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Name Bojan Krkic
Gender Male
Ethnic Spanish
Job Spanish Footballer
Desc Best known to English football fans thanks to his goals for Stoke City, Bojan Krkic broke Lionel Messi’s record for Barcelona’s youngest debutant in 2007, earning him instant comparisons to the Argentine forward. He played over 100 La Liga games for Barca before moving on to Roma, AC Milan, Ajax and Stoke. In 2018, he revealed that the ‘new Messi’ nickname held him back and that he rejected a chance to go to Euro 2008 with Spain because of anxiety issues


Org Spain National Team
Club as Player Montreal Impact
  Stoke City

2016 03 09 Retrieve

[on Francesco Totti] Totti has impressed me most about Roma. He has been, and remains, a very important player, who has spent many years here. The other day he explained that he joined the club in 1989 and is now 35 – he arrived before I was born!

2018 05 19 Retrieve

[Bojan Krkic opens up on his anxiety attacks as a teenager that stopped him from going to UEFA EURO 2008 with Spain] There was a pressure here [signalling his head], powerful, never going away. I was fine when I went into the dressing room for the France game but I started to feel this powerful dizziness, overwhelmed, panicked, and they lay me on the physio’s bench. That was the first time but I had nasty episodes like that again. There’s medicine, psychological treatment to overcome the barriers you’ve erected, the fear. It started in February and it lasted until the summer. When the Euros came I decided I couldn’t go, that I had to isolate myself

2020 03 25 Retrieve

[Bojan Krkic says I’m Convinced Eriksen Will Do Very Well At Inter] I arrived at Ajax in 2013 and shortly thereafter he moved on to Tottenham. In the Premier League, when I was at Stoke City, I played against him several times. We are talking about someone who has pure talent but he still has to fit in and it is not easy to do that in Italy. Give him a little time and I am convinced that he will do very well

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[Former Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic believes that it is only a matter of time before his old team-mate Xavi ends up as head coach of Barca] Xavi is a person who sooner or later has to be part of the club. I like when people who came through the club end up at Barca and Xavi is one of them

Few are better than him as he knows the place, knows the dressing room – few people will be able to experience it like him. I think both Barcelona and Xavi are destined for each other

[the one man Bojan is likely to be asked about above any others is the current Camp Nou captain, Lionel Messi, who continues to break records and win titles at the age of 32] It’s something that everyone really admires,” Bojan said of the Argentine’s enduring desire to perform a the top level. I don’t like comparisons in the world of football, but there are regular players and there are players at a very high level and Leo is one of them

What makes the difference is the number of years he’s been competing at that level. Getting to the top is not as difficult as staying there – especially at the level Leo is at. The expectations that he generates every day is practically inhuman. Very few can do what Leo does