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Name Bobby Despotovski
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx
Club as Coach Perth Glory [Head Coach]

2016 08 13 Retrieve

[Perth Glory head coach Bobby Despotovski on Sam Kerr] She comes to a training session and takes the young girls that we have in the squad under her wing and tries to introduce the work ethic she has. Even at 25, she’s very mature and trying to pass all of that to the younger generation

2019 10 13 Retrieve

[Sam Kerr has been encouraged to find a European club by Perth Glory’s W-League coach Bobby Despotovski] I wish she does take that plunge in the European league. She needs a challenge, she needs to go sit down with her management and discuss which club because it’s very important to go into a good league with good players that will support someone of her stature. That’s the next step for her and I hope she does take that step sooner rather than later

Obviously with the evolution of European football and leagues right now, I believe that’s going to overtake both American and Australian leagues and all the best players will look to go to Europe to play. It’s not necessarily bad for the W-League, yes the initial impact is going to be huge. But in saying that it will give more of an opportunity to our local girls to play because we import a lot of players from America and between Matildas and those imports there’s not many spots available to play. We don’t want this league to go to the point of the A-League where there’s no progression for the young players

As it stands now, I’m not sure. There’s ongoing negotiations with the management but I suspect she wants to go to Europe and she goes with all my blessings. From my point of view, if FFA don’t come to the party and make her a marquee player for this league, like they did last year, at a crucial time when they’re bidding for the World Cup then they’re making a huge mistake. I think FIFA is going to turn around and say ‘your best player is not even playing in your league, what do you have to host the World Cup?’ I think it’s a big blow for the FFA. It’s up to them to sit down and work out the deal, if they don’t it is what it is

We have six Perth players in the Young Matildas and the Young, Young Matildas so we’re going to concentrate now on finding the next Sam Kerr. That’s our next step of the development to give young players a chance. Because younger players are breaking through but when they come to the first team there is no opportunity to play further up - this is a crime in itself. We all have an obligation to promote the youth and have a responsibility to not let our own drive for success to neglect our youth. If you have a little bit of money you can buy your whole team and win the league, I’m not about that. I’ve never been about that. When I first came to Glory I always said WA girls would be playing for my team

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[The transformation of Australia’s Sam Kerr: From wild winger to best No.9 in women’s football] We worked very hard on achieving that cool, calm and collected brain to score goals. Obviously with her speed, she’s going to separate herself from the defenders quite quickly and then she needs to collect her thoughts and be clear in her mind with what she wants to do with the ball. Year by year, she developed her natural instincts more and more. When we started this process, it was converting two out of eight chances, now she’s converting six to seven out of eight