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Name Bruce Grobbelaar
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2014 11 29 Retrieve

[Bruce Grobbelaar on Simon Mignolet] Mignolet’s worse than Dracula, because at least Dracula comes out of his coffin now and then. He seems to stay on his line and that’s it

2018 09 28 Retrieve

[Bruce Grobbelaar’s here to promote his new autobiography, ‘Life in a Jungle’, which details his extraordinary life and career; the glory and the struggle, the success and the scandal. It discusses the match-fixing allegations with which he will forever, rightly or wrongly, be associated, and offers a raw, at-times harrowing insight into life as a solider in his home country of Zimbabwe] I hope that people can read it with an open mind and learn from some of my experiences

[For Grobbelaar, the sight of goalkeepers moving for the kind of transfer fees usually associated with centre-forwards is satisfying – and long overdue as well] It’s about time. It’s nice to see that they are valued for what they’re worth and they should be worth exactly the same as a striker. For us to break a world record on a goalkeeper and then Chelsea to break that record, it shows that goalkeepers are now as renowned and revered as one of the more important positions in the team.

[Grobbelaar is dismissive of the standard of goalkeeping in the Premier League generally] it’s gone down overall [citing a reluctance to catch the ball instead of punching as a league-wide problem]. It gives the opposition a lift if you know a ‘keeper is going to parry it

[Still, he has been encouraged enough by what he’s seen from Alisson, who in his opening six Premier League games has conceded just twice] He’s bringing some calmness and he’s a goalkeeper that can actually catch a ball from crosses. Any goalkeeper that’s going to play for Liverpool is going to be looked at and scrutinised - every shot, everything about it is going to be scrutinised. To come to Liverpool, you’re going to have to have big cojones, a big reputation. And we’ve got one of the biggest reputations in goalkeeping in Alisson

From his point of view, he’s come out of Brazil at a young age, played in Roma and done well there, and now he’s come to Liverpool. So he’s only stepping up from where he started and he’s got a big personality, too

He punches when he needs to, but he catches most of the ones that he can get his hands to, which is a good thing. But I’ll speak to you at the end of January and then I’ll tell you how his goalkeeping is going on!

[Alisson’s first major blunder, a failed Cruyff turn at Leicester, looks to be behind him, but others have been less fortunate. The case of his predecessor at Liverpool, for example, is one Grobbelaar is quick to cite] Listen, Loris Karius, I still defend him. And if he was here I would really love him to get put right in the deep end because that’s what I would have done if I was the boss. Unfortunately I’m not! Jurgen Klopp has gone out and paid a world-record price for a goalkeeper and now that goalkeeper has to live with that world-record tag on his shoulders

Thankfully, it’s not a world record anymore, so it took the pressure off him. Karius, he made three mistakes in 33 games, two glaring mistakes in the cup final. You look where his demeanour went from there and they gave him a chance (in a pre-season match) at Tranmere, he couldn’t hold onto the ball and the striker put it in on the rebound

So he’s made sure he’s gone to a place where he’s not scrutinised as much at Besiktas and good luck to the boy

Can he come back? Absolutely – [Simon] Mignolet has come back, hasn’t he? Goalkeepers can, absolutely. Just because you’ve made a mistake … everybody makes mistakes. It’s how you come out of it. There’s a very good saying: ‘Life is full of disappointments, it’s how you come out of those disappointments that makes you a better person.’ So if you make a mistake, make sure you get rid of the mistake, don’t even worry about it

Yes, you can get mentally strong. You can’t worry about the game you’ve just played, because you can’t do anything about it. And the next time you go onto the field, don’t do what you did in the last game!

You’re as good as your last game, and that’s how you get over it in any walk of life. I came over here to Britain knowing that tomorrow might be my last day, those were the days of the army, so every day was a bonus for me and I lived today how you should. You have fun, you play hard, you make sure you work hard

The best part of how I used to work was not read the newspapers, but you know that social media now is huge - you’ve got Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and it’s there that they’ll face [criticism] all the time

If you tell a youngster these days not to go on Twitter or Facebook, you’re barking up the wrong tree. If he doesn’t mind what people are saying about him then he’s going to get stronger, if he takes it on board – ‘somebody says I’m useless’ - then he’s going to struggle

I might have taken my telephone out onto the pitch and done some selfies during the game!

2018 10 06 Retrieve

[Bruce Grobbelaar describes the harrowing events of his time as a teenage soldier during Zimbabwe’s war of independence in the 1970s] It’s you or them. You shoot, you drop and there’s overwhelming gunfire. You hear voices on your side: ‘Hey, corporal, I’m hit’. You whistle to shut them up, otherwise we’re all getting killed. When the firefight is finished, you see bodies everywhere. The first time everything in your stomach comes up through your mouth

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[According to Bruce Grobbelaar, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is club legend Bill Shankly reincarnated in a German body] Jurgen Klopp is Shankly reincarnated in a German body, because he gets the people. Shankly when he first came here from Huddersfield, he went into the pubs and had some drinks. What did Jurgen Klopp do when he first came here? He went into the pubs and had some drinks with fans. Just to get the culture. He gets this city.

When he walks around this city, he’ll be welcomed in. This is not a team, it is a family. When Klopp says we don’t have songs, we have anthems, it’s true

2020 01 06 Retrieve

[Former Warriors goalkeeper, Bruce Grobbelaar claims to have lifted the curse on his former English Premiership side Liverpool, which will pave way for them to win their first title in three decades] I had a testimonial in 1992, I was sponsored by Zambezi Lager and they sent a witchdoctor with the Zambezi Lager and he went around on the posts, put his little goat’s tail, put all the water over the posts on both sides and got the microphone and he said ‘If you don’t have the Jungleman Bruce Grobbelaar here, you won’t win the league again’.

Of course I went back to South Africa, went to Canada, came back, remember when Stevie G had his slip, well, I went down to the pitch, I went to the Kop End, I peed on the posts and I got thrown out, I didn’t do the Anfield Road, that way we came second

I’ve fulfilled my task because last season I played for Hotel Tier in a corporate game here, we were in the dressing room and the guys said you’ve got to do the business today

I’ve fulfilled my task because last season I played for Hotel Tier in a corporate game here, we were in the dressing room and the guys said you’ve got to do the business today

You can’t put the blame on me, it was the witchdoctor, I did (invite him to the game)

2020 03 27
Liverpool legend Bruce Grobbelaar guest speaker at Sportsman’s Dinner

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Bruce Grobbelaar absolutely devastated after death of former Liverpool teammate Michael Robinson] I am absolutely devastated. I knew that he has a problem with cancer and was in remission but I am devastated that he has passed. Listen, wherever he has been in football, Brighton, Liverpool and then Spain where he became a football pundit, he was a good, genuine guy. He was a superb gentleman

He was just a brilliant person. I want to send a message of condolences to his family. What a special person he was. We have a unique club and it doesn’t matter who comes through that door. Once you are a Liverpool player, you are part of the family and that is why with Michael Robinson it is a sad loss

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Liverpool legend Bruce Grobbelaar says Alisson is all-round the best goalkeeper in the world] This chap Alisson is the best goalkeeper in the world today. He has an unbelievable record with his angles. He is the best for that. For me, I look at goalkeepers all the time and I can pick out where the faults are, but he is a fantastic No.1. Since myself and a few others like Pepe Reina, we haven’t had a goalkeeper who has commanded his area as well as Alisson. We’ve had a lapse with some keepers who stayed on their line and never came for crosses, but Alisson comes out, sweeps up at the back and he has shown he is superb at it. He is just all-round the best goalkeeper in the world.

I certainly hope he knows how well he is thought of and how revered he is at this club. Liverpool is a family, it is not a club, you don’t come in and out of this club without it leaving a mark. This is a place that will win you trophies and he can be here for years and break all the records that keepers have made here. I hope he stays here for a long, long time. And certainly, with the manager that we have got, he will try and keep that family together.

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Alisson seems to have largely overcome comparisons with compatriot Ederson to be the best keeper in the Premier League. Now, along with the likes of Manuel Neuer, Jan Oblak and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, many view him as the best in the world] This chap Alisson is the best goalkeeper in the world today. He has an unbelievable record with his angles. He is the best for that. For me, I look at goalkeepers all the time and I can pick out where the faults are, but he is a fantastic No.1. Since myself and a few others like Pepe Reina, we haven’t had a goalkeeper who has commanded his area as well as Alisson

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Legendary former Reds goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar says Alisson is capable of breaking all the records at Liverpool if he sticks around at Anfield for a long time] If Alisson stays at Liverpool long enough he could break all the records that myself and Ray Clemence achieved. If he wants to stay at Anfield for a long time he will break all the records for sure and I would love him to do that. Alisson is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he deserves to be put on that pedestal. Him and Manuel Neuer are probably the best two when it comes to angles - those two are the very best in the world at getting their angles right, they don’t have to dive because they aren’t out of position. They are in the right place at the right time and they move their feet very, very well

[Alisson is not the only talismanic presence to have emerged at Liverpool under Klopp, with Grobbelaar also quick to sing the praises of commanding Dutch centre-half Virgil van Dijk] I played behind Phil Thompson and Alan Hansen, and they were both brilliant centre-halves. With Thommo, Jockey had to work a little bit harder because when Thommo made a mistake, he had to cover up quite a lot. When Thommo left, Jockey took up his role and we had Mark Lawrenson, who was quick, he had brilliant speed. Now with Van Dijk, you have a cool head like a Hansen but he’s that quick like Lawrenson - he is both rolled into one. But what he does with his other centre-halves and other defenders is make them much better, and that’s the quality of Virgil van Dijk

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Bruce Grobbelaar says Jurgen Klopp is Bill Shankly reincarnated in a German body] He gets the people, he gets the fans. He’s Shankly reincarnated in a German body. That’s how good he is, because he gets the fans so easily. He goes into the city, he enjoys the banter with the fans. He is a typical Liverpool manager. Yes, all the managers that we’ve had have been typical Liverpool managers, but the special ones - Shankly, Klopp - managed to go out and have drinks with the fans, that’s what those two managers did. That’s why I say he’s Shankly reincarnated in a German body

[Grobbelaar hailed Klopp’s ability to get more out of his players every year and hopes he can do the same with upcoming youngsters] He came in and said that he would win a trophy in four years; now we’ve got four trophies in those four years. He makes players better. If you go back to where he came from, Mainz and Borussia Dortmund, the players that he had there have gone on to bigger things, he’s made them better. So wherever he’s been the players have actually elevated themselves.He’s now come to Liverpool, he’s made the players elevate themselves and made sure we got over the line in every single competition that we’re in, made sure that we got better. We won the Champions League after losing in the final, so we got better. We won the league after coming second and only losing once last season, so we got better in that. He demands the players every single season get better. Every time we get on the pitch the old adage in saying, ‘You’re only as good as your last game, make sure you’re better this one’. That is what he’s instilled into our team, and it’s just phenomenal

Please keep [Klopp] there for seven years and all the rest of the players because I tell you what, we’ve got some youngsters coming through that are going to get into the side and they are going to be brilliant

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Mbappe would face fight to get into this Liverpool team] Well, if he comes to Anfield he’s going to have to prove his worth up front for sure. And that’s only if and when he comes. We do not know what the circumstances is. It will be up to Klopp and FSG who will reveal something probably in the new season. But whoever comes to Anfield, as you see with [Takumi] Minamino, he’s going to have to improve a hell of a lot more to get into the side

The squad is brilliant at this stage, it’s up to FSG and the Klopp advisers that are going to determine whether those players go or remain. I, for one, think they will be going because they want first-team football. Listen, at this moment in time every player wants to come and play for Liverpool because we’re the Premiership title holders and anybody who doesn’t must go to see the doctor very quickly, because we are the best team and we will be the best team for so many years