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Bernd Schuster
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Football Coach
Desc Schuster did not just go straight from Barca to Madrid - he then went across the road to Atletico Madrid. Nicknamed ‘the Blonde Angel’, Schuster was signed by Barca from Cologne as a 20-year-old in 1980, and he won a number of trophies in eight seasons there. Hitting 10 goals or more in seven of his eight seasons at the club, he was an important member of the squad throughout the 1980s before packing his bags for Madrid in 1988. Two league titles in two years followed, before two Copa del Rey trophies in two years at Atletico. After 12 years in Spain, he returned home to Germany in 1993, joining Bayer Leverkusen.


Org Germany National Team
Club as Coach Bayer Leverkusen
  Atletico Madrid
  Real Madrid

2010 02 24 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid Coach Bernd Schuster says There Were Players That Did Not Want David Villa] I would have brought Villa, but there were a lot of people who did not want him to come [When pressed further about whether it was Raul who did not favour Villa’s arrival]

[the only reason he watches Real Madrid matches is to watch Cristiano Ronaldo] There was a time I used to love watching Real Madrid for Zidane. Now I only watch them because Ronaldo is playing. Without him Madrid would be a sleeping pill. If he were not in the squad, the other players would not make any difference in the match

2010 03 23 Retrieve

[Bernd Schuster says The Argentina National Team Does Not Know What To Do With Lionel Messi] The Argentina national team does not know what to do with Messi. They have the problem of not allowing him to play. It could still change, but it will be difficult. You cannot have such a luxury and not use him to his potential in a World Cup. One needs to adapt to his style of play

[Schuster also weighed in on the Liga race between Real Madrid and Barcelona with special emphasis on El Clasico, to be played in the Santiago Bernabeu in early April] I have no idea which of the two will fail, because both teams are performing well - each team in its own way, but they are playing well. El Clasico will not be decisive; La Liga will be decided by one side giving up points. Barcelona are the only ones that can stop Madrid

[As for the Spanish national team’s role in the World Cup] For the first time in history, Spain begin the tournament as favourites. They have earned it and are the European champions, but in the World Cup one has to beat Brazil, who are my favourites for the final

2011 04 26 Retrieve

[Bernd Schuster says Real Madrid or Barcelona will win the Champions League] Right now none of them could compete with Real Madrid or Barcelona as they are the best two teams in Europe

[Schuster then explained why Pep Guardiola moved to question the referee ahead of the game against Real Madrid and feels it’s because things are not going to plan] This is because they have been winning everything over the past years, and now they lost the Copa [del Rey] which is important, but things are not the same. One of these teams will make the final and this is what is important

2011 09 28 Retrieve

[Bernd Schuster says It is ridiculous to say Real Madrid need time] Real Madrid’s team is the way it is, with these ups and downs, I am interested in knowing if they can improve in the big Champions League matches and against Barcelona. The rest is the same, the new players will play garbage minutes. It is ridiculous to give time to a team who have been playing together and who signed players who will be backup pieces

[The unemployed tactician went on to praise Xabi Alonso, who he described as an all-round player] Madrid’s luck is that Xabi Alonso is a great professional who can also defend, he reminds me of myself with those 30-meter passes

[Schuster admitted he has been impressed with Atletico Madrid’s rise in form, but noted it is too soon for them to challenge Real Madrid and Barcelona] In the Spanish league there are only two possible champions, the rest is not up to the task

2012 01 19 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster does not understand the reasons behind Pepe’s aggressive behaviour on the field of play] I do not need to say how good Pepe is, how a great person and professional he is, or that he has to be at Madrid. What he did was ugly, but this is all because we can watch everything that happens on the pitch. Migueli, [Fernando] Hierro, [Roberto] Ayala, these are players who hit hard, but now we can watch everything. Since the day of the incident with Casquero, I do not know what has happened with Pepe. It is something rare, something you cannot explain if you know him. When Pepe puts on the shirt, he is a different guy. Jose Mourinho knows how to take advantage of these things, but sometimes he goes too far

[The 52-year-old coach, who is currently out of work, then admitted he was surprised with Mourinho’s formation in Wednesday’s match] There are some things that are hard to understand. [Ricardo] Carvalho had not been playing in a long time, [Hamit] Altintop perhaps does not improve the team’s level and Pepe played again in midfield. But most of all, what happens when you change so many things is that you are taking many risks. Barca have been playing in the exact same way since I left Madrid, but Madrid try to change things in every Clasico. There is one team which plays always the same every year and another who tries the impossible to win

2012 01 25 Retrieve

[Following last week’s 2-1 home defeat by the Catalans in the first leg of their Copa del Rey quarter-final tie, it has been reported that there are deep divisions within the Madrid squad and that certain players have turned against coach Jose Mourinho and are leaking stories to the press] Whenever things have been leaked to the press, it goes beyond the players. There are many people there all day following Real Madrid and those things [leaks] can not be stopped. Clearly there are [divisions][But] when things are going well, nothing happens. But if results go wrong, then there are problems

[Indeed, Schuster believes that unrest is a natural by-product of defeat and, consequently, is paying little attention to reports that Mourinho could walk out on Madrid at the end of the current campaign] I do not think he will go. Real Madrid has only one problem: Barcelona. Everything else is fine

2018 10 15 Retrieve

[Schuster has warned Madrid against signing another forward in early 2019 as he thinks it unlikely any top-class players will be made available] I wouldn’t sign anyone in the winter market because if what you want is to bring in a star or someone who improves what you have, I think that if a club allows a player to leave like that it’ll be because he’s not right. Arriving in January without having good rhythm is very difficult. They won’t easily let a striker leave if he has 20 goals with his team. What happens is that Ronaldo didn’t only guarantee you goals, but the opponents unconsciously change the way they play. Sometimes, a leader is missing. Madrid didn’t have one in Moscow [a 1-0 Champions League defeat to CSKA] and it was too noticeable

[Schuster, who lasted just 17 months in charge at the Santiago Bernabeu, thinks Lopetegui is well aware of the demands involved] The players barely care. It’s the coach who is thinking about the next game all day. They are mentally prepared for criticism and to suffer when things aren’t going well. They know they live by the next result

2018 11 23 Retrieve

[Schuster says €105m deal was a mistake because Barcelona is too big for Dembele] There are players who are worthy of playing for Barcelona and others who aren’t and you can see that from the start. You don’t need three seasons. He [Dembele] had some great games for Dortmund at the start, but not that many. Barcelona is too big for him

I went directly to speak to the captains if a player was turning up one hour before the matches. If he hadn’t changed it would have been my turn to speak to him

2019 01 25 Retrieve

[According to former midfielder Bernd Schuster, Alvaro Morata would be wrong to leave Chelsea for Atletico Madrid] I’m surprised by Morata’s arrival at Atleti. I don’t know if they’re the team for him. I think Morata was wrong to leave Madrid. He didn’t have patience

[Schuster accused Marcelo this week of getting fat easily when he does not play, but he praised the Brazil international’s impact] Bringing in Marcelo was very positive, although he is still not at 100 per cent, which showed in Girona’s first goal. But you have to put him in. He has to play. He’s an indisputable first-choice. What they miss at Madrid is a player who gets 45-50 goals

2020 02 28 Retrieve

[Bernd Schuster says Real Madrid have lacked a No.9 since Ronaldo left] In general, we are seeing a lazy season, quite poor, and I don’t think we will see a Spanish winner in the Champions League. We didn’t believe in Bayern Munich recently and now you see that they have become very good again. The problem for Real Madrid is that they have lacked a No.9 for two years since Cristiano left

[Zinedine Zidane’s side suffered a 2-1 Champions League last-16 defeat to Manchester City in their most recent outing] Sterling came back from an injury, but he is a player who can mess with you. His introduction gave something to his team and nothing happened on the other side

[Next up for Real is a Clasico clash with Barcelona on Sunday] I want to see this game but we are also in a phase of the season where a draw could be a good result, and I don’t like that. Both teams have problems and it will be interesting to see who is more animated, although the one playing at home has a small advantage