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Name Bruno Fernandes
Gender Male
Ethnic Portuguese
Job Portuguese Footballer
Desc Fernandes was heavily linked with a big move in the summer but stayed at Lisbon. The midfielder scored a total of 31 goals during the 2018/19 season and has already scored 13 this time around. Surely a big move beckons for the Portuguese


Org Portugal National Team
Club as Player Manchester United
  Lisbon FC
2019 06 09
Portugal’s Bruno Fernandes poses with the trophy at the end of the UEFA Nations League final soccer match between Portugal and Netherlands at the Dragao stadium in Porto, Portugal

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[Man United on brink of signing long-time target Bruno Fernandes] Hello Sporting fans. I wanted to say ‘see you soon’ because I won’t stop following your games. It was a pleasure to be here with you. It was a pleasure to wear these colors, to be able to wear the Lion on my chest

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes shows off fresh goatee style] We’ve found the new Juan Sebastian Veron! But the hair, the hair needs to stay

[Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s backing has been important to him since he arrived at Old Trafford] For me, the most important was obviously the confidence of the coach. I need to know I am backed from the coach, because sometimes when you change club, not every time the coach wants you

Not like I need to come because the coach wants me to play, no, not like this, but I want to feel the confidence from the coach: ‘You come, you are a choice for me and you come. I need you, I want you

It’s not like you come and I ask, ‘But I will play?’ No, this for me is not the point. For me, the point is the confidence he has in me. If he has confidence in me, then the rest is working. I feel the confidence from the club and I feel also the confidence from the coach, Ole, and also if maybe the choice was not from the coach, I come. I come and I will show to the coach I can play, I can be a choice for him, because sometimes you need to press yourself to be better and give more

Maybe if I come and I am not the choice for the coach, I will know I need to give not 100 per cent, 200 per cent, because the coach needs to see, he needs to see me, he needs to understand that I need to play, I want to play more than the others. In your mind, you want to play more than the others, but the others are thinking the same way with you

This is the confidence we need to have to keep improving, to keep training more and the healthy battles you need in the team. You are competing with someone, this one, this one and this one. You need to give more than him and he will be thinking the same way with me and then, if you’re thinking the same way, you can be much better. Me and him. It doesn’t matter who plays, you will train better, I will train better and so the team will be better

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes believes Paul Pogba will benefit from the new confidence at Manchester United when he returns to action] He started training with us in the week before we stopped, so I think when he comes back he will start to play, and be in the team

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Ronaldo, Rooney & Giggs played a part in Bruno Fernandes choosing Man Utd move] You look in the past and when I’m younger, you look at the players who play for Manchester United and you see the biggest stars in the world. You see the best players in the world. You have players from everywhere and also, we talked a lot and I told you about Cristiano

I looked at Manchester with more interest when Cristiano was here because it’s normal when you have Portuguese players in some teams, you look at them more than other teams. But at that moment, I started to look at Manchester in a different way because you see Cristiano but then you see also the team and you have Scholes, you have Rooney, you have Giggs and you have [Roy] Keane, [Eric] Cantona before

You have a lot of players … I don’t know … [Ruud] van Nistelrooy … I can stay here for hours saying all the names of players for Manchester United. Also Nani, who’s played with me. You have big stars playing here!

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes has demanded that new players who join Manchester United must be hungry to win titles] I want to win everything. I’m hungry to win everything. I came to Manchester to win, to win titles, league, Champions League, everything

We know the potential Manchester have, because we are a young team, young players, but we’ve got a lot of quality. It doesn’t matter if we’re young and the others have more experience than us, because we have also experienced players who can help the youngest.

The mix we have now and in the future, I don’t know what will happen in the next season, of course Manchester is a big club and normally they buy someone because you are a big club and everyone wants to come here.

We already have a big team, but whoever comes needs to come to win. Just to focus to win, I want people hungry for titles and everything. I feel this now in the group, everyone wants to win

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[The free-kick against Manchester City which led to Anthony Martial opening the scoring in United’s final Premier League game before play was halted for Covid-19 may have looked like a carefully planned out training ground move, but Fernandes instead put the execution down to the understanding between himself, Fred and Martial] It was one of those things: when you are in the pitch, you know your team-mates when you look at them. It’s like a pass. You look at him, and you feel something

We already have a big team, but whoever comes needs to come to win. Just to focus to win, I want people hungry for titles and everything. I feel this now in the group, everyone wants to win

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[It has been suggested that Fernandes could permanently replace Pogba in Solskjaer’s line up] Everyone expects from Paul like they expect from [Cristiano] Ronaldo at Juventus or [Lionel] Messi at Barcelona. Everyone expects this from Paul in Manchester, because they know he has the qualities for this. The team, we have a lot of confidence in Paul

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes reveals Iniesta inspiration] The one I liked to watch and follow was Iniesta, because Iniesta is a mix between an eight and a 10. It is a way I can do better, between eight and 10. It is the guy who always likes to have the ball, take the risks, and I think Iniesta was one of the best in the world. For me, it was impressive how Iniesta finished his career without the Ballon d’Or. With everything he won, it is difficult for me to understand!

[Along with Iniesta, Fernandes picked out Ronaldinho as an early football idol] It depends. I have a lot of players I like to see. For example, in my first few years, the player I think is the one everyone liked and always will like is Ronaldinho. For me, he is the player with the capacity to take you and put you in front of the TV, and you will stay for hours. For hours! Because he had that energy and happiness. He was happy in everything he did. You enjoy it when you see guys playing like that, so for the first few years Ronaldinho was my favourite player. After this, I have already said that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the players. As a professional player, he is the best you can follow.

[Fernandes also revealed his ruthless streak on the pitch] Warrior, because for me every game is a battle. You need to go out to the game and just understand you need to beat your opponent. With all of the respect, because you need to have respect for your opponent, but you need to beat them. If you don’t beat them, they will beat you. It doesn’t matter who is on the other team. If it is a friend, because I have friends playing in the Premier League, I don’t care. At that moment I will be the biggest enemy they can have

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes picks which Man Utd team-mate he’d self-isolate with] I would choose Juan Mata, because if I isolate with Juan I can listen to my song all day, every day! He always sings it to me!. It’s not the atmosphere of Old Trafford, but Juan is the kind of guy who puts all his heart in the song, so when he sings the music for me is really nice! Normally I arrive before him, and he comes at breakfast, gives me his hand and starts to sing the song – Bruno, Bruno, Bruno!

Physically it’s easier than mentally, because you just need to follow the programme and you will be okay. Mentally it is also nice because I have my family with me so you can spend a lot of time with the family. I have my baby so I have a lot of time to be with her. Normally, if I have games and training, for most of the time I’m out sleeping in hotels and everything, so I don’t have the same time to be with her. So it’s nice to have this time. Obviously, it’s a lot of time and sometimes we don’t know how we can be active with her, because she has a lot of energy – more than me! So you need to play a lot with her [and do] different things. I think it’s easy because I remember when I grew up, in my home with my father, my mother, my brother and my sister, we didn’t have a lot of space to play. In the first years, I had an apartment – when we were three we had to change home. In an apartment, you can do a lot of things, you know? Just with a wall sometimes, you take the ball left and right, left and right, it’s easy – you don’t need to break something or cause a big problem with your mum! Just be quiet there and try easy things – normally these easy things are most important for the game, no?

2020 06 02 Retrieve

[Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes says he needs to improve his all-round game due to the demands that come with playing for the best club in England] My vision of coming to Manchester United is that I’m at one of the best clubs in the world, for me, the best club in England. My idea for the next years are doing better than I have until now. For me, in games it is not good enough because now is maybe the most difficult part. The players start to recognise your game, start to know how you move, how you pass, how you shoot and the things become difficult now. So now I need to improve more and to work more and understand more the teams who I play against because they will understand me better, but I need to be prepared to understand better the difficulties they can have

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes: I started crying after learning of Man Utd move] You know, I will say the truth that I was scared. It was a dream [come true] but it was a big dream. For me, playing in England and for Manchester [United] was the highest part of my career. To play in the Premier League, for one of the best teams in the world. When I received the call saying: ‘Bruno, you have the chance of moving to Manchester’ I called my wife, my brother, my sister, my mother and just started crying. But I was crying through happiness. I fought all my life for this, for this top club. The chance was here and I needed to take it with both hands, to follow my dream. My family knew since the beginning that I wanted to be a footballer, they knew my big dream was to be in the Premier League and to play for Manchester

[The Portuguese attacker full of praise for Pogba’s ability] Yes of course, I think Paul is one of the best players in Manchester and in the world. He was injured for a lot of time. The opportunity to play side to side with him is fantastic because you want to play with the best players you can

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes wants Man Utd to finish with a flourish as Solskjaer’s side can get even better] I am looking forward to starting again like we finished. Maybe doing better than we did. I think it’s very important and the first game for us is a good opportunity to look forward to doing very well to finish the season.

[Fernandes added on the new world that professional footballers are having to get accustomed to] The difference is just to arrive at different hours and not doing the same as we would in the past. The most important thing is to be training and we can be together at the training ground

2020 06 17 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes is looking forward to playing alongside Paul Pogba as Manchester United prepare to face Tottenham] I think everyone is excited to see Paul Pogba play again. He’s had a long time out injured and to play alongside him will be amazing. We have a lot of good players and the most important thing is the result for Manchester United. Everyone wants to play with the best players and Pogba is one of them.

They support me a lot and for me that’s really important. I’m very thankful for the support the fans gave me from the beginning, it has been perfect for me. From the beginning I feel I’ve been at home, like I never left Sporting. It was really important for me to start well with some good performances and we’ve had some amazing results. I think everyone has to be a leader in their own way. Everyone here is a leader, in everything you have different leaderships and I think I’m just another one. I try to help everyone and they try to help me. I do always want the ball, that is true, and I will always be like that

2020 06 18 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes has no doubts that he and Paul Pogba can play alongside each other in Manchester United’s midfield] I think linking up with Paul and Marcus is easy. They are two of the best players in the Premier League, they have qualities to help us a lot. They have already shown that and I think now with both of them back we will be stronger than before and this is good for us. Now everyone is fit and we can do better on the training pitch and obviously in the games. What I’ve learnt is that this club is here to win everything it can. This is my focus, this is why I chose Manchester United. I want to be here and I want to be a champion and fight for every title. For me, personal targets are always to do better than before and the personal target is the same as the team – it’s about getting a place in the Champions League. I think this team deserves to be in the Champions League. After the first few games, maybe some players didn’t know me and now they will be more ready to play against me. But I will also be more ready and more excited and have more motivation to do better and better. That’s my aim

2020 06 19 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes plays down late penalty controversy in Man Utd draw] At the end, I kicked the ball and then found his foot. The VAR is here to help, if it says no penalty we have to accept. We did very well. It was a difficult game. They scored on the counter but we were in the game. We had a lot of chances. We want to win every game bit a good result. After a long stop, we did very well. We have to think about qualifying for the Champions League. When we train in groups, I train with Pogba. I found a good connection with everyone, though. Paul won the penalty and I kicked it.

2020 07 01 Retrieve

[After his man of the match performance, Fernandes set his sights on securing a top-four finish and said it’s a target he and his team-mates know is achievable] The most important thing is the three points, but we played well, and the result was good. We didn’t concede again which is important. David de Gea made two or three amazing saves, we are very happy. We knew that we needed to push forwards and to try and score from minute one. I was lucky with the first goal and the second goal was amazing, an amazing pass from Mason. We are fighting for a place in the Champions League and we know we can achieve this. I don’t want to talk too much about me and Paul Pogba, we are happy to play together but I am happy to play with everyone. We can combine together, we have qualities, but we know that we have team-mates who can do well

2020 07 12 Retrieve

[Bruno Fernandes confident goals will come for Manchester United team-mate Marcus Rashford] Like you saw [Thursday], Mason [Greenwood] scored a beautiful goal again and Anthony [Martial] and Marcus did very well. I think everyone is talking about Marcus not scoring a lot of goals but he is doing an amazing job. The game he is playing now, maybe he is not achieving his goals and everything but, with everything we are doing now, he will achieve more goals and more assists. In the games, in the complete football, because football is not just about goals and assists, it is about the team and Marcus is playing very well for the team

Anthony is playing very well and scoring goals, which is what you want as a striker, and Mason is a young kid who is scoring every time in different ways, so you always need to expect something new from him. I hope Marcus can find more goals because he deserves it for the work he is doing for the team, and nobody sees it because everyone sees the goals and who scores and assists. The work he is doing for the team is amazing. Marcus was injured for a long time so it’s difficult to find that confidence again, to do things like shoot from far out. But he is doing an amazing job for the group and I think he deserves credit for this.

The play we did, the way we came to score, means it’s one of the best goals from a team [perspective] that I’ve scored. That’s because of all the teamwork. We won the ball with the header from H [Harry Maguire], Nemanja [Matic] takes the ball and Mason did an amazing run but, at that moment, Rashy did a perfect run. He was one of the far [off] guys but comes so fast to the goal that defenders know if they give him space, he will score. So maybe he [the defender] closes him down being closer to the ball and, when the cross comes over, and it was a great ball by Mason, after that I just need to score the goal.