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Bruce Arena
Gender Male
Ethnic American
Job American Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org USA National Team
Club as Coach New England Revolution
  LA Galaxy

2015 11 10 Retrieve

[Manager of LA Galaxy Bruce Arena on David Beckham] David is such a great competitor [. . .]. My four years working with him is one of the great honors of my life. I found him to be a player with incredible skills on the field as we all know, one of the greatest passers that the game has ever seen. Just a great personality and incredible competitor, who did wonderful things for our club and our game

2016 01 30 Retrieve

[LA Galaxy boss Bruce Arena on ‘taking a gamble’ by bringing Ashley Cole to Carson, California] Whether you think it’s a risk or a gamble, these are the risks and gambles that you take. Ashley Cole has a great history. We know that doesn’t necessarily translate on the field when you come to Major League Soccer, but my interactions over the last couple of months show me he’s a player that has a strong desire to play here in Los Angeles. He’s very fit and has a burning desire to get back on the field and prove to people he can still play. I have a hard time believing he won’t be one of the better left-backs in our league

2017 10 05 Retrieve

[U.S. coach Bruce Arena addresses Fabian Johnson’s absence] We just put together a roster we thought could be successful in these two games. I think Fabian is a very good player. As we continue to move forward with the national team, I would suspect he’s going to be in camps down the road.

I don’t think any one particular player benefits from [Johnson’s absence]

2017 10 14 Retrieve

[Bruce Arena announce his resignation as USA manager after the team’s failure to qualify for the World Cup] When I took the job last November, I knew there was a great challenge ahead, probably more than most people could appreciate. Everyone involved in the program gave everything they had for the last 11 months and, in the end, we came up short. No excuses. We didn’t get the job done, and I accept responsibility

2019 05 14 Retrieve

[Former USMNT coach Arena fills New England Revolution posts] In my conversations with the Kraft family and Brian Bilello, it’s clear that they have high expectations for the club and I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for me to create a winning culture throughout the Revolution organization.

Boston is a great sports town with a history of championship teams, and I am looking forward to working with the staff and players to make the Revolution a club that our supporters can be proud of and that can be part of the tradition of success in New England

: 2019 06 03 Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s latest stroke of goal-scoring magic wasn’t enough to deny Bruce Arena a winning return to coaching. Ibrahimovic scored a stunning bicycle kick goal in the closing minutes, but it wasn’t enough to prevent New England’s 2-1 victory.

2019 07 11 Retrieve

[New England Revolution signed forward Gustavo Bou from Liga MX’s Club Tijuana on Wednesday] Gustavo is a versatile, creative forward with a proven history of success who will bring a high level of experience and leadership to the roster. We have followed him for a number of years and have confidence he will be an integral part of our success this year and moving forward. We look forward to welcoming him to New England

2019 08 03 Retrieve

[Bruce Arena on facing long-time friend and LAFC coach Bob Bradley, whose assistant coach is Bruce’s son Kenny] Bob Bradley was my son’s first babysitter, so we go back a long way. I’m not sure I’ve ever coached against my son actually, this will be interesting. If a fight breaks out, I’m going to take him

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Bruce Arena is Landon Donovan’s boss for 14 years] He has a great interest in people, and he’s a really good person,. I never would’ve thought Landon would be a coach, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s good at it

[Donovan has restless soul] If you track what he’s done since he [first] retired, he’s been looking for something. He’s been bored. He can’t get away from the sport

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Bruce Arena points out, the rush into South America by deep-pocketed teams like LAFC and Atlanta has driven up the price of the continent’s players dramatically over the past two seasons] South American now is almost cost-prohibitive. Because of the money being spent there by Atlanta and LAFC, everyone thinks in South America now that the teams in MLS have a lot of money to spend. It’s becoming now too expensive

[The league’s Hispanic fan base, the fastest-growing segment of its audience] MLS was moving in the direction it was moving in because of the demographics in the United States. And from a commercial perspective, a marketing perspective, a branding perspective, certainly the Hispanic market is huge. And we must attract that market to our league. That’s part of the emphasis in the players you recruit as well. However those things do change

Every market’s going to be a little bit different. Galaxy has decided what their team’s going to look like. I would not be surprised if they signed more players from Argentina. That’s going to be their team. The Portlands and the Seattles and the Torontos, they’re all going to be balanced a little bit differently the way they recruit players. So everything is going to be unique. And I think that’s kind of the beautiful part of MLS. It’s tremendous. That’s what our country is too is it not? Our country is diverse and I think our league will be diverse

[That’s a big break from the past, said Arena, who was one of the original coaches when the league launched in 1996] That used to be the MLS: Teams that looked fairly common to each other. There wasn’t much of a difference. And now it’s got great variety. I think it’s tremendous.

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Bruce Arena has reflected on missing the 2018 World Cup] For me, it was a great experience. That year in 2017, pushing that team and trying to get qualified for the World Cup. We couldn’t have come any closer than we came. And it’s unfortunate that we didn’t qualify. But I’m very proud of the job myself and my staff did, and the effort the players gave. I think the American public, and the media, did a really poor job, even to this day, of articulating what happened, and the real world of those things. It’s all part of the sport. You don’t win all the time. If I’m not mistaken, in the last World Cup, Italy wasn’t in it, and Holland wasn’t in it. And we’re not in it, so wake up and deal with it. It’s all part of it

2020 04 03 Retrieve

[Why the old-school MLS shootout remains beloved 20 years later] I thought the shootout was fun. And, you know, it took a lot of talent, the shootout, and there were some remarkable goals and exciting times during the shootout so I thought that was fantastic. I would prefer, actually, in all competitions around the world, if games went into overtime and teams played out the 30 minutes of overtime and it’s still tied, I’d love to see a shootout rather than penalty kicks

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[The game wouldn’t finish scoreless, though. In the 88th minute, Eric Wynalda broke the deadlock] I hate to say this to Eric, but the goal he scored was pretty damn good. And afterwards, I do remember [MLS commissioner] Doug Logan and [deputy commissioner] Sunil Gulati saying to us, ‘We’re happy there was a goal scored, we had to have a goal that day’, and they, they certainly got a great goal by Eric

What I recall, that whole buildup, is how proud we were. When the Star-Spangled Banner was played that day, they introduced the teams, and it was something we all waited for for many years: to have a professional league back in the country, and it was a great day for that. And to think about it 25 years later, where we are, we’re very critical of our league. We criticize the players, the coaches, the national teams. We’re going to get better. There was a question [over whether] it would ever make it in this country, and there’s no question about that today. The sport is here today, and the question is how much better are we going to be. And I do believe one day we can be among the best leagues and the best national teams in the world

I was in a ceremony with [MLS commissioner] Don Garber and I told him for the 50th anniversary, we are going to have a bottle of champagne and celebrate where the league is going to be at. Who would ever think MLS would be 25 years old? And I know it’s going to make it to the 50th anniversary as well

2020 06 19 Retrieve

[Former USMNT boss Arena sees no reason to play national anthem before sporting events] I think it puts people in awkward positions. We don’t use national anthem in movie theatres or on Broadway, or for other events in the United States. I don’t think it is appropriate to have a national anthem before a baseball game or an MLS game. Having said that I want it understood that I am very patriotic, but I think it is inappropriate

Think about it. In MLS, most of the players that are standing on the field during the national anthem are international players. They are not even Americans. So why are we playing the national anthem? With all due respect, I live in the greatest country in the world but I think it is inappropriate