to coronavirus fears] The public is a fundamental component of a football match, but there is a very clear decree, valid until Sunday at midnight. Playing behind closed doors is a forced situation, but as Andrea Agnelli also said, the health of citizens goes safeguarded and therefore even if we grudgingly accept this decision

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Juve vs Inter among five Serie A matches rescheduled due to Coronavirus] The decision was made a few hours ago by the Lega Calcio, announcing the postponement of the five matches that were meant to be played behind closed doors. It was made very, very late. As a citizen, we are in an emergency situation and so must naturally have huge respect for public health and the safeguarding of that. As a club, we are faced with a sudden change of direction. I’m already worried and looking forward, because if the regions should be locked down until March 8, I ask myself how we’re going to be able to work out next week’s matches. For example: Atalanta-Lazio, Bologna-Juve, Inter-Sassuolo etc

2020 03 01 Retrieve

[Juventus vs Inter be played this week amid coronavirus confusion] I wish to point out that the whole situation was dealt with badly. It should’ve been handled much quicker, also to avoid certain allusions

Serie A decided on Thursday that it’d play behind closed doors, then on Friday Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora advised against it. At that point, the error was made by the President of Serie A, Paolo Dal Pino, who made a decision without asking anyone.

What he should’ve done was call an extraordinary meeting to discuss the decision with everyone together what needed to be done, to reach common ground between what the league had asked for and the Government’s indications. Instead, we just received notice that this was being done and that was that.

This is simply not acceptable. This is why Inter asked for and were given an extraordinary meeting of the 20 league clubs for Sunday. We want to discuss the future, because what happens from now in is what worries me. I am worried for Inter-Sassuolo next Sunday. What do we do then? We cannot play behind closed doors, as it’d be absurd to use that just a week after it was considered unsuitable during a medical emergency. Closed doors is no longer an option, it has been taken off the table.

Let’s not even talk about postponing the game to Monday, as Inter have already been damaged and paid a heavy price. We’ve got a Europa League game three days later anyway. So it’s either on Sunday with a crowd or I see no other option

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Bianconeri promptly claimed that they were willing to play the game 24 hours later but that Inter refused] Playing Juve-Inter tonight was impracticable, almost provocative hypothesis. First of all, we would have gone against the logic of protecting the public health. I don’t think that the Coronavirus alarm would have stopped within 24 hours. Secondly, because the stadium would’ve only been open to Juventus fans and this would have created further controversy. Thirdly, because we would have to postpone Juve-Milan of the Coppa Italia to Thursday, overlapping it with Napoli-Inter. At that point, we would have had the grievances of Rai, who are paying money for the TV rights

2020 03 20 Retrieve

[Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has also sought to bring the unwelcome exit rumours to a close] Rumours regarding Lautaro? He is very young and improving. He is only interested in wearing the glorious shirt of Inter. This club has nothing to envy others of. Players can leave only if they ask to leave

2020 06 09 Retrieve

[Marotta: Inter will sign a top player if Lautaro leaves] It is difficult to pronounce on his future at this moment, but I say to him - stay focused on the present, there is a season that resumes, there are goals to hit. There is no desire of the property to sell Lautaro. He is young, has the future of his own and is a functional element for [Antonio] Conte. Then, of course, there is a clause. I don’t know what Barcelona think, maybe they will also have alternatives. I hope they don’t pay the clause. If Lautaro [leaves], a top player will arrive. But in this market, at European level the real difficulty will not be having to buy, but being able to sell. I would say one thing in general - Neymar-style operations, in which one team goes and takes one player away from another, will not be seen for many years.

[Marotta said a deal for Cavani, who has scored seven goals in 22 games this season, was still some way off] It is one of the opportunities, it is being monitored as an expiring footballer. But we did not go into the matter further: at the moment he is quite far from Inter.

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[Inter’s Marotta ‘optimistic’ Lautaro will not make Barcelona move] It is known that he is the object of market attention. Inter is a club that does not tend to sell its best players. If he does not show his willingness to leave, we will keep him close. He is flattered by the attention of big clubs. On our part, there is the desire to keep him and he has never actually expressed the desire to leave. I am optimistic that we can continue with him again next year

If Lautaro [leaves], a top player will arrive. He is one of the players being monitored. But we did not go into the matter further: at the moment he is quite far from Inter

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Inter chief executive Beppe Marotta says the club have yet to agree an extension to Alexis Sanchez’s loan from Manchester United] This is a great regulatory anomaly that needs to be resolved because we are still dealing with Chelsea and Manchester United today to try to extend their loans. It is not a simple thing. We are also dealing with Bayern Munich over Ivan Perisic

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta says the club is in ‘advanced negotiations’ for Achraf Hakimi as the fullback nears a potential move to Serie A] The will of [owners] the Zhang family is to continue buying important players. I confirm that we are in an advanced negotiation for Hakimi. [Inter sporting director Piero] Ausilio has been very good, but we must now conclude the negotiation. Tomorrow will be an important day, I am optimistic. It is a job done from Ausilio in these two months. This is an operation that, with the times that are going, is really very, very important.

To make a player like Hakimi on the left too? We want to raise the bar, it’s the will of the owner. But we also have to mix in the economic needs, especially at this stage. We will see the opportunities