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Name Callum Hudson-Odoi
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer


Org England U17 National Team
  England National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC

2019 03 30 Retrieve

[Hudson-Odoi speaks after his first senior team start with England’s senior tea] I don’t think discrimination should be anywhere. We’re equal and we have to play a fair game. That should never happen in football. Everyone should just be enjoying the game. It’s unacceptable

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Callum Hudson-Odoi talks about where he cut his teeth as a footballer, citing England’s win at the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 as a formative experience] India put on a party for that World Cup. You’ve never seen football like it. That World Cup had sellout crowds - like proper sellout. I’m talking 60,000 in a stadium to watch teenagers kick ball. India is amazing. They love football so much, and I hope we can run that tournament back one day for the senior teams

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[Callum Hudson-Odoi thanks Chelsea fans and team-mates for support during coronavirus battle] I would like to say to them thank you for all the support that you have shown. They have been so encouraging and making sure that I have been okay. Thank you for that but also, I can’t wait to be back playing on that pitch again. I am fully fit, I am feeling great, I am feeling perfect. I have no injuries so right now I can’t wait to be back on the pitch and showing again what I am capable of

[On his battle with coronavirus] I had the virus which has cleared now. I fully feel good, I feel fit, so I am feeling back to myself so it is all good. I had it [the illness] three weeks ago now I think, on a Monday when I felt a bit hot and I was thinking this is a bit unusual, why do I feel this hot. The next day I was feeling back to normal. I thought it was just a minor temperature thing, but obviously it wasn’t. I said to myself this wasn’t actually that bad, the symptoms, and I said to myself I feel good, I feel better

[Hudson-Odoi insisted he had the full support of his Chelsea team-mates during his battle with COVID-19] Everyone has been asking me how I have been which has been class from them. They have been showing me support and saying Cal, get well soon, I hope you are okay now. It has been very warming and a good feeling to know you have got your team-mates behind you, backing you and making sure you are feeling well and encouraging you

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Callum Hudson-Odoi explains how he is maintaining his fitness amid Premier League suspension] Recently I’ve been working [from] 10-10:30 and then going straight downstairs to do a bit of bike, 10 seconds pushing myself really hard and maybe 10 seconds resting and then another 10 seconds again

I’ve been doing a lot of upper body and core work just to make sure I’m still staying active and ready so it’s a lot and it’s good. To be fair, for me, I like late-night runs. I don’t know why I like the late-night ones. It’s just everywhere is quiet and you go and do your thing and come back home.

[Despite going on runs outside, the Chelsea man is taking social distancing seriously] Everyone I see I’m dodging straight away. I’m ducking and diving and running away just to make sure