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Brandon Smith
Gender Male
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Job FIFA esports commentary
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2019 06 12 Retrieve

[How do FIFA players become professionals?] FIFA players become professionals in my opinion when they are signed to a football club or esports organisation and their main source of income is to play FIFA and compete at events from around the world.

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[How do FIFA players become professionals?] The format of the FIFA 19 season in terms of esports is all about the Global Series. It is all about getting Global Series Ranking points and earning your way up the standings. Once you hit 27 wins on the Weekend League you are eligible to compete in tournaments against other verified players in hope of clinching a high finish and getting an event spot

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[Who are the best FIFA players in the world?] I think if you look at what’s happened this year you have to say Donovan Hunt and Mossad Aldossary. Both have won a number of competitions including FUT Champions Cups, eClub World Cup and virtual leagues with their respected clubs. Plus the fact that MSDossary was the world champion last year and Tekkz has qualified for 19 events just this year yet both are still hungry to win more which is pretty incredible to see!

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[What separates professional FIFA players from others?] The difference in these pro players from the standard good player on FIFA is all about consistency as well being able to do the best possible button input and knowing the outcome before you even have to think about it. Having the knowledge of the game is essential, weak foot/skill moves of certain players and knowing the highest percentage of success in the game is something that sets these players above the rest

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[How much money do professional FIFA players earn?] It’s a difficult question. No one really knows what each player will earn per year or month. Just like real football, no one tends to know each player’s individual salary and I guess it should remain private to them. For me personally, I just hope all players in the scene are looked after well and are able to make a career from esports

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[Why are football clubs and leagues getting involved with FIFA esports?] Football clubs and esports organisations are getting involved because they see the scope of FIFA esports and see the potential growth and rapid growth that FIFA has already had in just three years with EA sports backing the game as an esport title