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Bradley Wright-Phillips
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player New York Red Bulls

2018 08 06 Retrieve

[Bradley Wright-Phillips has continued to carry himself as a humble figure, even as he achieved the stardom he came to MLS to find] Yeah, it was kind of the plan. I wouldn’t say the full plan. Like I came here to kind of get away from England and yeah, make my own name for myself. I didn’t realize I was in the shadows until I came here and it was good, because not a lot of people knew who my dad was, I don’t know if they followed Arsenal in those days. So it was nice to just be Bradley Wright-Phillips and not Ian’s son or Shaun’s brother

2018 09 23 Retrieve

[Wright-Phillips slams ‘ridiculous’ MLS officiating after costly yellow card] I’m gutted about it. There’s so much I want to say, but I know what these guys are like. If I tell the truth, they’ll just suspend me for another week. But it’s unacceptable. What I said wasn’t that bad. It was just a swear word in it and [Nick Hagglund] got my arm. Then you get booked and I miss the biggest game of the season next week. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous, man. It’s too big. It’s ridiculous, man. It’s too big

[Stott answered questions after the match submitted in writing by a pool reporter, and laid out that Wright-Phillips was issued a yellow card for cursing at Poeschel] He disputed that there was a foul that was not called that he suffered. Multiple use of the word ‘F—’ directed at the assistant referee in an aggressive manner. If someone said that to me, I would be like ‘sorry, I missed it.’ It’s a yellow card. This guy was having a nightmare all game. Sometimes it does feel like it’s a lot for me to get fouled. I’ve seen people fall over and get fouls. I don’t do that. Past managers have told me, even Jesse, Chris has said I should go down more, but I can’t. It’s not in me to do that. I don’t have to go down or make a meal out of it to get a foul. It’s ridiculous. These guys don’t understand football. I’m sorry

[Wright-Phillips also claims that, while the overall quality of MLS has improved, the level of officiating in the league has not kept pace] In my career I haven’t been suspended much. I haven’t even had a red card or anything. I want to win and a lot of things frustrate me. I think this league has improved massively since I got here, but the people that officiate the games, I don’t think they have. There’s a lot of things going through my mind right now and I want to name names. But I’m trying to play the week after next. I’ll just leave it at that. This is the biggest game in years. In this league and for this franchise, it’s a massive game. I’m confident the boys can win, but I’m gutted

2018 11 11 Retrieve

[How Bradley Wright-Phillips forged his own legacy in MLS] I wasn’t happy with how I left England. I didn’t like where my mind was football wise. I felt like football was coming second. And the only thing I wanted to do was come here and put football first and give it a real shot, and I did that. I’ve always loved football, it wasn’t like losing the love, but I wasn’t putting it first. I was more interested in hanging out with friends or just doing other things. When I got here that was my main focus, to get my head down and get in the team and try and do what I could to put a good case forward, play well and be rated in this league

2018 11 11b Retrieve

[Wright-Phillips recalled when remembering his debut MLS season] The most surprising thing was the level. I remember being at Red Bull Arena, Real Salt Lake were really good at the time and I hadn’t really seen them play or knew any of their players, but the way they were passing the ball around I was taken aback.

When you come from England, everyone’s ignorant, you think that’s the best place on earth and there’s no good players anywhere. That was my thinking anyway, like the idiot that I was. Just the standard of the league was impressive, and also I remember when I was coming Thierry (Henry) told me ‘Don’t think it’s easy. It’s not easy. A lot of people come here and don’t succeed’.

I never tried to leave. They would have had to get rid of me, because by that time I came in the summer and it was amazing. I’d been to the city a lot. I was getting to know everyone on the team. So by that time I was fully enjoying myself, apart from on the field. I was really enjoying myself and my family was happy. I just remember thinking I had a couple of injuries, I didn’t score many goals, and I just wanted the next season to be better. I wanted to show that I had something to offer to this team. I just wanted to have a good preseason. I didn’t have a preseason the year before, so I wanted to get a good preseason in and break into the team. That was the plan.

2018 11 11c Retrieve

[As prolific as Wright-Phillips’ time has been in MLS, it is easy to forget that he did manage to fashion a solid career in England before making the move. He looks back on his playing career in England fondly and never found himself feeling like he had any unfinished business, even as he reached superstar status in MLS] There were several good memories (in England). Making my debut at Man City, playing with my brother, that was a high point and was amazing. Going to Charlton and winning the League One championship. Even when I was at Southampton, my first year there I really enjoyed it. We had a good playoff run. There’s been a few great moments, I don’t hate my career in England. People forget, but that’s what I was saying before. There’s certain people who are going to see things how they want to see them, but that brings me back to not having to prove anything. I know if I look back there’s a lot of things I look back on and feel proud of in England. My time in MLS has just been better.

[Wright-Phillips has successfully forged a legacy with the Red Bulls] I’d get questions like that in England. Do you feel pressure, feel like you’re in a shadow? Walking around every day I didn’t feel like that. Now I’m creating my own story here and it being me, I realize how much that was maybe affecting me, or maybe that was how people viewed me. Coming over here, it was a nice breathe of fresh air to play football and just be Bradley

2018 11 11d Retrieve

(Winning MLS Cup) is everything. We’ve won the shield, I’ve broken records. It doesn’t feel complete. I still don’t think we’ve had the big thing to celebrate together as a club with the fans. Even when I’ve been on the MLS Instagram and then other fans will say to our fans ‘you’ve never won a cup’, I just want our fans to have a reply. When we win it, it’ll be amazing. That’s not how it goes. That said, I’m confident we can do it at home. Since I’ve got here I’ve never wanted to go back (to England). A lot of people ask me from back home do I miss home? Do I miss England? I don’t yet. Not yet