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Name Bruno Fernandes
Gender Male
Ethnic Portuguese
Job Portuguese Footballer
Desc Fernandes was heavily linked with a big move in the summer but stayed at Lisbon. The midfielder scored a total of 31 goals during the 2018/19 season and has already scored 13 this time around. Surely a big move beckons for the Portuguese


Org Portugal National Team
Club as Player Manchester United
  Lisbon FC

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes shows off fresh goatee style] We’ve found the new Juan Sebastian Veron! But the hair, the hair needs to stay

[Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s backing has been important to him since he arrived at Old Trafford] For me, the most important was obviously the confidence of the coach. I need to know I am backed from the coach, because sometimes when you change club, not every time the coach wants you

Not like I need to come because the coach wants me to play, no, not like this, but I want to feel the confidence from the coach: ‘You come, you are a choice for me and you come. I need you, I want you

It’s not like you come and I ask, ‘But I will play?’ No, this for me is not the point. For me, the point is the confidence he has in me. If he has confidence in me, then the rest is working. I feel the confidence from the club and I feel also the confidence from the coach, Ole, and also if maybe the choice was not from the coach, I come. I come and I will show to the coach I can play, I can be a choice for him, because sometimes you need to press yourself to be better and give more

Maybe if I come and I am not the choice for the coach, I will know I need to give not 100 per cent, 200 per cent, because the coach needs to see, he needs to see me, he needs to understand that I need to play, I want to play more than the others. In your mind, you want to play more than the others, but the others are thinking the same way with you

This is the confidence we need to have to keep improving, to keep training more and the healthy battles you need in the team. You are competing with someone, this one, this one and this one. You need to give more than him and he will be thinking the same way with me and then, if you’re thinking the same way, you can be much better. Me and him. It doesn’t matter who plays, you will train better, I will train better and so the team will be better

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes believes Paul Pogba will benefit from the new confidence at Manchester United when he returns to action] He started training with us in the week before we stopped, so I think when he comes back he will start to play, and be in the team

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Ronaldo, Rooney & Giggs played a part in Bruno Fernandes choosing Man Utd move] You look in the past and when I’m younger, you look at the players who play for Manchester United and you see the biggest stars in the world. You see the best players in the world. You have players from everywhere and also, we talked a lot and I told you about Cristiano

I looked at Manchester with more interest when Cristiano was here because it’s normal when you have Portuguese players in some teams, you look at them more than other teams. But at that moment, I started to look at Manchester in a different way because you see Cristiano but then you see also the team and you have Scholes, you have Rooney, you have Giggs and you have [Roy] Keane, [Eric] Cantona before

You have a lot of players … I don’t know … [Ruud] van Nistelrooy … I can stay here for hours saying all the names of players for Manchester United. Also Nani, who’s played with me. You have big stars playing here!

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes has demanded that new players who join Manchester United must be hungry to win titles] I want to win everything. I’m hungry to win everything. I came to Manchester to win, to win titles, league, Champions League, everything

We know the potential Manchester have, because we are a young team, young players, but we’ve got a lot of quality. It doesn’t matter if we’re young and the others have more experience than us, because we have also experienced players who can help the youngest.

The mix we have now and in the future, I don’t know what will happen in the next season, of course Manchester is a big club and normally they buy someone because you are a big club and everyone wants to come here.

We already have a big team, but whoever comes needs to come to win. Just to focus to win, I want people hungry for titles and everything. I feel this now in the group, everyone wants to win

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[The free-kick against Manchester City which led to Anthony Martial opening the scoring in United’s final Premier League game before play was halted for Covid-19 may have looked like a carefully planned out training ground move, but Fernandes instead put the execution down to the understanding between himself, Fred and Martial] It was one of those things: when you are in the pitch, you know your team-mates when you look at them. It’s like a pass. You look at him, and you feel something

We already have a big team, but whoever comes needs to come to win. Just to focus to win, I want people hungry for titles and everything. I feel this now in the group, everyone wants to win