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Bob Foose
Gender Male
Ethnic American
Job MLSPA chief
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Org MLS Player Association

2019 06 13 Retrieve

[The average salary for senior roster non-designated players increased 13.3 per cent to $345,867 and is up over 150 per cent from $138,140 in 2014] We are encouraged by the continued salary growth that has occurred over each of the last five years. As the League grows and revenues increase, it’s critical that we see this kind of continued investment in player compensation up and down the roster. Players are the heart of MLS, and if MLS is to become the league of choice that it aspires to be, it needs to keep pace in an increasingly competitive market for players, both domestic and international. We feel good about these trends, and we expect to see them continue.

As I have believed from the beginning when the Players Association fought to make this data public, access to salary information benefits players through added transparency in the contract market. Transparency is critical to ensure player performance is properly rewarded

2019 07 05 Retrieve

[Regulations laid down by MLS mean that teams are not allowed to charter flights for any more than four legs of journeys over the season. This means that there are effectively two matches they can travel privately for, as the inbound and outbound flights each count as one leg - a paltry number given the travelling commitments for teams over a season that will stretch to at least 34 matches] There isn’t a single player in MLS who doesn’t think the league should do better when it comes to charter flights and travel. We view charter flights the same way that we view top-level training facilities, which are not typically a CBA issue. If the league truly aspire to become a league of choice, it must eliminate most, if not all, commercial flights for players.

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[MLS avoids player strike after new five-year CBA agreed] Players have secured an agreement that will substantially change what it means to be an MLS player. Over the past two years, we have engaged in a substantive, comprehensive negotiation process with the league. We believe that the sweeping changes and increased investment in this agreement will not only be integral to the league’s continued growth, but will also move MLS closer to the systems in place in overseas leagues with which we aspire to compete

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[MLSPA addressed Ron Jans’ departure, denying the claims that the incident stemmed from lyrics at all while criticising both the coach and the club’s handling of the event] We have been incredibly disappointed by the attempts to manipulate the public conversation over the last few days with false narratives and strategic leaks to the press. For example, the narrative that the conduct here involved singing along to song lyrics is completely false, despite the former coach’s recent assertions. Also false is the narrative that a complaint was filed by any particular player or players

These intentional falsehoods have added to the toxicity of the atmosphere and encouraged further, deplorable abuse of players. They were clear attempts to manipulate the truth and intimidate those who call out unacceptable behavior. It is our sincere hope that FC Cincinnati will learn from and address these mistakes, and begin to chart a new course forward, one that includes treating all of its players, current and former, with fairness and respect